Mr. Poderskis left Nord Security, joined Darnu Group

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The commander of Brigade Nord cannot imagine an army without tanks

– I register that the government has decided to proceed with the acquisition of tanks. Beyond that, I have no comments. It is not my job to comment on this, says Brigade Commander Berglund Aftenposten. But he admits that he was surprised that Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen advised against buying new tanks. If this … Read more

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G review: a smartphone that relies on its long battery life

The mobile does not show off when it comes to photography. On the back, it sports a triple block with a 64 Mpx wide-angle module whose lens opens at f / 1.7, coupled with two other sensors (macro and depth) of 2 Mpx each (f / 2.4). The majority of competitors offer an ultra-wide-angle module, … Read more

The blues of Crédit du Nord customers on the evening of their bank

“We risk losing the quality of our relationship” worries one, “big nonsense” grumbles another: the transfer of Crédit du Nord customers under the red and black banner of Société Générale on January 1 next grinds his teeth. Announced in December 2020, the merger of the retail banking network of Societe Generale and its subsidiary has … Read more

Chasing the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland – Worldwide

KIRUNA – Green, red, yellow and violet trails and flashes illuminate the dark sky and in a very rapid and continuous flow create exciting and suggestive scenarios. It is the unique and magical spectacle of the aurora borealis, which recalls imaginative images and evocative Nordic legends. In reality it is a simple atmospheric event, which … Read more

OnePlus Nord N20 SE is now available on Amazon and Flipkart in India, but here’s why you shouldn’t buy it

OnePlus Nord N20 SE debuted globally in August and the phone is available in India as OPPO A77 4G (Rebrand). Nord N-series phones are usually limited to global markets, not India. Surprisingly, the OnePlus Nord N20 SE has now appeared on Flipkart and Amazon, where OnePlus phones are usually available. There has been no advertising … Read more

Sweden found traces of explosives on ‘foreign objects’ recovered near Nord Stream gas pipelines

On September 26, after several explosions in the exclusive economic zones [ZEE] Sweden and Denmark, four leaks detected on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, operated by the Gazprom group to export Russian natural gas to Germany. And, very quickly, the thesis of a sabotage was put forward. At the time … Read more

Sweden found traces of explosives confirming that the leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines were an act of sabotage

Writing BBC News World November 18, 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, The pipelines were not in operation when the leaks occurred, but they contained gas that escaped through the water into the atmosphere. Authorities in Sweden confirmed on Friday that the explosions that destroyed sections of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines … Read more

Nord Stream 2 damaged. Swedes found traces of explosives

“This is a serious case of sabotage,” the Swedish Security Service said in a statement, adding that investigators were able to “extensively document the extensive damage to the gas pipeline due to explosions.” “The conducted analyzes showed traces of explosives on the tested objects,” it was pointed out. Damaged gas pipelines For damage to gas … Read more