“Is it normal to still find OPEN freezers in supermarkets?” Asks Loïc: here is the answer from Cora de Rocourt

You have surely noticed it already: in supermarkets, a mix of fridges and freezers with and without doors coexist. But this type of open furniture raises questions, particularly regarding the excessive energy consumption that this entails. But, is there a law in Belgium that regulates their use? Or are the supermarkets themselves the ones who … Read more

Interstitial lung disease cannibalizes normal tissues – METRODAILY

It is said that some have suffered from severeCoronavirus diseaseof people, after recoverylungsFibrosis occurs. In fact, not only new coronary pneumonia, but also Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) can cause pulmonary fibrosis. If you have a persistent dry cough, or if you often walk “out of breath”, be careful! There are many air bubbles in our … Read more

Nordic walking is better than normal walking and burns more calories

As early as 1995, researchers noticed that Nordic walking with poles burned more calories than normal walking. Since numerous studies confirmed the results and Nordic walking represents aIt is a great form of exercise for those looking to lose weight and it also works well for those who are overweight. Although Nordic walking does not … Read more

Ministry of Health Traces Baby Dies ‘Forced’ to be Born Normal, Hospital Calls Preeclampsia

Jakarta – The case of a baby dying in Jombang is in the spotlight, it is said that he was ‘forced’ to have a normal birth. RSUD Jombang spoke up, alluding to the condition of preeclampsia or pregnancy poisoning. “The Jombang Regional Hospital team has discussed this case, and concluded that the delivery assistance measures … Read more

Saudi Arabia Doesn’t Require Hijab, Crown Prince: We’re Normal People

KATA LOGIK – Use hijab or abaya for women Arab Saudi no Required. Lord Arab Saudi Mohammed Bin Salman rate hijab is a private matter. There is no women’s obligation Arab Saudi use hijabbut Required dressing modestly becomes government law Arab Saudi. No rules Required hijab delivered by the prince Arab Saudi Mohammed Bin Salman … Read more

Export Tax Returns to Normal, Price of Flying Palm Oil Rp2,000?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of palm oil is predicted to be able to enjoy a price increase of Rp. 2,000 per kg. Following the return to normal export taxes (export duties / BK) that apply to exports of palm oil and its derivatives starting today, August 1, 2022. … Read more

What Is Cholesterol, What Should Its Normal Value Be? Cholesterol Symptoms and Treatment

Cholesterol symptoms and treatment It is necessary to keep the cholesterol at the levels that should be for health. It is necessary to live regularly and healthily. An increase in cholesterol is also an undesirable and undesirable situation. For this reason, many people use cholesterol-regulating drugs. However, it is very important to use these drugs … Read more

– Is this the new normal? – VG

WATER SPORTS: The newly installed floating jetties are located on dry ground, in what should have been an area for water sports. Photo: Nora Savosnick / VG GOL/OSLO (VG) On a hot summer day in July, the fjord should have been full of boats, kayaks and fishermen. Now it is almost completely empty. Published: Updated … Read more

It brings blood sugar to normal level instantly! 1 a day guarantees your health – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health It brings blood sugar to normal level instantly! 1 a day guarantees your health Fruits generally have a bad reputation when it comes to controlling blood sugar. However, fruits contain natural sugar content as well as nutrients such as high fiber and important minerals that help regulate blood sugar. If you’re … Read more

At first glance, these cars look interesting. In normal traffic comes a quick sobering up – Autozine

Rushing into buying a car is the worst thing a person can do. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of many cars are often discovered later. At that point, they either have to get used to it, or they have to sell the car significantly below the price. Many cars look interesting at first glance, but the reality … Read more