Minister of Health encourages to accelerate vaccination to return to normal

The Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, encouraged Bolivians to accelerate vaccination processes so that families are protected against coronavirus and the fourth wave of the pandemic can be passed with a reduced fatality rate, according to the ABI report. He asserted that most of the departments are with a reduction in new cases of infections; … Read more

Wang Bo: It is normal for my players to be tired as the main responsibility for losing._Game_The fourth quarter_Zhejiang Guangsha Team

Original title: Wang Bo: It is normal for my players to be fatigued as the main responsibility for losing On January 21, Beijing time, the CBA regular season continued its fierce battle. Among them, the Jilin team successfully reversed 14 points and defeated the Zhejiang Guangsha team 101-94, giving the Guangsha team their first 2-game … Read more

A quarrel of million stars in a match ?! It’s normal, Coach Chelsea said amicably

Belgian jewel Romelu Lukaku and his attacking partner Hakim Ziyech explained the events on the lawn very sharply. Both fighters were subjected to severe criticism after the previous match on Saturday in Manchester City (1: 0). “It is normal. To be honest, I’m happy when players aren’t happy with their performance. It’s right that they … Read more

This is the scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic ending like a normal flu

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Many public health experts anticipate that the world will still face the Covid-19 pandemic in the future. However, that does not mean the pandemic will not end. On the other hand, the current pandemic is likely to become endemic. This means that Covid-19 will continue to circulate among the population more … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series price information leaked in Europe zone, normal model starts at around 26,000 baht

Although there is no release date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series of tablets at this time, but from the news + information that has gradually come out, it is enough to be able to see that Such a tablet should be auspicious to be revealed soon. Most recently, there was informationPrices of all … Read more

Low Blood Pressure Can Be Normal If You Do The 6 Ways Dr. This Zaidul Akbar

MAPAY BANDUNG – dr. Zaidul Akbar this time will reveal how method to overcome blood pressure low. according to dr. Zaidul Akbar, society needs to know method–method this is so blood pressure low levels can be overcome and return to normal. Then, anything method what can be done so that blood pressure low can be … Read more

Billion Radim Passer beat his Bugatti Chiron at a speed of 417 km / h in normal traffic, breaking his own record

VRadim Passer published the Chiron Sport Speed ​​test in November last year and today 900,000 views of YouTubenecelch. In January, he posted a video from his on-board camera on his channel, supplemented by speedometer data and GPS data. While the tachometer shows 414 km / h, according to GPS, the relative speed is even three … Read more

How much pain is normal to feel during menstrual cramps? – Health

In this week’s Ask the Expert, we’ll talk about menstrual cramps. Have a question? Write to [email protected] or to Instagram @bemestarestao When do we know something is wrong with menstrual cramps? How much is normal to hurt? Yasmin Guimarães, Araçatuba Dr. Mariana Rosário, gynecologist responds Colic results from the uterine contraction to expel the blood … Read more

Terrible accidents at the Dakar Rally. “Everything seemed normal,” the rider didn’t understand

Pilots Benediktas Vanagas and Guerlain Chicherit had a spectacular accident during the fourth stage of the Dakar Rally. Lithuanian Vanagas “kicked” the slightly undulating terrain at high speed by making a somersault in the air, and then several others by a hard desert pistol. 0:58 Car riders Vanagas and Chicherit survived a spectacular accident in … Read more