COVID is complicated in Cuba; regresses new normal

Cuba reached 15,000 cases of the new coronavirus, it was reported this Monday in the midst of an outbreak that triggered infections in January and forced this weekend to begin closures and limitations in several provinces, including the capital. The situation of the proliferation of contagion is directly related to the opening of airports and … Read more

EU-UK Relations: Time for a ‘New Normal’ post-Brexit

Flags of the European Union and the UK on a sand castle in Southport, United Kingdom. Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images. The resolution of the process and terms of the UK’s departure from the EU finally ends what has been an intense preoccupation for both sides since June 2016, characterized by considerable domestic political dislocation … Read more

Art and the challenge of the new normal | News

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The mother of the covid vaccine: “In summer we will probably be able to return to normal life” | Science

A woman born in a small Hungarian town who grew up happily in an adobe house without running water or electricity is today one of the most influential scientists on the planet. Their discoveries have been instrumental in making possible the two main vaccines that can get us out of this pandemic. “I was a … Read more

How has Boris Johnson changed from suffering from COVID-19? “The disease has made me look like a normal person”

It was an unexpected twist on what already seemed like an overly dramatic catastrophic movie. On April 6, the British Prime Minister was admitted to the intensive care unit at St Thomas Hospital in London after contracting a new and potentially deadly virus. US President Donald Trump said he was praying for “his great friend.” … Read more

Bill Gates predicts what 2021 will be like and when it will return to normal

Bil Gates, president and founder of Microsoft, has released his 2020 balance sheet and launched a message of hope about what 2021 will be like. The American millionaire has become a true magician by predicting many of the situations in which the world finds itself due to the coronavirus pandemic. In your annual summary, Gates … Read more

Normality in departures from Madrid and Barcelona on Christmas Eve morning

The morning of Christmas Eve passes on Spanish roads relatively normally and without traffic jams at the Madrid and Barcelona exits in a few days in which, despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus, many Spaniards travel to reunite with their families. According to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), no problems in the exits … Read more

Climate: temperatures could exceed normal values ​​of the beginning of summer

24ofDecemberof2020at09:12 The start of the day repeats a scenario dominated by stability and high temperatures. In effect, the persistence of high pressures imposes high stability in the structure of the atmosphere accompanied by the circulation of the northern sector of the winds, which as a whole favors a typical context of the summer season. The … Read more

Opinion: 4 tips to optimize the work environment in the new normal

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe ✉ 🔊 Play 2020 was a year of great challenges for the business ecosystem. Factors such as In the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of work was adopted as a temporary measure that has been going on for more than 8 months in many cases and, … Read more

Life after covid: when will we return to normal?

The United States took another step toward getting back to normal when it delivered the first covid vaccines to healthcare workers across the country. Although most Americans won’t get vaccinated until spring, the start of vaccination is a hopeful sign that better days are ahead. We asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, as well as several epidemiologists … Read more