One of the largest saber-toothed cats in Earth’s history found in North America

Published: 5 may 2021 09:46 GMT The ‘Machairodus lahayishupup’ lived between 5.5 and 9 million years ago and weighed about 270 kilograms on average. An extinct and previously unknown species of cat was identified by biologists at Gonzaga University and Ohio University, both in the US, according to A study published this Monday in the … Read more

Want to Make History, North Korean defectors ‘Nyaleg’ in England

loading… LONDON – A defector North Korea (North Korea) hopes to make political history in Britain this week by running for councilors in a city in English . Jihyun Park survives two dramatic escapes from North Korea. Sixteen years after being allowed to die outside a prison camp in North Korea, he hopes to make … Read more

North Korea will not be present in the Qatar World Cup

North Korea will not compete in the remainder of the World Cup 2022 and 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualifiers. North Korea confirmed last month that it would not participate in the Tokyo Olympics North Korea will not play the remainder of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup, as the … Read more

North Korea warns that the US is facing a “very difficult situation” – in the world

North Korea warned on Sunday that the United States was facing a “very serious situation” because US President Joe Biden had made a serious mistake in calling North Korea a security threat. In his first address to the US Congress last week, Biden called North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs a “serious threat to American … Read more

North Korea vs. Biden: Your Diplomacy Is ‘Fake’ – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 01 MAY – North Korea yesterday judged US diplomacy “false”, rejecting the idea of ​​talks with Washington. This was reported by the North Korean state press agency. Comments that come after the US administration said President Joe Biden supports an “open diplomacy” approach with Pyongyang on denuclearization. Diplomacy has been used by … Read more

North Korea angry about Biden’s ‘war rhetoric’: ‘inadmissible and a big blunder’

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-unImage AP Last Wednesday, in his first speech to Congress, Biden called North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs “ a serious threat to US security and world security, ” and said he will work with allies to address those issues through of diplomacy and severe deterrence. The Americans’ goal … Read more

North Korea accuses Biden of hostile policies

The United States under President Biden has a hostile North Korea policy and will be repaid in cash. So says the North Korean State Department in response to Biden, who earlier this week called North Korea’s nuclear program in the US Congress a serious threat to global security. According to the ministry, Biden’s statements about … Read more

North Korea: US President Joe Biden has made a serious mistake

In his first address to the US Congress last week, Biden called North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs a “serious threat to American security and global security,” and said he would work with the Allies to address these issues through diplomacy and countermeasures. A high-ranking official from North Korea’s foreign ministry said Baiden’s remarks reflected … Read more

North Korea, Joe Biden | North Korea hard against Biden: Made a big mistake

North Korea warns the United States that it is facing a very serious situation after what it describes as a major mistake by President Joe Biden. Biden gave a speech to Congress last week in which he described North Korea and Iran’s nuclear program as a serious threat to both US security and world security. … Read more

Weather forecast, still thunderstorms in the North on Sunday – Weather

The forecast of tomorrow, Sunday 2 May, certify that the final of this weekend will be marked by new rains in the North and a generally calmer situation on the rest of Italy, where they will prevail sun and very mild climate. The confirmation comes, among others, from the team, which in reference to … Read more