Police biker between life and death after head-on collision with Porsche in the north of the country (pictured)

Posted on Friday, July 30, 2021 at 10:41 p.m. The helpers intervened in force this Friday evening following an accident involving a Porsche and a police motorcyclist. A serious accident involving a Dutch police biker took place this Friday evening in Stekene, East Flanders, a few kilometers from the border with the Netherlands. According to … Read more

it will be a terrible weekend of storms in the North and fire in the South

MeteoWeb In the most extreme Italian summer of recent decades, battered by violent waves of bad weather in the North and simultaneous hot advections of great intensity in the Center / South, we are preparing to experience a weekend with truly impressive meteorological connotations. We are in the highlight of the season, between the end … Read more

The topic of raising immunities has become fashionable – Ambassador of the North

28JUL Geagea: The issue of raising immunity has become fashionable The head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, called on “all those who demand the lifting of all immunities to ask President Nabih Berri to hold an urgent session to lift them from all those who were requested by the investigative judge in the … Read more

An unprecedented phenomenon.. 4 parliamentary consultations since October 17 – the ambassador of the North

28JUL An unprecedented phenomenon.. 4 parliamentary consultations since October 17 The International Information Society distributed a report entitled “4 Parliamentary Consultations for Assignment and Voices between 65 and 90 votes,” in which it stated: “Since the outbreak of the October 17, 2019 movement, until today, at the end of July 2021, Lebanon witnessed 4 parliamentary … Read more

North Korea goes through unprecedented times and strengthens ties with South Korea | Abroad

South and North Korea have restored their direct communication channels. The communist government in Pyongyang cut ties last year out of anger over “propaganda actions” by conservative South Korean activists and North Korean refugees along the border. They distributed pamphlets directed against the regime in North Korea. Seoul was accused of failing to stop these … Read more

From Rovereto to the North Cape, 4 thousand kilometers by bike for environment and disability- Corriere.it

the fourth edition of NorthCape4000 has started and will end in Rovaniemi, the Finnish city of Santa Claus. The letters of disabled children to Santa Claus They will ride for well four thousand kilometers: to understand, the same amount of road traveled in a Tour de France or in a Giro d’Italia. Except, in the … Read more

South Korea and North Korea want to improve their relations – in the world

South Korea and North Korea have agreed to re-establish closed official channels of communication between the two countries, the South Korean presidential office said on Tuesday. South Korean President Mun Jane and North Korean leader Kim Chenun reached such an agreement by sending each other personal letters in April to improve relations. South Korea and … Read more

A huge hail fell in the north of Italy. Hundreds of cars were damaged, traffic jams formed on the highways. Photo

On social media, people compare the size of the hail with fruit and tennis balls. Hundreds of vehicles were hit by hail on the A1 highway, which connects north and south Italy, between Parma and Piacenza. They received significant damage, there were numerous accidents, traffic was stopped for several hours. Also, a number of roads … Read more

North and South Korea have renewed hotlines

North Korea cut off all official military and political channels of communication last June, in response to South Korean activists sending leaflets to the north criticizing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for human rights abuses and a nuclear weapons program. Pyongyang then announced that it would cut off communications with its southern neighbor, and subsequently … Read more