Suppressing DHF, North Denpasar Health Center II Intensifies Fogging Focus

Suppressing DHF, North Denpasar Health Center II Intensifies Fogging Focus. Photo Source: Special BALIPORTALNEWS.COMDENPASAR – To reduce the widespread of DHF cases, North Denpasar Health Center II continues to intensify efforts to suppress cases, one of which is by conducting Focus Fogging. As was done at a junior high school in the North Denpasar area, … Read more

North Korea and Russia switch roles: Kim Jong Un can buy more than just money

In January, the United States made fresh accusations that Kim Jong Un is backing Vladimir Putin’s war with weapons and ammunition, including shells and missiles. While Joe Biden’s administration insists the weapons won’t make a difference on the battlefield, their sale would open up a new revenue stream for a country isolated from the rest … Read more

Hokkaido’s snow scene surprises the North Coast? “Pallet Truck Trapped in Snow” Truth Exposes People Shocked-Social-China Times News Network

“Surprised to see the snow scene on the Binhai Highway of the Second Line of Taiwan?” At 1:00 p.m. today, a trailer truck was loaded with white calcium carbonate powder on the 113-kilometer Gongliao section of the Second Line of Taiwan in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. It was suspected that the goods behind were … Read more

Online Nintendo Switch game coupons may return to North America

Will there be an advertisement? Written by Liam Dolan 3 hours ago Image: Nintendo Nintendo’s Switch game voucher promotion for online subscribers returns to North America with its debut. to me many reportsNintendo has an official YouTube channel Share a short video About the new Switch Game coupon promotion for online members. This is an … Read more

Manado Floods, Statement of the Governor of North Sulawesi Saying the Mayor Can Sleep Well Viral on Social Media

Regarding the viral news link of Olly’s statement, the Head of the Sulawesi River Basin Office (BWS) 1 I Komang Sudana explained, in Manado City there are 8 watersheds (DAS), with 5 of them being large rivers, including DAS Kima, DAS Bailang, DAS Maasing, Tondano Watershed, Tikala Watershed, Sario Watershed, Malalayang Watershed, and Kolongan Watershed. … Read more

Soldiers mistakenly open fire at the border, South Korea rushes to report North Korea

PYONGYANG, – One person South Korean army mistakenly fired a machine gun near the border with North Korea. For this incident, South Korean military hastily notified South Korea that the shooting was accidental. Collect information from the office South Korean militaryYonhap news agency reported on Sunday (29/1/2023), four lead bullets were fired during training … Read more

The North Terminal of the Miami International Airport was closed due to a suspicious object

The north terminal of Miami International Airport was evacuated due to a suspicious package The Police Department of Miami-Dade evacuated this Saturday afternoon the Miami International Airport North Terminal due to a suspicious package that was left in the building. The incident occurred around 6:00 p.m. when one of the dogs from the airport security … Read more

Machine gun misfire during training at Gangwon Army GP… notify the North

No casualties… The bullets all fell south of the military demarcation line. Army GP (PG) [제작 정연주] photo collage, illustration (Chuncheon = Yonhap News) Reporter Yang Ji-woong = During a training exercise at an army forward unit in Gangwon-do, a machine gun was accidentally fired and the North was notified of this. According to an … Read more

Bramfeld: “Saturn” closes a branch in the north of Hamburg

Out for the “Saturn” branch in Bramfeld: The consumer electronics store on Bramfelder Chaussee has been permanently closed since mid-January. A department store chain is now moving into the premises. “On January 14, 2023, our branch in Hamburg Bramfeld was open for the last time. We, the Saturn Hamburg Bramfeld team, say thank you for … Read more

North Macedonia expelled Neykov, Gumov and Shaibata

© The Bulgarian theatrical production “Vrazalec”, which was supposed to delight the audience in three Macedonian cities in early February, will not take place. The visit of one of the most popular Bulgarian actors was initiated and funded by the “Bulgarian Memory” Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and … Read more