Who is Ri Sol-ju? Wife of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

loading… JAKARTA – Ri Sol-ju has appeared in photos for years accompanying her husband Kim Jong-un on state visits. But who exactly is the wife of the young North Korean dictator? Very little is known about Ri, including her real age, who her parents were and what her life was like before marrying Kim Jong-un. … Read more

Ukraine: Draghi to Guterres, ‘The only answer is to join forces, the UN is a guide’ – North America

“This is a moment when the only possible answer is to join our efforts at the United Nations. It struck me how in these days, during the General Assembly, many speeches we mentioned the United Nations Charter. Signing it was one of the best things humanity has ever done This institution should always have aleading … Read more

Hunting Apin, North Sumatra’s Biggest Gambling Boss Who Escaped to Singapore on Raid Day All

KOMPAS.com – Apin BK alias Jhoni, the biggest online gambling boss in North Sumatra (North Sumatra), has not yet been arrested. Apin fled on the same day when the North Sumatran Police Chief Inspector General RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak, together with his ranks, raided his headquarters in an elite housing estate in Deli Serdang, North … Read more

Police Stoned When Arresting Drug Users in North Lampung Page all

LAMPUNGKOMPAS.com– One team videos the police stoned by mobs in Lampung North is viral on social media. It is said that the police were enraged by the mob when they arrested a number of drug users. The 30-second video shows a number of people throwing stones at the building on the edge of the train … Read more

Sitting on the Hot Case of Governor Edy Vs Golkar of North Sumatra led by the Deputy Governor

While – Relations between the Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi and the Golkar Party, which is now led by the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra, Musa Rajekhshah (Ijeck), is considered to be in bad shape. Edy quipped by admitting that he was traumatized by seeing the color yellow. This situation is thought to have … Read more

When DHF Cases in North Jakarta Soar, City Government Urges Residents to Do 3M Plus

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Head of the North Jakarta (Jakut) Health Sub-Department (Sudin) Lysbeth Regina Pandjaitan said the case of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD) will triple by 2022. According to data compiled by the Jakut Health Sub-dept., DHF reached 1,150 cases as of January-September 2022. However, there have been no reports of deaths from DHF so … Read more

Femicide in Montreal North: the accused back in court

The Montrealer accused of stabbing his ex-spouse to death last week appeared again on Monday, while the police investigation continues. • Read also: Femicide in Montreal North: Antoine Coby accused of the first degree murder of his ex-spouse • Read also: Femicide: the accused would be the ex-spouse of the victim, according to the SPVM … Read more

Miss Lebanon Yasmina Zaitoun with a bold look.. Only a shirt appeared and in an exciting position.. (Photos) – The Ambassador of the North

20SEP Miss Lebanon Yasmina Zaitoun with a bold look.. Only a shirt appeared and in an exciting position.. (Photos) Share Tweet Share Whatsapp Email Miss Lebanon Yasmina Zaitoun published new photos through her personal account on “Instagram”. Yasmina surprised the audience, as she appeared with a bold look, so she wore only a blue shirt … Read more

Drug trafficking network in the North region dismantled (and there are seven detainees)

The GNR detained seven people suspected of drug trafficking in the municipalities of Vila Real, Peso da Régua, Mesão Frio and Gondomar, having seized enough drugs for 1,884 individual doses, the security force announced today. In a press release, the GNR reveals that, after a police investigation that lasted about a year and a half, … Read more

Health, Health north | Helse Nord affected: Patients have received the wrong diagnosis in the medical record

An error in the records system Dips has meant that nearly 2,000 patients have had the wrong diagnosis listed in their patient records. It reports NRK Monday. The error has led to diagnoses being made on the wrong patient. For Helse Nord, this applies to 940 patients. The error has affected healthcare organizations in Helse … Read more