“This discovery indicates that a large number of devices are at risk”

Check Point Research experts investigated a series of targeted cyberattacks against European foreign affairs agencies. This brought to light a Chinese state-sponsored APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) group dubbed “Camaro Dragon.” Behind it is a new malicious operating system for TP-Link routers, marketed in our region, which has been discovered. of videos In this malware, there … Read more

The best pizza maker in Belgium, Esteban Delbart, from “Viva la pizza” in Hornu, will be in the kitchen in a new restaurant in La Louvière

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“We are going to make an impression!”

“Melanza” is the new Italian restaurant that is settling in La Louvière. If its opening is scheduled for June, its location has been kept secret until now by one of the bosses of the brand, Alèn Sayadian… ******* *** *************** ************ ** ************** ********* ** ******** ** ***** ** ** ******* ** ********* ***** ******** … Read more

released recently, he was once again talked about…

NR is not one to learn lessons. Last September, he tested positive for alcohol during a police check. Less than six months later, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, he had caused a fatal accident in the Brussels ring (a 27-year-old Frenchman had lost his life on the spot, his passenger from 28 years … Read more

Wallonia goes to war against the Asian hornet with a new action plan

Three axes of intervention make it possible to reduce the pressure of the hornet on beekeeping activity: the trapping of founding queens in the spring, the neutralization of nests and the protection of apiaries. The action plan decided by the Walloon Minister of Agriculture, Willy Borsus, relates to spring trapping. Other actions relating to the … Read more

“I will be the coordinator of good ideas”

This Thursday took place the elections of the local section of the socialist party of Boussu. After the flop of the previous elections, a new president has finally been chosen. As a reminder, the former president, Julien Dupont, was the only candidate but had not been elected. He himself admitted having presented himself by default, … Read more

A complete outfit for less than 10 euros at “Récup’ Mode”, the new second-hand store in La Louvière

Originally from Ghislenghien, it is on rue Kéramis, right in the center of La Louvière, that this couple has just opened a second-hand clothing store. Cédric and Rudina Muco, an Albanian of origin, embarked on this adventure after Rudina’s career break, initially in the medical field. “With the pressure of work and schedules, I couldn’t … Read more

new fugitive on ‘Most Wanted’ list, police issue wanted poster

The 65-year-old man is an internee and must be considered dangerous, underline the police. They also call on Mohamed Ben Brahim to immediately surrender to the police. People who have information can contact the investigators via the email address avisdereche[email protected] or the free telephone number 0800/30.300.

“Liège is changing, I sometimes think of going to live in Maastricht”

Last weekend, we report the misadventure of the tenor of the bar, Jean-Dominique Franchimont, who was robbed, in his vehicle which was avenue Blonden in Liège, of a bag containing precious objects, including two replicated files, a dictaphone or his toga which previously belonged to his father. Incredible twist since the lawyer from Liège had … Read more