Index – Culture – We couldn’t watch this new romantic movie without crying

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year 2022 from a cinematic point of view is that Harry Styles, who has been in the entertainment industry until now as a pop star, has started to reinterpret himself and appears in serious dramas one after another. At the time, the 28-year-old Englishman was a The X Factoremerged … Read more

K. Toleikytė and J. Garbaravičius, who watched basketball matches together, have been a couple for many years | Names

Friday’s EuroLeague sixth round duel between Kaunas “Žalgiris” and Berlin’s ALBA teams attracted attention not only because of the sweet Lithuanian victory, but also because of the appearance of model Karolina Toleikytė and businessman Jonas Garbaravičius. Photographers captured black together for the first time. The huddled couple sat in the first row of the arena … Read more


Written by: Devil Quinn He spent some time with the MD and the rest of the Royal Academy and after getting to know about his affairs, when he came down Roshan was having something from the cafe inside the academy. Hearing them coming to me, I raised my face and looked at them… “Excuse me..I … Read more

Index – Culture – Who are these new faces in the House of Dragons?

The same method worked in the House of Dragons. Although Paddy Considine, who plays the well-intentioned king Viserys, is known to many from The Outsider and The Birmingham Gang, and Matt Smith was literally adored by a certain group as the 11th Doctor in Who Are You, Doctor? they were selected in the casting room … Read more

The House of Representatives has made it more difficult for traders to post fake discounts and reviews

The bill also extends from 14 days to 30 days the period in which it is possible to withdraw from a purchase contract concluded, for example, at a sales event. The amendment, which adopts the rules of the new European regulations, will now be considered by senators. For the discount, merchants will have to state … Read more

The amendment to the law is to mark corporal punishment on children as unacceptable, says Laurenčíková

The House Committee for the Family and the Subcommittee for the Prevention of Domestic and Sexualized Violence agreed: it is necessary to enshrine in the Civil Code that physical and psychological violence against children is not an acceptable educational method. What would this mean in practice? Ensuring a safe childhood and a life free of … Read more

Shared e-scooters obstruct Prague residents on the sidewalk and fall on top of cars. The pirates want to solve it by law

“Unfortunately, our experience with shared scooters has not been very good so far. In the historic center, users often drive on the sidewalks, endanger pedestrians with reckless driving, and also often block the sidewalk or traffic lane with inappropriate parking,” said Jaromír Beránek (Pirates), chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee of the Prague … Read more

The cover meeting room丨Zheng Zhi, the original author of the hit “The Coward”: Becoming a screenwriter makes up for the regret of writing a novel_Story_Rhythm_Creation

Original title: Cover Meeting Room丨The original author of the hit “The Coward” Zheng Zhi: Becoming a screenwriter makes up for the regret of writing novels // 【Cover meeting room · Character introduction】 Zheng Zhi, writer, screenwriter. Fiction works include “Swallowing”, “Fairy Syndrome”, “Floating”, “I’m Waiting for You at the End of Time”, “Don’t Go to … Read more

Mandatory distance between cars and cyclists: Accidents have decreased slightly, but disputes continue

Nevertheless, overtaking cyclists with the legal distance has become a hot topic in recent weeks. The Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka (ODS), admitted that it was to be mitigated. Newly, drivers would not have to maintain almost any distance when overtaking at a lower speed, they would only follow the rule of safe overtaking. The … Read more

Tales Episode 5 A young actress is tied to a pole “Boonthavorn” reveals Nai Yai, an old man with a square face.

famous xiaoExtremely angry and unable to control his anger, he entered.hurt the actressagain and together withold man’s ordersTell them to get it sorted out by tonight. So he ordered the production staff to deal with the actress in a brutal way, strangling the poor actress so that she wouldn’t breathe and punch her stomach once … Read more