Nuggets guard Murray injured in NBA Championship

▲Jamal Murray’s palm rubbed against the floor in G3, causing a large piece of skin to be worn out and obvious scars appeared. Although it should not affect the next game, it is still unknown whether the shooting feel can be maintained. (Photo/Associated Press/Dazhi Image) [NOWnews今日新聞]In G3 of the 2022-23 NBA Championship Game, the Nuggets … Read more

Denver Nuggets beat Miami Heat (2-1)

American Basketball Final: The Denver Nuggets beat the Miami Heat (2-1) The Denver Nuggets advance to the American League Finals series basketball For the 2022-2023 season again, the competition is a team Miami Heat(2-1), at dawn on Thursday, to take an additional step in trying to win the awaited title that he had never achieved … Read more

Jokic-Murray Sets a Record, Nuggets Brushes the Heat in Game 3

Miami – Denver Nuggets securing game three of the Finals NBA 2023 after defeating the hosts Miami Heat 109-94. This result made the score 2-1 in favor of Nikola Jokic et al. Playing at the Kaseya Center, Thursday (8/6), the Heat started the match well. They led 9-4, but the Nuggets took a 16-14 lead … Read more

Transfer|Stars line up for Saudi Nuggets Bin Shima to earn 2.5 billion Hong Kong dollars in 3 years

“I’m excited to experience a new league,” French star Bencima said at the official signing of Saudi Arabian giants Ittihad on Tuesday. It is reported that the 35-year-old Golden Globe winner, the “experience price” this time is 258 million pounds after-tax labor (about 2.5 billion Hong Kong dollars) in three years, and the top stars … Read more

The NBA Finals kicks off with the Black Eight and the Heat taking on the gold nuggets

Game 1 of the NBA Finals kicks off tomorrow morning (02/06 08:30 Hong Kong time). After the Heat eliminated the favorite Celtics in the “Tie-break” of the East Coast Finals, they will continue to write their “Nuggets” without stopping. Black Eight Legend”. After the New Yorkers in 1999, another Heat team that broke into the … Read more