A nurse was fired due to redundancy during covid. Absurd, said the judge

Judge Luboš Koranda found the plaintiff right. “I did not find Mrs. Harant to be redundant as an employee. She is a highly qualified nurse. Her release in the time of covid is absurd,” emphasized Koranda. He added that the resignation did not even meet the necessary formalities. Harantová (Public initiative Sušicko) held the position … Read more

A woman from Noszlop worked as a nurse with false certificates

A young woman got a job as a nurse in one of the settlements around Pápa with fake certificates. The Veszprém County Police Headquarters information according to the head of the health institution, on the afternoon of January 25, the police was notified that one of their employees had used false certificates to verify the … Read more

“The story of border doctors” updates the symptoms of Nong Um, Umphang nurse. After treatment for 1 year

The page “Story of Border Doctors” posts progress on the condition of Nong Aum, a nurse at Umphang Hospital after an accident. and treated for a full year, revealing that the pipe at the neck is now removed I can breathe normally now. but also put on a pacemaker From the accident, an emergency ambulance … Read more

Josette makes us fall in love with her own nurse cosplay of Kobeni Higashiyama from Chainsaw Man

The cosplayer community He has a great affection for many of the characters in the popular cultureso today we will focus on the topic of Chainsaw Manwhich emerges as one of the manga/anime of the moment and this cannot fail to be reflected in the cosplayer field with the arrival of a large number of … Read more

wage increase; 7,100 nurses after strike in New York | Nurse Strike | Manorama News | Breaking News

A strike by 7,100 nurses at two of New York’s largest hospitals continues for a second day demanding a pay rise. Nurses at Montefiore Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital went on strike yesterday. The hospital authorities are negotiating with the union leaders. If the discussion fails, the nurses have decided to continue the strike. … Read more

Female Nurse Harassed in Hospital ICU Room After Dropping Patient Off

WhiletvOnenews.com – One person nurse in a hospital Medan, North Sumatra was harassed. The Medan Polrestabes Criminal Investigation Unit moved and detained perpetrator sexual harassment to victim ES the female nurse. The perpetrator of the sexual harassment who was detained by the police has the initials ATN (27), a resident of Medan. “The victim and … Read more

Brutal fight in La Dehesa: lawyer ends up in a coma after a fight with TENS from Clínica MEDS | National

A man in pretrial detention and another seriously interned in a clinic. This was the result of a fight between a nursing technician and a lawyer that occurred a few days before Christmas in an underground parking lot of a shopping center in La Dehesa. The reason? A road altercation that got out of hand. … Read more

Donna enters the hospital, pretends to be a nurse and, with an excuse, has a three-day-old baby delivered

The woman entered a room in the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne and with an apology had a newborn baby delivered to her by a new mother. The newborn was identified anus and safe in the woman’s house. As absurd as it is disturbing episode in Switzerland where in the last few hours a woman entered … Read more

Unscrupulous Officer Trying ‘Apple’ Nurse at the Hotel, Eh It turns out that the wife is a member of the TNI, the ending is really cool

SEWAKTU.com – Officers were raided while alone with a person military member’s wife in a hotel room at JayapuraPapua. Allegedly the officers had enjoyed the ‘apple’ military member’s wife who is also a nurse at Provita Hospital Jayapura named Reni Setiawati. Reni Setiawati is military member’s wife, Sergeant Iwan Supriyanto. He is the East Arso … Read more