Consumption of these nutrients, prevent dementia and other cognitive disorders

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Memory loss can be part of the symptoms that arise from dementia. Generally, it is often found in soap operas that a character will forget his brother or forget how to go home. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) dementia or its popularity is called senile a disease in which … Read more

Beware of the Impact of Undernutrition during Adolescence

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Fulfillment of nutritional times adolescents is a very crucial thing. Novitria Dwinanda nutritionist said that adequate nutrition during adolescence is very important because it will affect health as an adult. “If the needs of adolescents are not met, in the future there will be physical growth disorders, chronic diseases such as diabetes, … Read more

How to process vegetables so that their vitamin C content is not damaged

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Most of the vegetables contain vitamin C, one of the important nutrients the body needs to increase immunity. Unfortunately this vitamin is easily damaged if processed incorrectly. Inge Permadhi, a clinical nutrition specialist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, said that vitamin C was soluble in water and was easily … Read more

The 5 Most Common Nutritional Deficiency Problems – The body needs variety vitamin and mineral which is essential for growth and preventing disease. Reported by Okadoc, when the body does not consume or get enough nutrition from food, then the body will experience something called nutritional deficiencies or insufficiency. The following is a list of things that happen when humans lack … Read more

Become an idol when breaking fast and sahur, nutrition in the content of dates for health is no joke, high in fiber – all pages Setup GridHype.ID – Fruit setup always closely related to the month of Ramadan. The reason is, this fruit originating from the Middle East is often consumed during the month of Ramadan. Especially when it comes to breaking the fast fasting and sahur. Also Read: Proud of Arsy to be able to pass the first … Read more

Current Fasting is Full of Nutrition, Serve the Following Menu at Open and Sahur

Illustration of eating sahur. (Shutterstock) – Consumption of a balanced diet at open and dawn is important, because the body uses carbohydrate stores stored in the liver and muscles and fat to provide energy during the meal. fasting. The body cannot store water so the kidneys conserve as much water as possible by reducing … Read more

Did you know, these 12 ingredients should not be stored in the refrigerator, so that nutrition is maintained

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Did you know, here are 12 ingredients food which should not be stored in the refrigerator, so that nutrition is maintained During the month of Ramadan, usually there will be more shopping so there is no shortage of materials food to be obtained as an iftar menu or sahur menu. When storing it, … Read more

Prof. Dr. Akkoyunlu: we do not recommend fasting if it has been 1 month since coronavirus – health and nutrition news

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu said, “The first month is a process of regeneration and recovery. We generally do not recommend these people to fast. Even if they are going to fast, they should definitely keep them under the permission and control of the doctor.” Ramadan month new type this year as well as last … Read more

Preventing Stunting, Arumi Bachsin Reminded The Importance Of Nutrition Education From Adolescence

loading… SURABAYA – Sweet, salty and fatty foods are foods favored by Indonesians. Although the average intake of fat for Indonesians is only 32%, not higher than in other countries, the intake of saturated fat is twice that of other countries. It is the source of all disease. This was conveyed by dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, … Read more

Nutrition advice from the Ministry of Health in Ramadan – News

Ministry of Health warned! It concerns millions of people In the statement of the Ministry of Health, which shared nutritional recommendations during Ramadan due to the month of Ramadan, the following information was included: “Our citizens should act in accordance with the measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic due to the Covid-19 … Read more