These are the benefits of having dinner at the time of the English

When it comes to eating, in Spain we tend to go a little late: we eat around three, we have dinner from nine at night and go to bed no earlier than eleven (our television prime time is from ten at night to one in the morning, which delays our time to go to sleep … Read more

Cycle what do we eat today? in Cadiz

From the Cajasol Foundation we present a new literary cycle at our headquarters in Cádiz (Plaza San Antonio, 14). The event will take place on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November, in collaboration with the José Manuel Lara Foundation and with the participation of specialists in nutrition Y Health, As the Dr. Miguel Ángel Martínez … Read more

“Vegan and vegetarian diets are always healthy” and 7 other myths about them

Related news Plant-based diets are an increasingly popular option in Spain by the desire of more and more people to reduce the percentage of meat and derived products within it. Even so, and after a multitude of studies that would suggest that plant-based diets are healthy, the myths around them continue to grow. Among these … Read more

Apple To Require Privacy “Nutrition Labels” From Developers Starting Dec. 8

Apple debuted a collection of privacy features when it announced iOS 14, but the company’s privacy “nutrition label” concept didn’t come with the launch of the new operating system in September. Today, Apple announced that developers will need to provide the information for those “tags” beginning December 8. Like a normal nutrition label that lists … Read more

Fertinagro Biotech and Auravant launch a new digital tool to optimize plant nutrition

There will be the ability to evaluate the results and specific performance of the products in each application Drafting Lands30/10/2020 The collaboration between Fertinagro Agrovip and Auravant puts at the service of the farmer an Agriculture 4.0 tool: the latest technology to maximize the results of their crops. The group Fertinagro joins agriculture 4.0, together … Read more

The future Royal Decree on soil nutrition will mean new demands and costs for agricultural holdings |

Union of Unions qualifies as ballast for the sector the project of Royal Decree on soil nutrition The Royal Decree will mean an increase in costs and bureaucratic burden that will affect the competitiveness of many farms “We ask that this royal decree not be raised until the eco-scheme is in operation and its usefulness … Read more

Union of Unions qualifies as ballast for the sector the project of Royal Decree on soil nutrition

Union of Unions of Farmers and Ranchers has described the Royal Decree establishing standards for sustainable nutrition in agricultural soils as a burden and has stated this in the allegations it has recently submitted. Although the agricultural organization is aware of the need to move towards better fertilization management, it is also aware of the … Read more