Astronomers discover a space object that could be an exomoon

American football-shaped exoplanet found 0:39 (CNN) — Astronomers may have found a moon that is completely unlike anything in our solar system. It is only the second space object discovered that may be an exomoon or a moon outside our solar system. The giant moon was found orbiting a Jupiter-sized planet called Kepler 1708b, located … Read more

A mysterious “cube” on the moon. The mystery of a strange object in space is solved

Viewers of this clip also saw: The mystery of the mysterious object on the moon is solved. In December, the Chinese rover Yutu-2 published a photo of a strange, regular-shaped object on the surface of the moon. It was referred to as a cube, a cube or a mysterious hut. There have been speculations that … Read more

Astronomers discover “Maggie”, the largest object ever seen in our galaxy (PHOTO)

Lapatilla January 12 2022, 1:13 pm In the image, a side view of the Milky Way, obtained by ESA’s Gaia satellite. Inset shows Maggie’s location – ESA / Gaia / DPAC, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO & T. Müller / J. Syed / MPIA A team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in … Read more

On the invisible side of the Moon, a cube-shaped object detected by a moonlight is immortalized: it is now clear what it is

However, already on January 7 of this year, the photos received from the moonlight gave a closer look at what the mysterious object is. Latest photos from the Chinese Space Agency shared on the social network WeChat. It turns out to be just a rock protruding from the surface of the Moon, which, through imagination, … Read more

It looks like a rabbit.. Astronomers identify a “strange” object that appeared on the moon

Questions Effects #body #a stranger On #The surface of the moon, a widespread scientific curiosity in recent weeks, after it appeared in the form of a rabbit, and several attempts were made to determine its nature. According to the “Live Science” website, the object that was spotted by a photo was taken from the Chinese … Read more

Mysterious Object on the Dark Side of the Moon Finally Solved

loading… Mysterious object spotted on the dark side of the Moon by a Chinese rover. Photo/cnsa BEIJING – China’s robot rover has finally gotten close enough to explore the strangely shaped object seen on the far side of the Moon last year. Netizens called the discovery a “mystery cottage”. An image of a gray cube-shaped … Read more

Astronomers spot mysterious object overshadowing a star

An analysis of data from the TESS satellite revealed something strange. In a two-star system, one of the two seems to be regularly eclipsed by an unknown object. Researchers suspect the presence of a large asteroid or perhaps even a small planet releasing a cloud of dust. Put into orbit in April 2018, TESS (short … Read more

Astronomers detect a mysterious cosmic object that periodically spews clouds of dust into space

Published: 7 one 2022 00:30 GMT What catches the attention of experts is the colossal size of the dust clouds, much larger than would be expected from such a small object. An international team of researchers recently published in The Astronomical Journal a study in which they claim to have discovered a strange cosmic object … Read more

They detect a mysterious object that spews dust in space

Astronomers examining data from the Transiting Exoplanet Reconnaissance Satellite (TESS) recently came across something strange: An object called TIC 400799224 has been fluctuating in brightness, like a star that is routinely eclipsed. Their analysis of the observations suggests that TIC 400799224 are actually two stars, one of which is orbiting a mysterious object. The researchers … Read more

Astronomers baffled by mysterious object orbiting distant star

Astronomers detected a mysterious object in satellite images Transiting Exoplanet Reconnaissance (TESS) that they believe could be a binary star system. Experts using the Transiting Exoplanet Study Satellite, which launched in 2018, discovered 172 planets and they have compiled a list of more than 4,700 candidates to date. But their latest discovery has them baffled, … Read more