Migrants, the Ocean Viking arrives at the port of Marina di Carrara after four days of navigation: 95 landed, 38 are minors

Four days of sailing. Over fifteen hundred kilometers traveled after the rescue off the coast of Libya. There Ocean Viking, of the NGO Sos Mediterranée has arrived in Marina di Carrara, the safe harbor assigned by the Italian authorities. There were 95 migrants on board, including 15 women and 38 minors, all from sub-Saharan Africa. … Read more

China is developing an artificial intelligence system to predict ocean currents

China has developed an AI system for Indonesian flow inference and forecasting that can provide accurate forecasts of the Indonesian flow streams. oceans seven months ago. According to “Al-Bayan” website, the Indonesian flow serves as a major branch in the global conveyor belt of heat and salt, by transporting the waters of the upper oceans … Read more

Descendant of a well-known Antwerp family went ‘Across the ocean’ all alone: ​​“I had to take control of my life again” (Antwerp)

Eugénie Nottebohm on her boat the Giulia. “With her I feel comfortable on the water. She became my best friend.” — © RR On Play4, it’s six landlubbers with well-known heads trying to conquer the Atlantic Ocean. Eugénie Nottebohm (54) initially had almost as little experience, but she did it all on her own, and … Read more

The last farewell of a dying octopus with its young. The best ocean images show what’s happening above and below the surface

Competition Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition organized by the organization Underwater Photography Guide announced the results of the world’s largest competition for the best underwater photography in the world. This year’s winning image was a photo taken in the ocean near Palm Beach, Florida. On it, Kat Zkou captured the last moments of a mother … Read more

Soon.. Here is what the Beirut port area will witness

The head of the Syndicate of Owners of Used Car Showrooms in Lebanon, Walid Francis, announced that the sit-in, which will be held before noon today for importers and showroom owners, will be at the entrance to the Beirut port, stressing that the highway in Mahalla will be cut off in order to put pressure … Read more

Sea Thrills From Antarctica: The Roaring Drake Passage, The Enchanting Beauty Of Glaciers And The Ocean Jump | Life

Sister lost the idea When asked how Antarctica became the destination of the trip, Jūratė says that her sister suddenly lost this idea. “Back in the spring of last year, I was thinking about where I could take a break between two career stops. At first, I traditionally considered Southeast Asia – to stay there … Read more

Ocean warming is happening at lightning speed. Disruption of large ocean currents is imminent

A diver inspects a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of French Polynesia. Climate change and rapid warming of the oceans results, among other things, in the bleaching and death of coral, which depends on algae for survival.Beeld Getty Images More than 90 percent of the extra energy that remains in the … Read more

Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini frolic in the ocean in the Maldives

The actress frolicked in the Indian Ocean in a spicy, open swimsuit. Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini frolic in the ocean in the Maldives / instagram.com/elizabethhurley1 British model, actress and businesswoman Elizabeth Hurley has her own brand of swimwear: bikinis of all sizes, colors and suits are her real passion. The famous beauty spends most … Read more

Dutch freighter crew rescued four men in Atlantic Ocean | Abroad

06 jan 2023 om 16:05Update: 2 dagen geleden The crew of a cargo ship from Groningen rescued four Americans in the middle of the Atlantic on December 28. They were floating there on a small raft after their rowing boat capsized, the cargo ship’s shipping company Hanzevast Shipping reported in a statement. press release. The … Read more