Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. Hurricane Fiona passes through the Atlantic Ocean

Hurricane Fiona brings with it heavy rainfall and strong wind, the gusts of which can reach 215 kilometers per hour. The people of Bermuda prepare for the advent of the element. Previously, it ravaged Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where the counting of losses is still ongoing. The devastating hurricane Fiona is on its … Read more

China’s Orbital Data Proves There Was Once an Ancient Ocean on the Martian Plain

Scientists found the presence of hydrated minerals in the data for the plains of Mars. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BEIJING — The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has revealed new data from the Mars Tianwen 1 orbiter and the Mars Zhurong rover, according to a report from the state-run media network CGTN. Launched on 23 July 2020, Tianwen … Read more

The secrets hidden in the “lost city” found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean | Science

A scientific expedition found in December 2000 a very strange landscape. Towers of up to 60 meters emerge on one of the seamounts from mid atlantic ridge. The researchers named their finding the “Lost City”. Despite their appearance, these formations are natural. Each tower is a hydrothermal vent which spews hot liquid filled with hydrogen … Read more

The fishermen went out to the ocean. This sight knocked them off their feet – o2

According to the New York Post, when fishermen noticed them, deer were located about 1.6 kilometers from Nantucket Island. At the sight of them, the men quickly grabbed the phones to register the unusual sight. When the material went online, it went viral in no time. It’s risky, man, one of the fishermen wondered in … Read more

The Pacific Ocean is in Pedersgata

New Yips. Closer to Nytorget. Still part of pulsating and lively Pedersgata. Earl Aasland Yips offers fresh, crisp and really good Asian food in new, nice premises in Pedersgata. Published: Published: Yesterday 20:27 Fact Yips – Dumplings & Digg Address: Pedersgata 11, Stavanger Nett: Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00 – 21:00 (kitchen closes)Friday 11.00 – … Read more

Apple Watch Ultra can be invited to dive into the ocean, the price is glaring

Jakarta – Rumors Apple will release Watch 8 Pro apparently wrong. The Cupertino tech giant released Apple Watch Ultrathis smart watch is promised to be invited to dive into the ocean. Apple Watch Ultra has been specifically designed for intense exercise tracking. Made bigger with better battery life. “Inspired by explorers and athletes from around … Read more

45 years after its launch, the Voyager spacecraft send news from the cosmic ocean

It was 1977, the year of the death of Charles Chaplin, the same year that a group of researchers identified a bacterium that caused pneumonia in legionnaires (they named it Legionella: yes, the same one that has just caused an outbreak in Tucumán) and in which the christening flight of the shuttle Enterprise mounted on … Read more

Epic Games offers Tomb Raider: Shadow Definitive Edition and Submerged City: The Deep Ocean as free games

The usual weekly free games from Epic Games, the latest free games include Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depths, The original price of the 2 games is 1528 yuan. Now, after logging in during the event and picking up the game from the Epic Games store, you can save it … Read more

Saar (4), Quinn (7), Anne (11) and Yuna (15) take center stage in code d’azur and Ocean Outdoor childhood cancer campaign

Yesterday, the International Child Cancer Month started with a digital campaign by code d’azur and Ocean Outdoor for the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht. With this national public campaign, ‘Het Máxima’ draws attention to the need to further improve the treatment and quality of life of children with cancer in the Netherlands. … Read more