A roof to shelter under not before October. The fears of energy in a Macron-Biden out-of-the-box (by C. Paudice)

The urgency, for now, only emerges from the official statements accompanying the end of the summit because, net of intentions, there is no explicit reference in the press release. And most importantly, the timetable remains the same: the decision on the gas price ceiling is postponed until after the summer. Although Italian Prime Minister Mario … Read more

“Nier: Automata Annual Edition” will be released on the NS platform on October 6 | XFastest News

At tonight’s Nintendo mini face-to-face meeting, SE announced that “Nier: Automata Annual Edition” will land on the Switch platform on October 6. Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game jointly developed by SE and Platinum Games. The story takes place in the same world as “Nier” and will have a brand new storyline that has … Read more

Scotland tries again: another referendum for independence. The date is October 9, 2023

“We will not be prisoners of Boris Johnson”: with these words the Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that the government intends to hold a second referendum on independence. The date chosen is October 19, 2023. So far the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has refused to offer specific powers in Edinburgh to call a … Read more

“The date is October 19, 2023” – Corriere.it

The announcement today in Edinburgh of Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, against Boris Johnson. In 2014, a similar consultation failed. But this time London has no plans to get the Scots to vote again A consultative referendum on October 19, 2023: the move to revive Scotland’s independence devised by Nicola Sturgeon, the prime minister of the … Read more

Covid, Ricciardi: “We will have a terrible October and a crazy increase in mortality among all the frail. The vaccination campaign has now stopped”

“We will have a terrible october. It won’t be like the first wave of covid, nor will we have lockdown, but there will be a crazy increase in mortality among all the frailsuch as those over 80 who will arrive in October not vaccinated with the fourth dose. Professor yesterday Brusaferro he told me that … Read more

Covid, what autumn awaits us? “It will be a terrible October”

There is no peace with Covid, not even in the summer. Infections are on the rise due to the Omicron 5 variant capable of reinfecting but the worst case scenario is expected in October. “We will have a terrible October,” said Walter Ricciardi, professor of hygiene at the Catholic University and advisor to the Minister … Read more

“Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” will be released on October 20, 2022

Kuba teams up with Mario and his crazy bunny friends to save the galaxy. At the “Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase” press conference, Ubisoft announced that “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform on October 20, 2022, and pre-orders are now open. Cooper will form a motley … Read more

“P5R” Switch version will be launched in October | 4Gamers

The Persona series, which was publicly ported at the Xbox press conference a while ago, made its finale debut at the Nintendo Direct mini today (28), announcing that it would also be ported to the Switch platform. As previously disclosed, this wave of transplants includes three works, Persona 3 Pocket Edition (P3P), Persona 4 Gold … Read more

On sale in October! Nier: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition launches on Switch, with free limited-edition costumes

Nintendo confirmed that “Nier: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition” will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 6 during the “Nintendo Direct mini Software Partner Lineup 2022.6.28” online live broadcast tonight (28). This work will launch both the physical version and the download version at the same time. The Nintendo eShop is open for … Read more

Ubisoft officially leaked again, “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” will be released in October | 4Gamers

Just before the Nintendo Direct on the evening of today (28), Ubisoft released the package again. The official store released the “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope Star” page in cooperation with Nintendo in advance. According to the page inventory file (Click this link), which will be released on October 20. “Mario + Crazy Rabbit Hope … Read more