Moscow: Dozens of Ukrainian generals and officers killed • Restrictions on Russian books and music

A month ago, Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, was virtually extinct. Since that time, the Ukrainians managed to push back the Russian army, giving residents the courage to go outside again. There is more life on the streets again, reported reporter Jeroen de Jager and correspondent David Jan Godfroid, who were also in the city … Read more

Riot officers deployed in Quinto, yet another fight between youth gangs foiled

Mobile police Safety plan after the clashes on Friday. Aggression to Nervi: stuck with the taser. The policemen, with helmets and batons, were ready to intervene. Residents: “It is proof that the permanent garrison is now indispensable” Danilo D’Anna, Matteo Sacco June 19, 2022 Genoa – They went from one bathhouse to another, then got … Read more

The Belarusian military suffers from a shortage of officers. “A special list has appeared”

In an interview with Kanał24, Bulba explained that “there are often cases when people from the Belarusian military conscription offices come to the cadets and offer to sign a contract on behalf of the Russians, which results in being sent to the front in Ukraine.” According to the opposition activist, soldiers who have undergone Russian … Read more

PLN officers ticketed, police posts suddenly went out

Friday, June 17 2022 – 14:16 WIB VIVA – Every motorized vehicle user must comply with traffic rules when crossing the road. These regulations apply in all countries, including India. One of the violations that often occurs in this country is that motorcyclists do not wear helmets. In fact, protective equipment has a vital role … Read more

This Is the Salary & Facilities for RI Offshore Employees, Through Billions?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Salaries and facilities for offshore employees in Indonesia are getting more and more attention. This work leads to oversea construction and refers to the depth of the bottom support. Usually companies engaged in oil and gas use this service. In general, the task of offshore employees is to drill for oil … Read more

The passenger on the train in the Hradec Králové region had a gun, and police officers with shields ran into it

The incident happened last week on Saturday on a train running in the Hradec Králové region. According to the announcement, a man was driving on the train, visibly manipulating an unspecified firearm. Police officers from the emergency unit, who covered the man with ballistic shields and handcuffed them, arrived at the scene. “A forensic technician … Read more

It’s not true that TNI AL officers ask for some money so that MT Nord Joy is released

Batam, – The Indonesian Navy is conducting an investigation into alleged violations of the MT Ship’s shipping. North Joy who was arrested by an element of Fleet Command I. This was said by the Commander of Fleet Command I, Rear Admiral Arsyad Abdullah above. boat MT Nord Joy Batam. Friday (10/6). MT Nord Joy, a … Read more

Girl who disappeared in Edomex 5 years ago is found by police officers in CdMx Metro

The minor informed the officers that she did not bring money to pay for her ticket and was seeking to return to her home located in the municipality of Naucalpan, in the State of Mexico. Mexico City, June 8 (However).- A 16 year old was found after disappeared five years ago. Elements of the Banking … Read more

Undersecretary PC dismisses two senior officers (r) of the Defense Army

“Immediate cessation of functions from today”. This was the concise letter that he sent on June 1 undersecretary for the Armed Forces, Galo Eidelstein, to two senior military officers who worked in that division of the Ministry of National Defense. It’s about the general René Norambuena, and the colonel Eduardo Gonzalez Gonçalvesboth retired Army officers … Read more