Two police officers tried to arrest Jacob Blake with tasers

Mr. Blake walked around his vehicle, opened the driver’s side door and leaned forward, relates the department’s press release. Police then retrieved a knife from the floor of the car on the driver’s side without finding any other weapons in the vehicle, the Justice Department said. The authorities did not, however, mention knife threats from … Read more

Boy arrested for two dead Kenosha, federal law enforcement officers on their way

Police announced today that a 17-year-old boy has been arrested a few miles away, in Antioch, Illinois, on charges of two murders. According to the AP news agency, this is a white boy who is a great admirer of the police. Authorities tell local media it is unclear whether he was part of a militia. … Read more

Market Traders Claimed to Smear His Face with Covid-19’s Saliva, Scorn and Banish Officers When Picked Up Page all A woman with the initials HL admitted to smearing the saliva of a Covid-19 patient on her face. For his recognition, the Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force Team Batam, Riau Islands also picked up a woman who works as a trader in the Toss 3000 Jodoh traditional market. HL was taken to undergo swab … Read more

Maguire received a condition from a Greek court for a conflict with police officers

English footballer Harry Maguire during a duel with Spain | photo: Reuters Twenty-seven-year-old Maguire was arrested in Greece last week. The footballer first came into conflict with other tourists, then, according to the accusation, first verbally and finally physically attacked the intervening police officers. His brother Joe and another Brit were detained with him. The … Read more

‘Police have known about racist messages in app group officers for some time now’ | NOW

The police had been aware for some time that racist messages were sent in an app group of a number of youth officers in Rotterdam, according to a reconstruction by RTL News. According to RTL News the Rotterdam police leadership was already aware of the existence of the app group on 14 February 2019. Sources … Read more

Since July, China Has Started Giving Covid-19 Vaccines to Medical Officers – Since the end of July, China has administered Covid-19 vaccine doses to groups at high risk of infection corona virus SARS-CoV-2 includes medical energy. This clinical trial will later show whether the vaccine candidate has worked effectively or not. Reported CNNChinese health officials approved the emergency use of the vaccine developed by Beijing-based … Read more

Death of a Pole at an airport in Canada. Former police officers bring charges against their superiors. “We were the scapegoats”

An investigation has started into the actions taken by the Canadian federal police after the death of Polish emigrant Robert Dziekański in Vancouver in 2007. Charges are brought against their bosses by two former police officers. An investigation by the Ontario Police (OPP) concerns the actions of officers and bosses the police federal government (RCMP). … Read more

Influencer Sammy killed by police bullet: when are officers allowed to shoot?

The task of the police is to maintain law and order, says police scientist Jaap Timmer of the VU Amsterdam. “That is why a police officer may use force during an arrest, if necessary. This could involve a blow with the flat of the hand to use of the gun.” The use of firearms by … Read more

Mykonos: Harry Maguire arrested after brawling with police officers

Keystone 1/7 Harry Maguire has had a wild night of partying. image 2/7 The ManUnited captain was arrested on the Greek island of Mykonos last night. AFP 3/7 The reason for this is said to have been a brawl, including with the police. Instagram 7/7 Fern Hawkins and her friend Harry posted this snapshot on … Read more

Demonstrators attack officers at the House of Representatives: multiple arrests | Inland

At the House of Representatives and the covered shopping center De Passage, there were riots between police and demonstrators. ‘Several demonstrators’ have been arrested, reports the Hague police. “Partly because agents were attacked.” Various images on social media confirm this. One hundred to two hundred people are holding a protest in the Square. The Mobile … Read more