The Oldest Coffee Shop in the World, Hundreds of Years Old and Routinely Visited by Voltaire Page all – It’s been ages coffee become a favorite drink of the world community, both among the nobility and among the street people. The number of coffee fans who have sprung up, made coffee shop also rampant like mushrooms in the rainy season. If in the past coffee shops only grew in the city center … Read more

The oldest prejudiced disease?… It can now be cured

[오늘의 키워드] leprosy input 2023.01.30 08:10 Modify 2023.01.30 10:37 4,005 views input 2023.01.30 08:10Modify 2023.01.30 10:37 4,005 views Symptoms of a new Hansen’s disease patient reported in Korea in 2019. [사진=질병관리청] The 29th was World Leprosy Day. Hansen’s disease, also called leprosy or leprosy in the past, is one of the oldest diseases recorded in … Read more

Olympiad | Czech sport is sad. The oldest Olympic champion has died

Before the first post-war games in London, the then twenty-one-year-old falcon from Lulč went through tough elimination battles and made it to the nine nominees. In the Olympic competition, which lasted until midnight, the Czechoslovak gymnasts were closely following the Hungarians for a long time. A flawless performance in the final joint piece with cones … Read more

Is it true that horseshoe crabs are the oldest animal species that are still alive today? : Okezone techno

Jakarta – Universe has always been a mystery to scientists. So far, scientists have only been able to identify objects in the universe and everything else possible. But can scientists explain the end of the universe? Scientists agree that the universe has no end. One of the analogies that scientists often use to describe the … Read more

Workaholic Maria (101) did not retire until she was eighty: “Regret? Only because I never learned to ride a motorcycle” | The Oldest Belgians

WijnegemWhat used to be better? What advice should young people receive? And what’s the secret to getting that old? Every week we ask the oldest resident of a village or city in Flanders, in our new series ‘The Oldest Belgians’. Maria Oorts (101) from Wijnegem kicks off. “My secret? I don’t think you can sell … Read more

Extraordinary discovery of the oldest rune stone in the world!

In Norway, archaeologists have just found a runestone dating from 2,000 years ago. It is the oldest ever discovered, and the inscription it bears remains mysterious. When an ancient cemetery was excavated in Tyrifjorden northwest of Oslo in December 2021, researchers discovered a rune stone, which they managed to date very recently. Carbon dating made … Read more

Links with the Environment » Blog Archive » UMAG entomologist discovered the oldest big-eyed bug on the planet

– The researcher Dr. Eduardo Faúndez from the University of Magallanes made the discovery when he was looking for fossil specimens, in a material extracted from the amber mines of Myanmar. According to the data, this insect existed 99 million years ago, the time in which it lived with the dinosaurs. By Paula Viano Santana … Read more

World’s oldest man dies at 118

Chutian Metropolis Daily Jimu News (Reporter Manda Huang Jiaqi) According to CNN, on January 17 local time, the world’s oldest known man died in the southern French city of Toulon at the age of 118. French nun Andre was born on February 11, 1904. She worked as a teacher and child caretaker during World War … Read more