New protests in Europe against anti-Covid restrictions – World

Berlin Several European countries were the scene of demonstrations this weekend against the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, measures that can take months, according to German authorities, while the virus continued to spread on the planet. The pandemic has caused at least one million 313 thousand 471 deaths since the virus broke out in … Read more

One thousand 903 deaths from Covid-19 in Jalisco, associated with diabetes: SSJ – States

Puerto Vallarta, Jal. The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) reported that 43 percent of deaths from Covid-19 in the entity are associated with diabetes. Thus, of the 4,427 people who have died in the state from the pandemic, 1,903 were related to this comorbidity. For this reason, the Ministry of Health asked people sick with this … Read more

Counterfeiters of negative Covid certificates arrested in France – World

Bobigny. Seven people were arrested in the framework of the dismantling of a network that trafficked false negative covid-19 certificates to illegally sell them to travelers at the Parisian airport of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, an official source reported Thursday. The investigation allowed “the discovery (on the mobile phones of the detained persons) of more than 200 false … Read more

Resistance grows in Europe to new restriction measures by Covid – World

Madrid. Spain experienced a second night of riots in several cities in protest against the confinement measures, an example of the growing fatigue and exasperation of the population in a Europe that imposes more and more restrictions to combat the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Across the European continent, where more than 278 thousand … Read more

Covid will do ‘a lot of damage’ in the US in the coming weeks, Fauci predicts – World

Washington. The United States government’s top infectious disease expert warned that the country will have to deal with “a lot of damage” in the coming weeks due to the increase in coronavirus cases. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s comments in an interview with The Washington Post they contradict President Donald Trump’s frequent claim that the nation is … Read more

Vaccines against Covid-19 will not be 100% effective according to WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) the development of dozens of prototype vaccines against Covid-19, and after analyzing the first results of the most promising, the supranational body is quite clear about them: “they will not be 100 percent effective“So there will be cases of people who are inoculated with the established doses who contract the … Read more

Belgium tightens restrictive measures against Covid-19 – World

Brussels. Belgium will impose stricter lockdown rules across the country to combat Covid-19, Prime Minister Alexander de Croo announced today. According to the rules, all non-essential businesses will have to close. Grocery stores and supermarkets will remain open. Restaurants, bars and hotels will close. Working from home will become mandatory when possible. The Belgian borders … Read more

Health claims that it does not report daily data to the WHO, which registers 30,000 deaths from Covid | Economy

The Ministry of Health has ensured that it does not report daily data to the WHO, which today has estimated 29,858 deaths in Spain from covid-19 in your latest status report. The Ministry has insisted that the “official” figures on the pandemic are those provided by the autonomous communities to the Center for the Coordination … Read more

Several scientists criticize the WHO for “underestimating” the spread of the coronavirus

José M. Fernández-Rúa Published 17/02/2020 19:37 Updated The coronavirus has greater propagation capacity of what the World Health Organization (WHO) has hinted. This is the main conclusion of a study carried out by researchers from the Swedish University of Umeå, which has just been published in Journal of Travel Medicine y collected by Biotech Magazine … Read more

WHO in Chile: New normality is a different life after the Covid, not a relaxation

The representative of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in Chile, Fernando Leanesstated in The Cooperative Journal what the concept of “new normal” refers to life after Covid-19, pointing out that in Chile it was misunderstood as a relaxation in the face of the pandemic. The member of … Read more