See what Banjo-Kazooie looks like on Switch

The Nintendo 64 emulation of the Nintendo Switch has not been without a struggle so far. In particular, the new version of Ocarina of Time has caused quite a stir among fans. That’s why people look suspiciously at every big new name. One of those names is Banjo-Kazooie, which will be appearing on the platform … Read more

343 revamps Halo Infinite shop

After the community has voiced its disaffection with Halo: Infinite’s in-game kickback, 343 Industries will be overhauling this aspect of the game. Jerry Hook, a prominent member of the development team, made the announcement on Twitter. The fuss around the shop is mainly for two reasons. First of all, the price — a full armor … Read more

Covid-19: How to avoid getting infected by Ómicron? UNAM issues recommendations – El Sol de México

The arrival of the Ómicron variant in the middle of the winter season increased the number of infections in the world and at the same time the people’s concern about catching the virus or being reinfected. For this reason, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) issued a series of recommendations so as not to … Read more

UNAM launches free online English course

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 11.01.2022 07:24:56 You want to learn English? The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) will give an online course completely free through the platform Virtual Environment of Languages ​​(AVI). In addition, through the portal you will be able to develop four skills so that you can learn the language, as … Read more

Benefits and Side Effects of Papaya Fruit for Health, Interesting to Know – Knowing papaya benefits and side effects before consuming it is certainly good for you. Thus, you can maximize your intake as well as be aware of the possibility of allergies to the content in papaya fruit. Pawpaw is a tropical fruit that has bright orange flesh when ripe. Papaya fruit is also equipped … Read more

Will they give you Moderna as a booster vaccine? These are the probable reactions – El Financiero

The combination of COVID-19 vaccines has been shown to be safe and adverse effects or common reactions are the same for all vaccines, said Dr. Mauricio Rodríguez Álvarez, spokesman for Emergency Attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). In interview for The financial, the specialist detailed the common reactions after the application of … Read more

Myanmar’s Brutal Military Tactics: Systematically Burn Villages and Massacre Residents

Ethnic Karen rebels take over Myanmar military base. ©Handout/KAWTHOOLEI TODAY/AFP – There was a terrible sight when the farm laborer finally returned to his village. He was shocked to see bodies burnt in a hut and some of them tied up. Myanmar troops stormed the village of Done Taw at around 11 a.m. on … Read more

The UAE thwarts the largest attempt to smuggle “Capagon” in its history .. “coming from an Arab country”!

Jebel Ali Customs Center and TECOM, affiliated to the UAE Maritime Customs Centers Department in Dubai, announced the thwarting of “the largest attempt to smuggle a large amount of ground Captagon across the Emirates”, less than a week after seizing more than one million tablets of the same drug in import shipments. lemon; The center … Read more

Halo Infinite Gets Some Nonsense Cosmetics

After the success of Dolan and Sanic, Frank O’Connor, one of the big names behind Halo Infinite, decided to create his own bad art parody of their iconic protagonist. O’Conner didn’t stop at funny pictures on the internet, but now introduces Mister Chief as a cosmetics pack of 2,000 credits in the Halo Infinite shop. … Read more

Helping the Indonesian National Team to Qualify for the Final, Egy Maulana Vikri is even mocked by the Singapore striker – Star Indonesian National team, A Maulana Vikri, getting ridicule from striker Singapore named Ikhsan Fandi. As is well known, presence One Maulana Vikri was very influential when the Indonesian national team beat Singapore in the semifinal second leg AFF Cup 2020, Saturday (12/25/2021). Entered as a substitute, the FK Senica star showed his … Read more