Hundreds of Bogor City Residents Positive for Measles, Lack of Immunization Is the Cause

Illustration of measles rubella. ©2023 Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health Reporter: Rizka Nur Laily M – A total of 143 residents of Bogor City, West Java, tested positive for measles based on laboratory test results. However, the Bogor City Health Office, West Java, emphasized that the area was not in the status … Read more

“I finished the WBC without pitching”… A storm created by a single word, the ‘player of interest’ that Japan paid attention to until the end

[스포츠조선 이종서 기자] A misunderstanding caused by a single word led to interest throughout the tournament. Ko Woo-seok (27, LG Twins) was selected for the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team and was asked about his confrontation with Japanese national team Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) in an interview with a media outlet. Go Woo-seok said, … Read more

Watch.. The latest appearance of the artist, Mohamed Al-Suleiman, singing on one of the occasions • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented the last appearance of the famous singer Muhammad Al-Sulaiman on an occasion. The video showed a person photographing Al-Suleiman and repeating one of his famous songs, “Sara Al-Layl”, pointing the camera to the artist, and the latter interacted with him and sang together. It is … Read more

Kremlin extends grain deal ‘for 60 days only’

CommentsLog in to join the discussionLogged in as Not the right user? Logout Welcome to our community! Incoming contributions will be checked and then published. Please ensure you comply with our Netiquette and AGB. This is also available for detailed discussions available. User contributions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the operator/editor or … Read more

What is the sentence that a pleasant person at work “adds a little” to “email”? | Worry Wall | Diamond Online

A reprint decision was made within a week of its release. What is the sentence that a pleasant person at work “adds a little” to “email”? The book “Wall of Concern” introduces the best tips to transform yourself into a “mindful person” instead of just being “a person who notices”. When you see someone in … Read more

Gold Miners Find 30,000 Years Old Most Complete Mammoth Baby Mummy

30,000 year old mammoth mummies. ©Dan Shugar/University of Calgary Reporter: Merdeka – A 30,000 year old mummified baby mammoth was found in permafrost by a gold miner in Yukon, Klondike, Canada. The mummy of a baby mammoth was found intact and had food residue in its stomach because it was perfectly preserved naturally. This … Read more

In my forties, he took two Viagra pills at once.. Hours later, the surprise happened! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A man in his forties died after taking two Viagra pills at once in India, after suffering a fatal stroke. According to medical reports, the man took the drug while intoxicated, which resulted in high blood pressure, which caused a stroke and death, according to the British Daily Mail. It turned out that … Read more

Min-young of ‘Me Bojo’ became the cafe president after disbanding Bvgirl… Fans who regret “I don’t sing”

[스포츠조선닷컴 이우주 기자] After the breakup of the Brave Girls, leader Minyoung’s current situation was revealed. Recently, leader Minyoung’s current situation was revealed in an online community. Min-young opened a cafe near Kyunghee University and turned into a boss. Photos and character props from Minyoung’s Brave Girls activities are placed throughout the cafe, drawing attention. … Read more

U.S. Ambassador to China Burns: Beijing Surprised by Power of Democracies – Xinhua

U.S. Ambassador to China Burns: Beijing is surprised by the power of democracies. (Burnes personal twitter) According to a Voice of America report, US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said at an event hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce yesterday (February 27) that it is clearly a very difficult moment in US-China relations, and … Read more