Use guns and swear words to revolutionize “Polar War Howling 6” The top ten tips for buying, the chicken attack “Iron Fist Chicken Fight” is here ๐Ÿ” | 4Gamers

Ubisoftโ€™s new open-world action-adventure series, “Far Cry 6” (Far Cry 6) is expected to be officially released on October 7. Players will travel to the virtual island nation of the Caribbean “Yala” to play the role of Danny, a member of the Freedmen DictatorshipUncle Fried Chicken“Anton Castillo” (played by Giancarlo Esposito in “Breaking Bad”). Since … Read more

The reason why I didn’t choose Monhun Stories 2, open world is ‘story focus’

โ–ฒ Monster Hunter Stories 2 (photo source: official site) On July 9th, Monster Hunter-based RPG ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Destruction (hereinafter referred to as Monhun Stories 2)’ will be officially released on Nintendo Switch in Korea. Since the previous work did not support the official Korean language, the fan base for the Monhun … Read more

[XGS 2020] Halo Infinite – Digital Foundry explains trailer graphics –

The reception reserved by the general public and the critics to the graphics of the presentation of Halo Infinite of this Thursday was so lukewarm that even the BBC relayed the general opinion. But this time it’s Alex Battaglia from the hardware experts at Digital Foundry who commented on the reasons behind the appearance of … Read more

[XGS 2020] Halo Infinite – Game of a Decade –

During a interview with Chris Lee, the Studio Head of 343 Industries, our colleagues fromIGN were able to obtain new information about Halo Infinite and the place of the latter in the franchise Halo. The name ” Infinite ยปDoes not seem to have been attributed to the last opus of the saga by chance: indeed, … Read more