The reason why Julia Roberts shed tears more at opera by Kim Hee-kyung’s Art of 7 and 3

‘The Art of 7 and 3’ contains the lives of artists who left beautiful music and outstanding paintings. 7 and 3 are the 7th gradation of Doremi Fasolashi, and the ‘three primary colors of light’ of red, green, and blue. All works that move and move people’s hearts are born from these seven tones and … Read more

German public does not like Wagner’s new ‘Ring’

Fumbling with Richard Wagners The Ring of the Nibelung you don’t go unpunished in Germany. The young director Valentin Schwarz must have known that. His ‘trashy’ staging with pistols and brass knuckles could count on little understanding at the Bayreuther Festspiele. When the curtain fell on Friday evening, after the fourth and final part Twilight … Read more

In the Latvian National Opera, the concert “Inga Kalna. Verdi”

About the upcoming concert, the singer says: “I can only describe my work and the choice of repertoire by paraphrasing the Latvian folk song: “ej balstiņa tu parevu, es tavas pedinės”. I have always chosen exactly the direction in which my voice developed. That’s why I celebrated my thirtieth birthday at the Opera with a … Read more

How does Kevin Durant face the third breakup when the soap opera “Little Iron Rumor” does not end? – NBA – Basketball

Weapons are sharp, cutting iron like mud. The wind is sharp, and the iron is like a small iron. Hope to use more discussions and share various views of the game. Due to various factors, the 2022 offseason appears to be less volatile and less discussed. There are no big fish in the free market. … Read more

7 Portraits of Marriage between soap opera actor Mitha Hardiyanti & badminton player Shesar Hiren Rhustavito

moms-life Instagram   | Haibunda Monday, 08 Aug 2022 20:50 WIB Badminton player Shesar Hiren Rhustavito married soap opera actress Mitha Hardiyanti. Carrying a reception with Minang customs, let’s take a peek at their wedding moment. The soap opera actor Mitha Hardiyanti comes with happy news. He just ended his single life, Mother. (Photo: Instagram … Read more

Curse Eduardo Palomo: The tragedy that haunts his soap opera companions

With the actor’s sudden passing nearly two decades ago, the public has called his case “the curse Edward Palomo“, by the tragedy that haunts her telenovela companions. After his death, three actresses who starred with him have also lost their lives. This year Eduardo Palomo would be celebrating his 60th birthday, however, unfortunately the actor … Read more

The “Kelionii opera” outlet, which opened its doors in Vilnius, will surprise customers with extremely low prices

Factory outlet from simple ones differ in that in it there are items made specifically for sales. “Imagine a giant Samsonite production line that is matched to a specific model of suitcaseams. After the end of the season came a new collection and launched a new line. It is useless to stop the old one, … Read more

“The Great Opera at the Verona Arena”

The cycle “La Grande Opera all’Arena di Verona” closes with Nabucco – broadcast on Thursday 4 August at 21.20 on Rai 3, with the extraordinary participation of Luca Zingaretti who highlights some key moments, accompanying viewers inside the work of Giuseppe Verdi. The set-up and costumes are signed by the director Arnaud Bernard who “brings” … Read more

A curious audience gathers at the end of the Sigulda Opera Music Festival – Classics – Music – Culture

The open-air performance of Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Bohème” was the central event of this year’s Sigulda Opera Music Festival, starring Maija Kovalevska and Bulgarian tenor Mihails Mihailov. Jānis Apeinis, Marlēne Keine, Rihards Macanovskis, Krišjānis Norvelis and Andris Lapiņš also sang in the “Bohemian” production. Conducted by Vladimir Kiradzhiev. Set designer Aigars Ozoliņš, video artist Anta … Read more