List of iPhone cell phones that will not be updated in 2022 after a new version of the operating system | AppleiOS 16 | NMRI EMCC | TECHNOLOGY

With the new version of the iOS 16 operating system presented at the beginning of June, Apple announced significant improvements in terms of operation and performance for our equipment. However, and as is customary in the apple company, after the arrival of this new version of the system, a new list of equipment was provided … Read more

Chief Operating Officer of the Abu Dhabi Market to CNBC Arabia: Launching future contracts on the Abu Dhabi market index is a first step in building a derivatives market | latest news

The Chief Operating Officer of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Abdullah Salem Al Nuaimi, told CNBC Arabia, that launching future contracts on the Abu Dhabi market index is a first step in building a derivatives market. He pointed out that the aim of launching financial derivatives is to provide opportunities for institutions and individuals to … Read more

Version 2 of Redbean, a single file web server that runs on any x86-64 operating system, is available, with new APIs, code completion, and more.

Justine Tunney, developer of Redbean, recently released the latest version (Redbean 2.0) of the web server. Redbean 2.0 features a new APE (Actually Portable Executable) loader that allows the server to run without modifying headers, thus enabling in-memory execution. If the APE is not installed on the system, the shell script header automatically extracts the … Read more

Quite a novelty: What is the new WhatsApp function and for which operating systems does it apply?

When we talk about WhatsApp, we are undoubtedly referring to an application used by millions of people around the world, in which its own functions allow us to communicate from one place to another, no matter where we are. As a result of the new updates that the platform presents, it was learned that the … Read more

TECHNOLOGY – Internet Explorer will stop operating this June 15

Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11, the latest available version of its browser, this Wednesday, June 15, to exclusively offer Microsoft Edge, its current browser. The company announced the end of Internet Explorer support for its Microsoft 365 online ecosystem services in May last year, when it said the browser’s desktop app would no … Read more

Windows 11, Microsoft deploys its operating system on ineligible PCs

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Windows 11 concerns the minimum system requirements. Restrictive makes millions of computers incompatible even though they have enough power to run the operating system in good condition. Since the release of Windows 11, this file is not clear and Microsoft is the source of several bugs. For example, the … Read more

Doom launched directly in the BIOS – now you do not need an operating system to run

Running the classic 3D shooter Doom on the most seemingly inappropriate devices and systems has been a favorite pastime of enthusiasts for years. Now the game appeared as a “payload” with the release Coreboot 4.17 – an open alternative to proprietary BIOS and UEFI. Image source: Coreboot is a free and open source implementation … Read more

The fifth sewing company / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1 has started operating in Krāslava

This year, a branch of the sewing company “Nybo”, founded in Denmark, opened a branch in Kraslava. And it is already the fifth company in this small border town to offer a job in the sewing industry. Like other sewing companies in Kraslava, this one is also an exporter of its products. And it specializes … Read more

If you want to know where the 41 new radars that are already operating in Lisbon are located, this interactive map is for you

Twenty new radars for speed control on public roads in Lisbon were added to the 21 that were already in operation and which were replaced by more up-to-date devices. According to the road safety system location plan dated June 2021, prepared in the previous municipal mandate, under the presidency of the socialist Fernando Medina, the … Read more