Windows 95: the operating system that took Microsoft to the top turns 25 | Technology

In 1985 Microsoft launched the first version of Windows, revolutionary for using a graphical environment that allows the user to get rid of the command line to interact with the computer. In 1995 Microsoft launched a massive marketing campaign to mark the launch of Windows 95, one of the most anticipated operating systems in history. … Read more

China: this is KylinOS, the complete operating system to face US lockdowns

The tensions between China and the United States grow and maintain tech companies at the worrying midpoint of the relations between both nations. Due to latest trade conditions imposed by the Donald Trump administration, the chinese government has decided drive development of KylinOS, its own national Linux-based operating system and they just released the 10th … Read more

T-Mobile’s operating profit fell to 5.64 billion in the first half of the year

The number of mobile service users increased by 15,000 to 6.239 million, of which 58 percent were clients with a contract. At the end of June, 356 thousand customers used the high-speed fixed connection, up 66 thousand more year-on-year. The number of Internet or satellite TV customers rose by 58 percent to 179,000. Operating results … Read more

Uber threatens to stop operating in California after court ruling on drivers – Technology News – Technology

The shared transportation company Uber, based and one of its main markets in California (USA), threatened this Wednesday with temporarily stop operating in that state if the Justice does not “reconsider” a ruling contrary to the interests of the company. In an interview on the economic channel CNBC, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that the … Read more

Microsoft’s Spencer on the operating volume and the design of the PS5

In a recent interview on Twitch, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talked about various topics, including the operating volume of the Xbox Series X. As the head of Microsoft’s Gamig division explained, the internal developers wanted the Xbox Series X to be as quiet a console as possible. In operation, the volume of the Xbox Series X … Read more

‘You will lose the illusion of anything operating in this state.’ Prague police officers publish experience with testing Home

11. 7. My adult son and his friends unfortunately visited the legendary Prague club today, while he did not violate any valid extraordinary measures in relation to the spread of SARS-CoV-2. 11. 7. – 16. 7. During this period he had no symptoms or health complications that would indicate that he was infected. 16. 7. … Read more

LVMH falls, disappointment on H1 operating margin

(Photo credits: Unsplash – Mal Querrer) PARIS, July 28 (Reuters) – The share LVMH, the first market capitalization of the CAC 40, fell Tuesday morning after the publication of the half-year results of the luxury giant marked by a sharper-than-expected drop in operating margin in the context of health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic. … Read more

The specialized tax and customs prosecutor’s office could start operating in the SRS premises in the autumn

Ieva Jaunzeme, Director General of the State Revenue Service (SRS), said in an interview with Latvijas Radio that the specialized tax and customs prosecutor’s office could start operating in the premises of the State Revenue Service (SRS) in the autumn. “We have agreed [ar ģenerālprokuroru Juri Stukānu]”In order to achieve effective investigation of financial and … Read more

After the tremendous accident, Marc Mrquez went through the operating room and received good news

The Spanish pilot Marc Mrquez (Honda) was successfully intervened at the Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona by Xavier Mir’s medical team, for the fracture of the middle third of the number of his right arm and in it it was seen that there was no involvement of the radial nerve. Mrquez has had a titanium … Read more