Apple’s M1 processors are compatible with Windows, but it is in Microsoft’s hands that its operating system ends up arriving

Recently Apple officially unveiled its M1 processor, the firm’s first ARM-based chip that it expects all of its teams to end up using. During the presentation event, we learned that the company has already put on sale three computers with the M1 processor: a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini. These computers … Read more

The Olimpia Theater in Huesca warns that operating at 25% capacity is “unfeasible”

The Aragonese comedian Diego Peña presented his show ‘Incredible but cerzo’ this Friday, November 20, at the Olimpia Theater in Huesca, before a reduced audience due to limited attendance and in a room with all the established health security measures. His performance was the third of four in the Club Aplauso cycle, which began on … Read more

Apple would be spying on you with its new operating system macOS 11

Key facts: The software sends Apple a team activity report, Jeffrey Paul said. The data would not be encrypted and could be seen by Internet providers. Apple’s most recent operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur, would be compromising the privacy of users by recording and transmitting everything that runs on the computers on which it … Read more

Dalia Gutmann recalled her dramatic passage through the operating room after being diagnosed with cancer

In a note with Pampita Online, the actress and broadcaster recalled her dramatic passage through the operating room. “When the doctor was putting me under anesthesia I cried because I didn’t want to die. I felt that I had to do the show, which I like to do … I cried thinking that I wanted … Read more

Dalia Gutmann recalled how she went through the operating room after detecting breast cancer: “I did not want to die”

In a deep talk in Pampita Online, Dalia Gutmann She recalled how she coped with her illness and spoke of her time under the knife after breast cancer was detected. First, he wanted to take the opportunity to deliver an awareness message. “I have many friends who let themselves be, who thought it was nothing … Read more

Windows 21: create concept for new version of the operating system

Windows 10 has become one of the most established and praised versions of the operating system. However, 5 years after its launch, many already imagine what an eventual could look like successor. One of the most original concepts has appeared in YouTube. The project, which only consists of a showcase of the functions in the … Read more

Windows 10 already occupies more than 65% of the operating systems market | Deal

Windows 10 has surpassed a 70% market share share for computers running Microsoft’s operating system, and it is estimated that, by the end of January next year, will be installed on three out of four Windows computers. In this way, it already occupies a 65.8% of the market operating systems. According to Net Applications, system … Read more

Third geothermal power plant to start operating in Turkey in October 2020 | Think Geothermal

Exergy ORC team on site of Kipas geothermal plant, Turkey (source: Exergy/ LinkedIn) With the third geothermal power plant starting operations this month in Turkey, the country has reached a total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 1,606 MW. As our Turkish subsidiary JeotermalHaberler reported, Turkey has reached a new milestone. With the incorporation of … Read more