Two Point Campus, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series

After our time in the hospital, it’s time for a change of scenery. We tell you in the Two Point Campus review how the studio has managed to keep the classic formula as fun as the first day. playing to Two Point Hospital and now this one too Two Point Campus, it is surprising to … Read more

Why did the Spanish star Fabregas choose to join a second division club in Italy?

He fell Cesc Fabregas Yesterday, Monday, the first of August (August), the contracts to join the submerged club Como, competing in the Italian second division, came as a resounding surprise due to the great transformation in the career of the Spanish star crowned with the 2010 World Cup title. Fabregas (35 years old) began his … Read more

Thalía impacts with a new photo and divides opinions, why?

The new publications of the protagonist of ‘Marimar’ have caused intrigue By: Pauline Flowers JUL. 29. 2022 Instagram: @thalia Thalía impacts with a new photo and divides opinions, why? Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add since a few days, Thalia is in the public eye after the death … Read more

Running in place. How justified are the fears of 2022

Don’t be afraid of bad news, We run from them on the spot, Even a novice is crowned with laurels. Beauty! Middle sprinters – There is no first, no last, Equalizes various passions This run. V. Vysotsky, Morning gymnastics1968 Zhivka Baltadzhieva, translation, 1977 If we listen to the politicians, it will turn out that at … Read more

– Of course the laptop must be included on holiday!

The last ten For years, I’ve said exactly the same thing to colleagues before I go on summer vacation: “Then I’ll go on vacation, but I’ll have my laptop with me, just in case something happens!” Usually no one reacts. But if you say so journalistsyou quickly get a different response. – What? Are you … Read more

Sandwiches with pasta. Sergei Eledinov on famine in Africa

A decision was made to unblock the Black Sea ports, Turkey has already signed an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain. This means at least a partial restoration of the mechanisms of world commerce, and also, I hope, an end to the controversy about a possible famine in African countries. The discussion, filled with … Read more

Endling – Extinction is Forever, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

When the actions of human beings devastate the natural resources of the planet, there is only one mother fox left alive with an important mission: to survive at all costs for her litter. That’s how hard and emotional Endling: Extinction is Forever is. Whenever we think of the dystopia and in collapse, even through entertainment, … Read more

As Dusk Falls, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series

The fate of two families intersects in a small town in Arizona in this PC and Xbox video game that surprises with the quality of its story. Discover in the analysis of As Dusk Falls what is special about this adventure developed by a former Quantic Dream creative, the authors of Heavy Rain. The best … Read more

Detection of a space signal similar to a “heartbeat” coming from a distant galaxy

A number of astronomers have spotted an unusual and frequent space signal from a distant cosmic galaxy. It turns out that this stream of radio energy flashes in a rhythm similar to a heartbeat. Scientists say that this signal is a fast radio burst, or powerful and mysterious explosions of energy that come from the … Read more

Durant’s trade request – polarizing opinions and the Nets seeking to reverse his decision

Kevin Durant informed the Brooklyn Nets that they want a trade, but these may have to wait a long time. The star of the National Basketball Association (NBA) has not received as much attention in the market as one might have expected, and the Brooklyn club intends to take advantage of this by keeping the … Read more