Russia has launched a great revenge for Ukraine’s resistance

Zelensky has warned for weeks that Russia intends to intensify its attack on Ukraine after about two months of stalemate on the front line that stretches to the south and east of the country. Although there were no signs of a new large-scale offensive on Monday, Denis Pushylin, administrator of Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine’s eastern … Read more

“Faced with technological upheaval, Europe must not be afraid of breakthrough innovation”

Par Victor Storchan Posted on 01/30/2023 at 15:34, Update on 01/30/2023 at 4:00 p.m. “It is therefore fundamental for Europe to accept the element of uncertainty inherent in disruptive innovation and not to suggest that incomplete knowledge of the future effects of AI is intrinsically negative.” Supatman / FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – For artificial intelligence engineer Victor … Read more

If a trans abuser undermines the principle of gender self-determination

Share Is it right that a person is allowed to change their legal gender by making a simple written request to the institutions of their country? This is a very delicate question, which concerns the way in which a society decides to welcome the requests and needs of transsexual people. Being born with ‘gender dysphoria’ … Read more

May February 24 be a day of prayer and fasting

– Spontaneously, we all asked Pope Francis to declare February 24, the day of the outbreak of Russian aggression, a day of prayer and fasting for Ukraine. The Holy Father strongly supported the idea, he even said that February 24 will also be a day of such prayer in Assisi, Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of … Read more

MON. Błaszczak announces: New brigades will be created soon

On Saturday, Mariusz Błaszczak took the oath soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces. 68 soldiers joined the ranks of the Lublin unit. It was the first military oath this year and the 46th in the history of the 2nd Lublin Territorial Defense Brigade. – We are creating new WOT brigades. Here, in the Lublin region, … Read more

Asteroids are indestructible piles of debris

A number of astronomers have observed a type of space asteroid that is “difficult to destroy” because it is composed of piles of rocks, and we may need new strategies such as a “nuclear explosion”, in order to deflecting its trajectory and preventing any possible collision with the Earth. The research, published in the journal … Read more

Poland did not invite Russia to Auschwitz. Zakharova indignant

“No matter how our European non-partners invented their attempts to rewrite history, the memory of Soviet liberating heroes and the horrors of Nazism cannot be erased,” Zakharova wrote on Telegram. “In January 2022, Russian diplomats were not given the floor for the first time. This year, a representative of the successor state of the USSR, … Read more

Lithuania is considering abolishing 1 and 2 ct coins: the opinions of European countries differ on this issue

The latest Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Commission revealed that 63 percent Lithuanian residents would agree to abandoning the 1-euro cent and 2-euro cent coins in the euro zone and rounding off the final amount of the shopping basket. Such changes would reduce the country’s carbon footprint, business costs and save public and state … Read more

“France is trapped in its law”

By Laurent Lemasson Posted on 01/25/2023 at 4:48 p.m., Update on 01/25/2023 at 4:49 p.m. “This moral dilemma only arises because the French government has not given itself the legal means to deprive French people of their nationality who have gone to Syria.” Evidence SOULEIMAN / AFP FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – France repatriated this Tuesday, January 25, … Read more

Alpine A110 test, data sheet, opinions and dimensions 1.8 TCe R

It’s not given away With a price tag of 107,000 euros, theAlpine A110 R it puts itself in direct competition with highly appreciated two-seater coupés, from noble brands and with more sophisticated mechanics. Such as, for example, the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS and GT4, which mount 4.0 six-cylinder engines with 400 and 420 HP respectively, … Read more