Center-right tested Hungary: Fdi and Lega from Orbán, Fi with the EU

The European Commission still rejects Hungary on the front of the reforms on the rule of law that had been requested and closely linked to the disbursement of EU funds. Red light on the implementation of the plan prepared by the Budapest authorities and which had been agreed with Brussels. Which will now offer a … Read more

Index – Homeland – Viktor Orbán received a new scarf

Viktor Orbán recently got into a scandal for wearing a scarf depicting Great Hungary Balázs Dzudzák in his farewell game on Sunday. The Ukrainian and Romanian foreign ministries protested the dressthe Croatian and Austrian foreign affairs, however, rather just laughed and joked about it. The Prime Minister has now signed in from Kassa and took … Read more

Péter Márki-Zay: If the CIA had interfered in the election, Viktor Orbán would be in prison today

The former Prime Minister candidate emphasized at Tuesday’s press conference: they did not promise anything that was not included in their election program. “The April election was the last desperate attempt Viktor Orban to replace it, a mission impossible,” he said Péter Márki-Zay on that a at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, which was … Read more

Orban caused a scandal by appearing in a football match, Ukraine invites an ambassador

This was announced on Tuesday by Oleg Nikolenka, the media representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv, citing the Reuters agency. “The promotion of revisionist ideas in Hungary does not contribute to the development of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations and does not correspond to the principles of European politics,” O. Nikolenka wrote on Facebook. He … Read more

The Czech Republic and Poland will try the game of good and bad cop with Orbán

Nov 21, 2022 at 2:40 p.m I Paid content We see an attempt to divert him from Putin. In sports terminology, we are playing in the playoffs in V4, which can also result in “quick death”. When the heads of both chambers of the Polish and Czech parliaments announced a boycott of the summit at … Read more

Orbán and the Russian fans will fight for the same team

In order not to leave the followers in uncertainty, Viktor Orbán revealed on social media that who do you support?. I’ll tell you about it, but a short round ahead. It is not at all obvious who Orbán is currently supporting, because he changes his current favorite team quite often. In 2008, he stated that … Read more

Viktor Orbán: let’s slip into the war, they won’t shoot at us yet, but we’re doing something dangerous

When asked what might happen if the sanctions against the Russians were also applied to nuclear energy, Viktor Orbán said: Hungary does not support sanctions. Sometimes we let go of a veto, but in such cases the country pulled itself out of the most devastating consequences, was able to obtain an exemption, and we want … Read more

“No rule of law” – MEPs against money for Hungary

Mandl: “Keeps EU institutions fools”“Governments like that of (Prime Minister Viktor, ed.) Orban still believe they can fool the EU institutions and they believe that this will go unnoticed by their own citizens. But those times are over (…),” said ÖVP MEP Lukas Mandl, who was responsible for the current rule of law report. The … Read more

Viktor Orbán reacted to the missile strike in Poland

We need a calm and thorough investigation into the explosions in Przewodów. One thing is certain: Hungary firmly stands by Poland. I expressed my full support to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki last night Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote on Twitter. We need a calm and thorough investigation regarding the explosions in . One thing … Read more

Orbán has to choose between Moscow and Brussels – the Publicus survey indicates a turning point

More and more people are expecting a tougher stance from the Prime Minister towards Russia. On behalf of Népszava, the Publicus Intézet conducted a representative public opinion survey on the assessment of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the Hungarian government’s related policy. The main findings of the survey: according to two thirds, relations with the EU … Read more