Orban is becoming like Putin: in order to recover frozen funds, he blocked a huge EU aid package for Ukraine

At a meeting of EU finance ministers held in Brussels, Budapest followed through on its threat not to agree to a total of 18 billion euros. EU support package for war-torn Ukraine for 2023. Much-needed aid to Kyiv is one of several initiatives Budapest is stalling as it faces a $13 billion bailout. Freezing of … Read more

Shortly before order: United spurns Airbus A350 and buys more Boeing 787

The American airline wants to replace old jets. The Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 were in the running. Now United is apparently choosing the Dreamliner. The planes are already of a respectable age. The average age of United’s Boeing 767-300 ER is 25.9 years. The Boeing 777-200 is 24.5 years old, the Boeing 767-400 … Read more

“It is the natural order of things”: it has taken years but CD Projekt confirms that Cyberpunk 2077 will have its long-awaited Game of the Year edition – Cyberpunk 2077

no one forgets that Cyberpunk 2077 He had a somewhat bumpy launchbut since CD Projekt Red They have been in charge of launching enough updates for many to forget that setback experienced at the end of 2020. That is why, to this day, the game has experienced a “Resurrection” regarding the number of players that … Read more

Diane Neal’s incredible physical change since leaving Law & Order: SVU

Diane Neal has been one of the Law & Order: SVU actresses that has had the most changes since she left the series, not only physically, but also for her artistic career, after changing it for politics. December 04, 2022 10:45 p.m. Diane Neal played the tenacious and intrepid Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak in … Read more

A Sarokh housewife in a homemade galabia, an Egyptian farmer who reveals the taboo and shows a sensitive part of her entire body in order to search for fame and money.

A rocket housewife challenges the most famous dancers on the Tik Tok platform. During the past days, a video circulated, O Lord of a house. She published an unusual video on the Snapchat platform, showing parts of her body on this platform. The most famous dancers spoke. It appeared in this clip spread on the … Read more

Neighbors of Domino’s Pizza place an order and a delivery man shows the extremes of delivery

The delivery It has established itself especially in the food market, with revenues of 4.87 billion dollars for this 2022, according to Statista. Cases of delivery They have become a very important benchmark that advises us of the value of consumption in the market. As Domino’s Pizzavarious food sales brands have opened the field in … Read more

Police intervene in farmers’ protest Zwolle, mayor issues emergency order | inland

01 dec 2022 om 14:58Update: 2 dagen geleden The police intervened on Thursday at a demonstration by farmers in front of the province of Overijssel in Zwolle. Three arrests have been made. A tractor that was in the way has slid away. Mayor Peter Snijders of Zwolle has issued an emergency order prohibiting farmers from … Read more

Monkeypox has been renamed “mpox” in order to combat the stigma.

Effective November 29, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the monkeypox virus will henceforth be called “mpox” in an effort to reduce the stigma of this disease. Crédit image : Berkay Ataseven / Shutterstock.com « Mpox » Since the onset of the current mpox epidemic in many non-endemic regions around the world, racist and … Read more

X-Trail e-Power pre-sale starts on January 10, Nissan e-Power online marketing starts, paying 1,000 yuan can give priority to car reward and order | U-CAR News

Nissan X-Trail e-Power is about to arrive in Taiwan. Yulon Nissan Motor announced that it has won the first batch of 600 quotas, and it is expected to start pre-sale on January 10, 2023. First, Yulon Nissan Motor announced the launch of “Nissan e-Power Connoisseurs” The online marketing campaign will start from December 1, 2022 … Read more

The third day of the refinancing of listed real estate companies: Lujiazui becomes the first asset restructuring order, and real estate companies in danger join equity financing- WSJ

According to analysts, Lujiazui is expected to further enhance the overall strength of the company by taking advantage of favorable policies and reorganizing its assets through the issuance of shares. On the one hand, it is expected that the number of companies applying to issue shares in the future will continue to expand; on the … Read more