One more thing… Mac fans, package tracking, and making the HomePod mini portable

This week we have continued talking about Macs with Apple silicon. There has also been time for rumors, such as Apple’s own modem in the next iPad Pro or the redesign of the MacBook Pro, while in the tutorials we have told you how to start a Mac with M1 in recovery mode or how to see which apps are optimized for Apple silicon. And, as always, we have much more to talk about, there is one more thing.

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Trump asks Democrats to approve new coronavirus aid package

After several days of absence, Trump asked Democrats to come together to pass a relief law. This is the first request made by the tycoon in this regard after losing the elections and not recognizing the triumph of Democrat Joe Biden, alleging that there was fraud in the elections. “Congress must now pass a covid … Read more

Canada prepares an aid package, but makes it conditional on airlines paying refunds for non-flown tickets

The coronavirus pandemic generated a cascade of complications for all commercial airline operators globally. Some governments have been less active than others in propping up the operators and services provided in their jurisdiction, and others have intervened strongly to sustain the industry. Among the latter is Canada, which has finally decided to prepare a rescue … Read more

Community Fiber Claims London’s Fastest Residential Broadband Package

Just in time for the massive increase in remote working caused by the second Covid-19 crash, London altnet Community Fiber is reclaiming a new speed standard for broadband by launching what it says is the first 3 home broadband service. Gigabit of the capital of the United Kingdom. Community Fiber’s stated mission is to empower … Read more

Rulings of the Package (II): Cuban video clips removed from television (+ Podcast)

Outside the mass media, conditioned by the institutional and centralized cultural policy, the video clips of the Package circulate in Cuba, which are renewed weekly with 15, 20 or 25 titles, in such a way that they express the existence of a kind of completely situated audiovisual industry, like independent cinema, in niches far from … Read more

Enhance your Microsoft Azure skills with the 2020 certification package

Looking to improve your skills by 2021? Microsoft Azure expertise is in high demand, with tens of thousands of job openings around the world paying a penny too. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service, dealing with databases, building, testing, deploying applications, working in data centers, and more. If that sounds like your cup of … Read more

Trump’s Criticism of Democrats Threatens US Aid Package

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, during a campaign event held in Gastonia, in the state of North Carolina, USA, on October 21, 2020. REUTERS / Tom BrennerBy David Morgan and Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Negotiations on a new coronavirus aid package in the United States suffered a setback on … Read more

Trump distances himself from Republicans and asks for aid package “even greater” than the Democrat

The president’s proposal is closer to that of the opposition than to that of his own party. Trump acknowledges that some “disagree”, but accuses Democrats of wanting to block negotiations until after the presidential election. Donald Trump. Foto: Instagram. WASHINGTON, DC – US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants Congress to pass a … Read more