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New publication of Toni González – International Scene. A practical guide to creating a narrative of cultural or artistic activity. Necessary to present art projects globally to potential partners, clients or funders. Download here. .

Trump trying to turn page on pandemic just 14 days before election

By Lucia Leal President Donald Trump (left) with Dr. Anthony Fauci (r). EFE / EPA / MICHAEL REYNOLDS / File Washington, Oct 20 (efe-epa).- President Donald Trump on Monday made it clear that he is trying to turn the page on the coronavirus pandemic with 14 days remaining before the Nov. 3 election, claiming that […]

Is Blizzard an exploitation? – Page 3 – Latest News

We live in a time when everything is now framed as “exploitation”. Without a doubt, Marx would be proud. But I’ll deviate from that minefield. I don’t see Blizzard as an exploitation. Nothing has been taken from me as a customer that I was not willing to give up. I did not to prefer brackets […]

WHO: 73 countries could run out of HIV drugs | The World | DW

Up to 73 countries have warned that they run the risk of running out of their antiretroviral medicine assistance to treat those affected by the HIV virus and AIDS, and the situation is especially serious in 24 of them, warned this Monday (07/06/2020) the World Health Organization (WHO). An estimated 8.3 million people benefit from […]

Apple promotes the integration between iPhone and Apple Watch on a special page of its website in the US

Under the slogan “Put them together. Multiply their power”, Apple has begun to promote more directly the integration between iPhone and Apple Watch. It is a section within the web by Apple in the US and promoted from the home from which this close relationship between both devices is emphasized. It is the first time […]

Page not found – El Congreso Siglo XXI Magazine

Magazine Magazine THE CONGRESS it is a pluralistic and independent communication medium based on ethical and democratic values. Our work is based on the analysis of the different themes that affect the development of the country. We work in favor of Colombian democracy, with the firm purpose of consolidating public and private institutions, reporting first-hand, […]

Ángel Romero turns the page and points to Venezuela

Angel Romero He jumped onto the pitch in the 61st minute and was in charge of scoring the two goals against Peru. The attacker who militates in the ranks of San Lorenzo de Almagro flipped the marker momentarily. After the final whistle he shared his feelings about what happened on the playing field. “Hopefully we […]

Edge Gets Full Page Screenshot & More – Microsoft Edge on MundoInsider

Edge get the full page screenshot and more. Microsoft is rolling out two new features to Microsoft Edge as part of their beta testing program for the next few days. Starting Tuesday, some Edge Canary users will have access to two new features called Web Capture and Custom NTP Themes. Edge gets the full page […]