80 million Apple iPhone 14 OLED panels to be sourced from Samsung – GBS News

The next iteration of iPhones is expected to launch sometime in September. If the leaks are to be believed, the iPhone 13 series will consist of four devices – the iPhone 15, iPhone 13 Max, iPhone 696 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. A report recently surfaced on the internet claiming that Apple reevaluates … Read more

Lightyear 0: the car with solar panels that will go into production this year

Dutch firm Lightyear will begin manufacturing the world’s first production car equipped with solar panels this fall. The Lightyear 0 will have curved solar panels—on the roof, hood and trunk—that will recharge the vehicle’s electric battery while driving or parked. “The optimized sunroof and holistic design mean the car can drive for weeks, even months, … Read more

New solar panels will hit the market. More powerful, cheaper and smaller

The price of photovoltaic panels is around 4,000 crowns per square meter, including the cost of installation and supporting electronics. It produces about 180 kWh a year. However, the consumption of a small to medium-sized house is almost twenty times higher, and only in terms of lighting and power supply for common appliances. With heating, … Read more

Solar Magazine – Grid operators: abolish netting scheme for solar panels, connect inverter to 50 percent peak power

Abolish the netting arrangement and also connect inverters to consumers at 50 percent of the peak power of the solar panels. Grid operators are making this plea against the full grid. The Dutch grid operators are proposing an extensive series of interventions with which the government can take back control of the energy transition. In … Read more

The state will distribute a billion to the population and businesses for the purchase of solar panels, charging stations, boilers | Business

604 million EUR from this support package will reach the population and businesses in the next 1.5 years, ie by 2023. end. The rest is until 2030. “We produce very little electricity – from 20 to 35 percent, and that is our Achilles heel. The green course obliges all our energy to turn on the … Read more

In Germany, they released a case for 1900 euros with huge coolant radiators on the side panels

German overclocker Roman “Der8auer” Hartung (Roman Hartung) published a video review of a unique case from the local company Hetzner. Its peculiarity lies in the side panels, which are aluminum radiators for the liquid cooling system. Corps called Rains is intended for LSS enthusiasts who are ready to pay for it from 1700 euros. Image … Read more

NASA suffers with Lucy in space: it cannot deploy its solar panels

mission control team Lucy from NASA has not achieved that the enormous solar panels that supply power to it have been fixed in their extended position after four deployment maneuvers. Even if the panels don’t engage, the additional rigidity may be enough to continue the mission as planned, the agency said in a statement. The … Read more

NASA’s Lucy mission continues with the process of deploying solar panels – Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex

NASA’s Lucy mission team is working on a multi-stage activity to further deploy the spacecraft’s solar array. On May 9, the team instructed the spacecraft to activate the solar arrays’ deployment motor, using the primary and backup motors simultaneously to generate more torque—that is, a stronger pull. The motor worked as expected, further winding the … Read more

Solar panels with a little tomato to improve their efficiency

Lycopene has many beneficial effects for health: it reduces the risk of prostate cancer, or cardiovascular disease by lowering the level of bad cholesterol. And this natural antioxidant additive extracted from tomatoes could be introduced into perovskite solar cells. © Thomas_Martinsen

Green Energy Expert: If you put solar panels on your roof, your investment can pay off in 6 to 15 years – Energy – Economy

Energy prices are rising sharply, which is felt by everyone from households to entrepreneurs. How do you perceive it from the supplier’s point of view? Energy prices are rising, especially in wholesale markets, and, of course, we as a trader must pass this increase on to our customers. The reason for this is mainly the … Read more