Announcement of CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. on Providing Guarantee for the Issuance of European Commercial Paper by Indirect Wholly-owned Subsidiaries_Finance_Huaxia_Guarantee

Original title: Announcement of CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. on Providing Guarantee for the Issuance of European Commercial Paper by Indirect Wholly-owned Subsidiaries Stock Code: 600030 Stock Abbreviation: CITIC Securities Announcement Number: Lin 2022-057 CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. About Issuing Europe for Indirect Wholly Owned Subsidiaries Announcement of Guarantee on Commercial Paper The board of directors … Read more

Flanked by Nuclear Submarine States, RI Submits ‘Indonesian Paper’ to the United Nations

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indonesia submit “Indonesian Paper” to the United Nations (PBB) to fill the vacuum in international law regarding nuclear-powered submarines. The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia at the United Nations submitted a paper entitled “Nuclear Naval Propulsion” at the 10th Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the … Read more

PMU – Arrival of the fifth of Sunday July 31 at Clairefontaine: a first for Paper Trophy

Arrival of the fifth: 9 – 7 – 13 – 11 – 5 Well known in the south-west of France, Paper Trophy (n° 9) had just left several beautiful impressions in the Paris region. Finally, the pupil of Ramón Avial-Lopez managed to shine in Normandy in this disputed quinté on the Clairefontaine track. Easily identifiable … Read more

“Paper Girls” on Prime Video: much more than a copy of “Stranger Things” | CRITIQUE | Premieres | SKIP-INTRO

Yes ok “Paper Girls” has been continually compared to “Stranger Things” – a sin from which we too we consider ourselves guilty -, with three episodes seen from the new Prime Video series, it offers a lot to justify its existence and promises an adventure very different from that of the Hawkins boys. There are … Read more

Take off your rose-colored crypto glasses, your assets can burn like paper

Last October, the first U.S. exchange-traded bitcoin fund, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, was launched. Although he does not invest directly in cryptocurrency, but in Bitcoin futures, he attracted a record $550 million in the first day! And soon others were born. But the cryptocurrency boom also has an ugly flip side. It’s hard to … Read more

The apocalypse of paper money is getting more real, BI reveals the latest evidence

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank Indonesia (BI) announced that digital economic and financial transactions continue to show rapid development. BI Governor Perry Warjiyo said the rapid development of digital economic and financial transactions in the country is in line with the increasing acceptance and preference of the public in online shopping, expansion and convenience of … Read more

“Meti inside the schei, pulls holes in paper, speta ‘na sciantina”, now the distributors speak in Veneto dialect

An initiative to pay homage to 110 local “languages”, this is how the National Hydrocarbons Organization presents a new service active in these days in over 1,700 Eni live stations throughout Italy. In addition to Italian, English, Spanish, German and French, you can select the dialect on the terminal at the petrol pumps. “Get inside … Read more