The WHO points out that anti-inflammatory drugs do not provide benefits or risks against the virus

20/04/2020 15:08 – Updated: 04/20/2020 15:15 The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a study in which, after reviewing the current evidence, concludes that anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal, which includes ibuprofen, do not provide benefits or risks to patients infected by the new coronavirus. “Nowadays no evidence that the use of NSAIDs causes serious adverse events, … Read more

WHO recommends not taking ibuprofen to treat coronavirus symptoms

RELATED VIDEO – Professionals offer free consultations on the internet (23:46) The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended to the general population that avoid taking ibuprofen for COVID-19 symptoms. This after the weekend the French health authorities warned that the anti-inflammatory drugs could worsen the effects of the coronavirus, among them, manifestations such as fever, dry … Read more

Paracetamol activates inflammation-inducing proteins in coronavirus

It was the statements of the French Minister of Health at the beginning of the pandemic about the possible relationship between the exacerbation of this infection with ibuprofen that raised the alarm (Shutterstock) Paracetamol activates 11 of 13 proteins that have a significant disruption in the immune system and cause severe inflammation in adult respiratory … Read more

Inspection: Paracetamol not contaminated in the Netherlands, ‘safe to use’ | NOW

Paracetamol in the Netherlands is safe to use, drug authority MEB and the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) conclude on Thursday from their own research. No paracetamol has been sold in Dutch supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies that does not meet the strict safety requirements. Previously wrote NRC in Zembla that possibly contaminated paracetamol had … Read more

‘No contaminated paracetamol found in the Netherlands’ | Inland

NRC and TV program Zembla report this on the basis of research. NRC and Zembla had the pills analyzed by a certified laboratory in Belgium. The reason was an earlier lab study, also at the request of both media. This showed that the largest producer of paracetamol in the world, the Chinese Anqiu Lu’an Pharmaceutical, … Read more

‘Popular brands of paracetamol not contaminated with carcinogenic substance’ | NOW

Eleven popular brands of paracetamol that are for sale in supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies in the Netherlands are not contaminated with the carcinogenic substance PCA, according to a study by Wednesday. NRC and the television program Zembla. NRC in Zembla had research conducted because it may be a carcinogen dust had entered the Dutch market. … Read more

Musculoskeletal pain: paracetamol as a priority

By destinationsante.comPosted on 08/10/2020 9:50 a.m. “The initial treatment of acute pain caused by sprain, contusion or uncomplicated fracture is primarily the application of ice, discharge and immobilization of the affected limb”, remind the editors of the Revue Prescrire. However, medication may sometimes be necessary to relieve persistent pain. In that case, “There is no … Read more

Stop using it .. dangerous warnings of paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain relief

Health experts have revealed shocking statements about describing painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen as a treatment for chronic pain, saying it “may cause more harm than good.” The British National Institute for Health and Care Excellence claims that there is little evidence for the use of these medications, as well as aspirin and opioids … Read more

Pharmacists will also examine paracetamol

The professional association of pharmacists will also conduct research into carcinogenic substances in paracetamol. Aris Prins, the chairman of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Pharmacy (KNMP) says that against NRC. The newspaper revealed recently together with TV program Zembla that the paracetamol pills of Anqiu Lu’an Pharmaceutical contain the substance 4-chloroanillin (PCA for … Read more

Has hydroxychloroquine been used mainly by the wealthy?

Question asked on 05/15/2020 Hello, You draw our attention to an article by Forbes, which is roughly the translation of another, which appeared in Provence May 10, and titled “Coronavirus: the explosion of prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine”. We read in particular: “Patients who have had access to hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19 are generally more … Read more