The storm of results puts the vaccine stock market party to the test

Last will be first – or so investors seem to be thinking. After months of stock market distress during the pandemic, banks are enjoying full throttle from investor rotation to cyclical sectors. Optimism has taken hold of the financial sector European, and Spanish banking has not been the exception. Since in November Pfizer kicked off … Read more

Party with live music in San Felipe mobilizes Municipal Police

The Fourth District Court gave up on granting the mayor María Eugenia Campos Galván and the City Council Secretary, César Jáuregui Moreno, the definitive suspension of the appeal for protection against the arrest warrant. The hearing that was held yesterday ended in a negative sense for both municipal officials who had been on provisional suspension … Read more

Pionynang hosts a military parade after the conclusion of the party congress

This content was published on January 14, 2021 – 23:49 January 14, 2021 – 23:49 SEOUL, Jan 15 (EFE) .- Pyongyang hosted a military parade on the eve to commemorate the end of the North Korean single party congress, an event in which a submarine ballistic missile (SLBM) was exhibited, according to the media this … Read more

Staffan Linzatti and Echelon contribute their music to the new SRIE Records reference //

The Buenos Aires seal SRIE Records will begin this 2021 with the launch of a 12 “titled Decodings with music by different artists among which we find the Swedish Staffan Linzatti and the Dutch Jeroen Search with his alias Echelon as well as the two owners of the platform: Pulse and Translate. Four techno songs … Read more

Accommodation on Airbnb will not be able to host a party even on New Year’s Eve

Since 2019, Airbnb has been deploying increasingly severe measures to fight illegal parties. As the end of the year approaches, the seasonal rental platform has strengthened the related system. Concretely, the holidays will be quite simply prohibited during the New Years Eve of December 31st in the accommodations it offers. The seasonal rental generates additional … Read more

Renowned doctor organized a party with celebrities in Puerto Colombia and announced it on a false site to mislead the authorities

The journalist Polo Díaz Granados made the complaint through his Twitter account. On the night of this Friday, January 8, while the inhabitants of the municipality of Puerto Colombia had to abide by the dry law and the curfew imposed by the Government of the Atlantic, the renowned plastic surgeon Marcos Petro would have starred … Read more

Trump’s political legacy mortgages the future of the Republican Party

Saturday, 9 January 2021 – 22:51 Eleven months and two days. That’s how long it takes to go from a headline on the front page that says “US President comes out stronger after overcoming impeachment” to one that proclaims “Trumpists storm Capitol Hill and Washington declares curfew.” It’s the distance from February 7, 2020 to … Read more

While Cali fights against covid-19, more than 100 young people were at an electronic music party

Cali authorities dismantle a party where more than 100 young people were. Photo: @DranguetThe Undersecretary of Inspection, Surveillance and Control of Cali, Jimmy Dranguet, explained to the newspaper El País that During this Friday he had to arrive in the company of the authorities at a villa located in the west of the city due … Read more

The lawsuit against your company wins after not inviting it to the Christmas party due to being on maternity leave

A mother has been compensated with 9,000 pounds (about 10,000 euros) after suing your company for not invite her to the work Christmas party while on maternity leave. According British media report, the Croydon court, south London, recently ruled that Catriona Howie was forgotten by her bosses, who did not count on her for this … Read more

Illegal party of the squatting collective in the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona

A hundred people, who carried banners and symbols of the squatting movement, have gathered around eight o’clock at night at streets of the Gràcia district of Barcelona Without masks and without respecting security measures this Tuesday. It has been a parade, or an alternative parade called on January 5 in which going out to receive … Read more