Durian Party Collapses Over, Fuel Imports Explode!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s surplus is thinning in July 2022 and is expected to be further eroded in the future. The decline in commodity prices, the weakening of the global economy, and the surge in fuel imports were the factors. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that Indonesia’s exports in July reached US$ 25.57 … Read more

Is Total planning to start drilling in Block 9?

Source: Republic Writer: Antoine Farah Antoine Farah wrote in El Gomhouria: Official and popular Lebanon is waiting for the Israeli response to show whether the maritime border delimitation file will actually be completed, and open the door to starting re-excavation to extract gas and oil. Will the return to excavation be quick if the demarcation … Read more

Justin Bieber’s private tour party

As we reported, Justin Bieber had a party at Turai Castle after the performance at the Sziget Festival. Turns out, the singer threw his crew a private party at the fabulous location to thank them for their work. After the Sziget concert, a rented limousine convoy was waiting for Bieber and his people, and they … Read more

A schism in the Conservative Party?

He is the latest bogeyman in the Conservative Party leadership race. The election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the party would lead to a schism. The scenario goes like this. The supporters of Jean Charest, therefore the losers, could no longer recognize themselves in this conservatism distorted by the populist anger of their adversary. … Read more

Student Party and People’s Party Not Registering for 2024 Election to KPU

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Commissioner KPU August Mellaz confirmed the Renewal Peace and Prosperity Party, Indonesian Student Partyand the People’s Party did not register as a candidate participant Election 2024 until the closing of the registration period ends at 23.59 WIB, Sunday (14/8). These three parties have previously registered and have accounts in the Political … Read more

Pride Party in Antwerp temporarily shut down: two people taken to hospital

The Pride Party in Antwerp had to be temporarily shut down on Saturday evening after two people were spotted in a worrying condition. One of them had to be resuscitated. Two people were noticed at the Antwerp Pride Love United Festival who were heavily intoxicated, presumably from narcotics. A man eventually had to be resuscitated … Read more

ELECTIONS. Dr. Seduction also tries: Cirillo presents the symbol of the “Party of Madness”

Caserta (pm) – Yesterday, from eight in the morning, the deadlines for the presentation to the Viminale, seat of the Ministry of the Interior, of the marks of the political groups that intend to compete in the national elections on 25 September have opened. The collection will last until 4 pm tomorrow, after which the … Read more

Casini re-nominated with the Democratic Party? The club of Bologna opposes and writes to Letta: “Don’t repeat Renzi’s mistake”

“We are sure you will not repeat the mistake made by Renzi“. The hypothesis that the Democratic party apply again for the second time Pierferdinando Casini in the Bologna seat he caused goosebumps to the Emilian base. A déjà-vu that refers to five years ago, when the Renziano Democratic Party had the senator’s name digested. … Read more

From the Party of Madness to the Action Poets up to the No vax: all 54 symbols presented at the Viminale for the elections

There is the Party of Madness and there are i Action poets. They could not miss Adriano Panzironi and the general Pappalardo. And again: the list No vax Life of Sara Cunial and the inevitable People of VAT. And the Free with a curious symbol: a man kicking a stylized man in the head Pinocchio. … Read more