With a party atmosphere, the Moderno opened the exhibition of Nicanor Aráoz to the public

Conceived as “a space for healing, transformation, ritual”, the Solid Dream exhibition opened to the public today at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, which was scheduled to open in April. Credit: Alejandro Guyot The music electronics heard from the hallway announces things to come: the closest thing to a party in times … Read more

British Labor Party suspends former leader Corbyn after anti-Semitism report

Former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Whitby, northern England, on December 1, 2019 afp_tickers This content was published on 29 October 2020 – 14:55 29 October 2020 – 14:55 (AFP) The Labor Party, the main opposition force in the United Kingdom, suspended its previous leader, the leftist Jeremy Corbyn, on Thursday after the publication … Read more

Error Etica signs the new Concerns Music Ltd reference // Clubbingspain.com

Víctor Martínez signs with his alias Error Etica the tenth reference of the limited series of the seal Concerns Music, owned by Kalter Ende. Titled Parallel Universe, is an EP consisting of “five different songs that move from electro and syncopated rhythms to the deepest and most direct techno” of which three are original by … Read more

VOX is not an anti-European party

One of the most repeated rattles against Abascal’s speech during the motion of censure has been the idea that VOX is a Europhobic party that wants to remove Spain from the European Union. It is proven once again that in our country a very primitive and simple Europeanism has permeated, which understands any criticism against … Read more

the party of senior politicians and businessmen amid the state of alarm

More than 24 hours after the so-called “feast of shame”, photographs continue to appear in which you can see the attendance of many high-ranking politicians and businessmen in Spain, many of them sitting without a mask. Four ministers of the Government of Spain -including Health-, the presidents of three autonomous communities, dozens of senior political … Read more

Yesterday, 150 politicians and businessmen attended a newspaper party. Reason for resignation in other countries

On October 25, Sunday, the Official State Gazette published the Royal Decree 926/2020, by which the fourth State of Alarm in the history of democracy was declared. Among its many measures aimed at combating the second wave of infections was one that some communities had already applied: the limitation of private meetings to a maximum … Read more

Illegal London techno party sparked outrage on social media

Last weekend, hundreds of people gathered in a techno party in london, without respecting the sanitary measures imposed by the Covid-19. This event was known worldwide, since several attendees shared records on their social networks, causing outrage in those who saw them. The party was reported to have taken place in an unoccupied warehouse in … Read more

Party with Pokemon [GLAM] – 27/10/2020

Monclova, Coah.- Little Edward Ronaldo Cortez Reyna celebrated his third birthday with a fun party organized by his parents, César Alejandro Gaytán and Thalía Cortez Reyna. The celebration was framed in his private home where his grandparents María Guadalupe Iracheta and César Gaytán met, as well as his godparents Cristo Vázquez and Amelia Mancha, who … Read more

Join the pre-release party and enjoy the rewards! – Hearthstone – Blizzard News

Catch up on what’s going on in the community and don’t miss out on what we have in store for you during our pre-launch party! Reddit deck contest and card reveal livestream It is November 11 at 10:00 am PT, joins Kripp, Chris Sierra (community manager) and John McIntyre (game designer) in the final reveal … Read more

They will sanction the station that organized a massive “covid party” in Cali

Party. Reference image Shutterstock.Indignation in Cali caused the realization of a painting party called by a renowned station in the capital of Valle, which brought together at least 300 people, as evidenced by Jimmy Dranguet, Undersecretary of Inspection and Surveillance of the city in dialogue with the W Radio station. “It is an act of … Read more