En trailer för House of the Dead: Remake. Party like it’s 1996

Last night, Nintendo offered one such as Indie World where they showed a lot of indie games that are underway for the platform. During this stunt, the first trailer for House of the Dead: Remake was shown, which is exactly as it sounds, an updated version of the arcade game House of the Dead from … Read more

The Gelora Party and the Ummah Criticize the Discourse of the Axis of the Islamic Party

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – People’s Wave Party (Gelora) and the Ummah Party criticized the discourse MCC and PPP to form a coalition of Islamic-leaning political parties in the face of the 2024 General Election. The Secretary General of the Gelora Party, Mahfudz Siddiq, said that the formation of a coalition of Islamic parties was limited … Read more

The Discourse on the Axis of the Islamic Party in 2024, PKS-PPP Starts Exploring it

loading… JAKARTA – Secretary General (Sekjen) DPP Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Aboe Bakar Al Habsyi said that his party opens the opportunity to form an Islamic axis in the upcoming 2024 General Election. He expressed this after holding a meeting with the United Development Party (PPP). Also read: PKS-PPP Agrees to Fight for the Bill … Read more

Sabu Party with Dark Lover, Head of MTs in Cianjur Arrested by Police

Cianjur – SG (40) The principal of an MTs school in Cianjur, West Java, was arrested by the police during a sabu party with his mistress and three of his friends. The perpetrator faces up to 20 years in prison. The Head of the Cianjur Police Narcotics Unit AKP Ali Jupri said the meth party … Read more

There is no dominant figure yet, Anies Baswedan has a chance to be glimpsed by the pro-Jokowi political party

loading… JAKARTA – Election of President and Vice President (Pilpres) 2024 still far enough. The map of political party support for figures who have the potential to advance in the presidential election has not yet been seen. However, it is possible that there are political parties supporting the current Joko Widodo (Jokowi) government that will … Read more

Car: Amperes, Party, Manta: We drove the new Opel Mokka-e electric car

Recreational car. Electric car. If at least one of these two is added by a manufacturer for a new model, you can almost smell success, and if you possibly both, it’s almost the 2021 automotive nirvana itself. The Opel Mokka-e a compact fashion SUV with a purely electric powertrain, which in principle thus meets the … Read more

Zan law against homophobia: criticism on the left, the counter-manifesto is born. But Letta confirms the commitment of the Democratic Party

ROMA – The law against homophobia crosses the political spectrum, the parties, the associations. In the center-right, contrary up toparliamentary obstruction, the front begins to crumble. And in favor of the bill which bears the name of the dem deputy and lgbt activist Alessandro Zan, they express the Northern League governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, … Read more

The plot against Conte, Letta freezes Bettini: “Speak in a personal capacity, not for the Democratic Party”

The Nazarene replies to the Roman ideologue: “But what a machination, Conte fell because he did not have a majority”. There is no reformist basis. And Renzi: it is politics, other than international interests These were words that had not been heard for a long time: machination, conspiracy, “big game” and saw him delirious. Guareschi … Read more

Moby, investigation into party financing: from Grillo to Renzi

MILANO – Disbursements that have aggravated the group’s accounting situation and possibly influenced legislative choices in the maritime sector. On the troubled financial affair of Moby, the shipping company of the Onorato family, the lighthouse of the Milan prosecutor’s office has come up. If the magistrates were already keeping the group under observation, on the … Read more

AHY’s New Lawsuit: A Target That Claims to be Spokesmen and Wear Democrat Party Attributes

Jakarta-Central Leadership Board Democratic party filed a new lawsuit against 12 people who were considered intellectual actors of the Extraordinary Congress in Deli Serdang. This new lawsuit was filed after withdrawing the previous lawsuit which still included the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly as the defendant. The coordinator of the Democratic legal … Read more