“The Master of Taiko Drum Master! ” Digital Edition Releases Today, Enjoy Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master! with Xbox Game Pass

《The master of the drum, the master of drumming!》Game Introduction This is as “Master of Taiko“For the first time in the Xbox series, it also supports Xbox Game Pass. Players need to match the rhythm and beat 2 different notes “dong” and “click” to clear the level and get high scores. The music covers a … Read more

“Rainbow Six: Escape from the Forbidden Zone” exceeded 3 million players, 14-day free invitation to friend pass is open | 4Gamers

Ubisoft’s new tactical survival shooter “Rainbow Six Extraction” (Rainbow Six Extraction) was questioned by many parties before its launch, but it has been favored by many players after its launch. At least the number of players has exceeded 3 million. Friends who have been delayed a few days ago The pass was also officially opened … Read more

Yves Coppieters declares himself “against the obligation or the vaccination pass”

Yves Coppieters was the guest of BEL RTL’s Matinale this morning. In particular, he focused on the issue of vaccines and the accessibility of self-tests. According to Yves Coppieters, epidemiologist, professor of Public Health at the ULB and guest this morning of the Morning of BEL RTL, vaccines allow post-vaccination immunity, but are for the … Read more

Road, Traffic | One closed mountain pass, column driving on two

Fv. 50 Hol – Aurland was closed on the morning twig, from 8 o’clock column driving was introduced. Rv. 13 Vikefjellet was also closed, but column driving was introduced at 9. Fv. 53 Årdal-Tyin is closed indefinitely. E16 Filefjell and Rv 52 Hemsedalsfjellet are both open. Elsewhere, the status of vegans in Sogn is an … Read more

Covid: record of daily deaths in hospital in France – World

Covid killed 393 people in 24 hours in hospitals in France, for a total of 129,022 deaths since the start of the pandemic in spring 2020. This is the record of daily deaths recorded in the latest wave of infections that has hit the country since the beginning of November. The last highest figure was … Read more

Green pass, the 9 exempt commercial activities: where not needed

Many are writing to QuiFinanza these days after the publication in the Official Gazette, on January 21st, of the decree that lists the services exempt from the obligation of green pass, that is, those contexts in the life of all of us in which the green passport will not be required. The Draghi government has … Read more

the New DPCM on the GREEN PASS in the Shops has been launched. The list of those in which it is NOT mandatory »ILMETEO.it

COVID: the New DPCM on the GREEN PASS in Stores has been launched. The list of those in which it will NOT be mandatory Signed the new Prime Ministerial Decree on the GREEN PASS in the ShopsThe latest anti covid squeeze comes with the signature of the President Mario Draghi of the new DPCM. Let’s … Read more

Protests in France over a health pass that requires a third dose of vaccines against Covid-19

First modification: 15/01/2022 – 20:31 Thousands of people protest in Paris and other French cities against the health pass that becomes a compulsory vaccination certificate, including the third dose of antidotes. The deputies of the Lower House approved, this January 15, the controversial bill, which must now be discussed in the Senate. Several protests against … Read more

Green pass and ‘free’ travel in the EU, towards new rules

Green pass and ‘freer’ travel in the EU. The Council today updated travel recommendations, which are not binding on states, according to which travelers with a valid green certificate should not be subject to additional travel restrictions. The recommendations are valid from next February 1st. In practice, we would have to move from a restriction … Read more

Sara Cunial tries to vote without Green pass: blocked. “I will invalidate elections”

Rome, 24 January 2022 – Moments of tension al drive-in, while voting for the new President of the Republic. Sarah Cunial, the former M5s e no vax he tried in vain to get permission to vote for the Colle in the special seat set up occasionally for positive or quarantined voters, but was blocked and … Read more