Passion for music | The mail

The passion for Athletic, which on Sunday night deservedly won its third Spanish Super Cup, is not incompatible with the enjoyment of contemporary music. This is the case of José Antonio Prado, who attended the concert offered by the Zukan Trio in the auditorium of the Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga Conservatory in Bilbao, within the … Read more

The passion for the four wheels of The Beatles – Local News, Police, about Mexico and the World | The Occidental

Definitely this British band revolutionized the pop culture of the early 60s and today, it is difficult for anyone in any part of the planet not to know of their existence or their music, one that began with a youthful and friendly rebellion , to become a mixture of psychedelia. However, the four from Liverpool … Read more

«From José María Nunes I inherited his enthusiasm and passion for cinema»

Julio Lamaña (Barcelona, ​​1966) is a lover and film expert from all its aspects. He is a film club player, cultural manager, professor of film history and, since 2015, also a director. Lamaña, who lives and works in Bogotá (Colombia), will present the screening of Ink night, by José María Nunes, this Saturday, at 6:00 … Read more

Bill Gates, passion for saving humanity with vaccines

The world’s largest philanthropist in investments for global health and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has been devoted to his “passion” for vaccines for more than two decades, under his philosophy that “no way out returns more value to the world than helping to develop and distribute vaccines. ” However, there are those who do not … Read more

Karl-Heinz Vogt (67) is retiring after 52 years in the business – Dagmar Kieselmann is the new chairman of the board: The HPZ has been transformed with a lot of passion … – Warburg

Karl-Heinz Vogt accompanied the office of the chairman and managing director of Caritas Wohnen gGmbH. At the same time, Klaus-Heiner Kaufmann was a board member, managing director of Caritas Werkstätten gGmbH and managing the association’s main office. Their official farewell had to be canceled due to the corona. Karl-Heinz Vogt (67) has retired after 52 … Read more

LA teen shares her passion for reading through an organization that collects and distributes 22,000 books to students in need

Alana Weisberg in her garage full of books. Weisberg has collected more than 22,000 books to donate to schools to distribute to students who do not have access to the library during the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Jillion Weisberg) L.A. teen shares passion for reading through organization that collects, distributes books to needy students: Bookworm … Read more

Secretary of Culture maintains book sales “passion for reading”

Body In the “José Carlos Becerra” bookstore you can find various titles including the FCE children’s and youth collection with a 35 and up to 50 percent discount Under the slogan “Close the year with the best books and start 2021 reading!”, The Ministry of Culture through the library of the Economic Culture Fund (FCE), … Read more

Wong Kar Wai’s contained passion overflows the cinema

“I have a secret to tell you. You will go with me”, is part of a dialogue from the film 2046, by Wong Kar-wai, but it could well be an omen from the Hong Kong filmmaker himself dedicated to future viewers, because if this artist can certify something, it is the loyalty of his thousands … Read more

Cinema in Burgos: The Acha family, work and passion: the conjunction that made cinema possible News

“Life is not like in the movies, it is more difficult.” In that ode to cinema that is ‘Cinema Paradiso’, the projectionist Alfredo summarizes his work for Totò in one sentence. This describes very well the relation of the familia Acha with the Novedades cinema by Miranda de Ebro, the only theater that worked in … Read more

Effect of organic fertilization and density for the production of passion fruit Passiflora ligularis Juss eco type Colombiana in the San Miguel de Tabaconas Peasant Community

Aguilar, J. (2011). Installation of six hundred hectares of Agroforestry species, in the Tabaconas River Basin, Alisal, Manchara, Charape and Urubamba micro basins of the District of Tabaconas, Province of San Ignacio-Cajamarca-District Municipality of Tabaconas 123 p. Álvarez, H., J. Pionce, J. Castro, W. Viera, and A. Sotomayor. 2018. Population densities and nitrogen fertilization in … Read more