Are there other countries where private national pensions are suing their own companies?

Input 2022.01.12 17:18 Edited 2022.01.13 07:24 floor A35 The National Pension Service is in full swing to strengthen the shareholder representative lawsuit. About 20 large construction companies and steel companies were sent a questionnaire to confirm the facts regarding the fines and fines imposed by the Fair Trade Commission on charges of collusion in the … Read more

Smic, family allowances, Livret A, unemployment, RSA, APL, pensions: the 2022 schedule of upgrades

If several services are reviewed on 1is January, others traditionally have to wait a few more months. Family allowances are thus revalued in April, unemployment in July, Agirc-Arrco pensions in November, etc. Read also Article reserved for our subscribers What changes on January 1 for the household budget Several revaluations have already entered into force … Read more

Pensions: Cometa Fund distributes 9 million surplus to members

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Milan, 11 Jan – The Cometa Fund, a supplementary pension fund for workers in the metalworking industry, plant installation and related sectors and for employees in the gold and silversmith sector, has a surplus of 9 million euros distributed to members, mainly the result of improved management efficiency. … Read more

More than 2.7 million pensions are now being paid. Check the increases – Social Security

The payment of pensions with the new update values ​​and the new IRS rates starts this Monday, for Social Security pensions. Next week, on the 19th, those from Caixa Geral de Aposentações (CGA) will be paid. Overall, the value of 2.704 million pensions from the two schemes is subject to change, according to updated data … Read more

Minimum wage and pensions have risen: more money in our pockets or harder to buy – hardly

Economists believe that the already mentioned minimum wage will do the bear’s service – employers will probably raise the prices of services, which will cause trouble for everyone. Compulsory health insurance premiums will also be higher, and it will be more expensive to pay for harmful habits. Christmas shopping and the holidays are over, the … Read more

Officially: There will be compensation for lower pensions

For many retirees, the amounts this month are lower than in December The government will solve the problem of recalculating pensions in the easiest way – with compensation for people who will receive less this month than in December. This will complete the confusion with the recalculation, as the low rates of increase will be … Read more

When will pensions be paid this year? The most important calendar has been published

In most months, including January, it is due on the 12th of the bank account pension. Exceptions include the February, March, and November referrals when it occurs on the 11th. And on June 10th. In December, in line with the practice of previous years, due to Christmas, those affected will receive the money as early … Read more

Wages and pensions rise, but purchasing power falls | Money

Working and retired people will see their income rise this year. But that increase is not enough to compensate for the loss of purchasing power due to the high inflation. This is evident from the annual survey into wages by payroll processor ADP. On average, workers will gain a tenner this year. Especially people with … Read more

Pensions will be higher, as will the minimum wage

The average old-age pension increases by a total of 805 crowns. This is regulated by a government regulation and a pension amendment. Around 2.86 million people in the Czech Republic receive old-age, disability and survivors’ pensions. According to the law, pensions have been valued regularly since January by half the growth of real wages and … Read more