“With ChatGPT and the emergence of artificial intelligence, the question of the scarcity of work and the future of pensions is relaunched”

Lhave we said enough! Hardness and the very meaning of work are conspicuously absent from the pension debate, the blind spot of government reform pushing back the legal retirement age from 62 to 64. Rejected by the unions, still united in the streets on Tuesday January 31, this brutal two-year postponement clearly reflects the desire … Read more

Sammy Mahdi: “French speakers will become the gravediggers of Belgium”

In an interview with Humo magazine, the president of the CD&V Sammy Mahdi attacked the French-speaking parties. “If the French-speakers do not want to reform, they will become the gravediggers of Belgium”, he declared in particular, returning here to the subject of pension reform.

The first news in 2023: Changes in pensions and the health insurance system

V letonm a year We also have a lot of first news. We have chosen those that will touch the most people. Changes, for example, weave old age pension, insurance in general health insuranceale i tabkovch vrobk. And from tabk’s products is from others spotebnch and quite specific. Fabrics from tab with dl on cigarettesdoutnky … Read more

how to recover lost weeks of contributions to retire

The regime of pensions public in Colombia, which administers Colpensiones, It has as a requirement for retirement from work the fulfillment of a minimum of weeks. Frequently, and due to the informality with which the labor market operated at the beginning of the retirement system, it is usually recurring that workers see fewer weeks quoted … Read more

Retirement 2023: Table and calculation for women and men

When to retire? What is the retirement age? The main essentials associated with retirement pensions regulated by Act No. 155/1995 Coll., on pension insurance. Calculating retirement is not that simple and two basic factors enter into it: reaching retirement age obtaining the necessary period of pension insurance Although retirement age is gradually unifying in the … Read more

Hardship fund for GDR supplementary pensions: those in need can submit applications

Status: 01/18/2023 09:26 am Those in need with open pension entitlements from GDR times can now apply for help from a hardship fund. At least 2500 euros are possible. The left criticizes the procedure – too few people get money. East Germans fought for a long time to have their GDR supplementary pensions recognized and … Read more

Minimum wage, pensions and educational allowances. See where the state will add you. OVERVIEW

The state is increasing the minimum wage, the basic amount of pensions, and is also newly granting the so-called educational allowance. The minimum wage increased by 1,100 crowns compared to last year. A welcome novelty is the introduction of education allowance, which the state will award mainly to the parent who is raising in retirement … Read more

Learn about the different prices of pensions in Peruvian universities | Cost of pensions in universities | How much does a university in Lima cost | Universities of Lima | | PERU

This 2023, a new academic stage begins for many youths in our country, who are in search of a prestigious universidad to be able to pursue a career in order to become highly competitive professionals in the workplace and, in this way, achieve opportunities that open the doors of success. In Peru, there are more … Read more

The historic family doctor Abele Guerini retires in Mulazzano

After more than 30 years of honorable service in the local reality, the historic family doctor Abele Guerini, who was also mayor of Mulazzano for a decade, has hung up his coat. On behalf of the entire city community, yesterday the current mayor Silvia Giudici thanked him for the meritorious activity carried out in the … Read more

Belgians’ pension savings shrunk by 4 billion euros in 2022

While pension savings funds managed some 25.5 billion euros at the end of 2021, more than 4 billion euros evaporated last year. The average saver lost 2,312 euros. Pension savings funds had a very bad year due to the fall in stocks and bonds. It is very rare that both asset classes suffer heavy losses … Read more