Reply to Adian PDIP, Democrats mock the person who usually turns off the microphone

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Politician Democratic party Syahrial Nasution quipped figure who is used to turning off the microphone during a session in the DPR, which has the potential to silence the people when he becomes President. He said this in response to the statement of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) politician Adian … Read more

A mermaid in the studio and ‘Brazilian butt lift’: This was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Lotte Vanwezemael made her appearance in ‘The smartest person in the world’, and immediately captivated the studio with a story about a little girl who wanted to take a picture with her for a very special reason. Also as a player she immediately made a strong turn. Jury member Jennifer Heylen managed to get the … Read more

Istat: in 2050 there will be one young person for every three elderly people and deaths will double the number of births: “Phase of strong aging”

In less than thirty years the number of deaths will be double that of births. L’Italia continues to grow old: the latest Report of theState on the forecasts of the resident population and families. In the 2050, the percentage of people over 65 will rise by more than ten points, reaching 34.9% according to Istat. … Read more

“The KBS president is also astonished”…The reverse identity of the person who strongly recommended Kim Shin-young as Song Hae’s successor

KBS The behind-the-scenes story of comedian Kim Shin-young being selected as the MC for the ‘National Singing Contest’ has been revealed. The casting behind-the-scenes of comedian Kim Shin-young, who announced a new start as the MC of ‘National Singing Contest’, has been revealed. The successor to the stage of service that Song Hae, a grown-up … Read more

How vitamin B12 affects Alzheimer’s

news Vegans and vegetarians are at increased risk by IDW/SRH (21.09.2022) Vitamin B12 is involved in a large number of important metabolic processes that contribute, among other things, to blood formation, cell division and nerve function. A vitamin B12 deficiency also occurs in western populations, the risk increases with age, so it is estimated that … Read more

You should have the same blood sugar values ​​as a healthy person – Ekuriren

Type 2 diabetes is a common chronic disease, but at the same time a disease where research has come a long way and where the healthcare system has great knowledge and several treatments to choose from for each individual patient’s needs. There are clear goals in Sweden for how people with type 2 diabetes should … Read more

Born in Indonesia, This Man Becomes Singapore’s Richest Person Worth Rp113 Trillion : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Get to know the figure of Leo Koguan who is a billionaire from Singapore who was born in Indonesia. Leo Koguan is added to the list richest man Forbes’ Singapore in 2022. Leo Koguan ranks 7th in the list of the 50 richest people in Singapore. Leo Koguan has a wealth of USD … Read more

No clickbait: “I’m not a good person” – Youtuber Laserluca is doing therapy

published20. September 2022, 19:10 No clickbait: “I’m not a good person” – Youtuber Laserluca is doing therapy The German web video producer, creator and podcaster Laserluca is particularly honest at the weekend. He turns to his community and talks about his current challenges. Known as a gamer and comedy vlogger, Laserluca is one of the … Read more

Presentation of the novel “Joyful dialogue with a dead person” by Bahaa Trabelsi in Rabat

Date :September 19, 2022 249Vues The Abla Ababou gallery will host, on Thursday, September 22, 2022, a meeting with the writer Bahaa Trabelsi around her latest book “Joyful dialogue with a dead person”, published by La croisee des chemins. To note, “Happy Dialogue with a Dead Man” is Bahaa Trabelsi’s seventh novel. The number seven is … Read more

There are 2.5 million ants on Earth for every person

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong analyzed 489 scientific papers related to ants. “It is unimaginable. We can’t imagine 20 billion ants in one pile,” said Patrick Schultheiss, who led the study and is now based in Germany at the University of Würzburg. According to him, in order to count this insect species, it … Read more