SEGA signs IP license with Perfect World! And decided to develop Atlus “Persona 5” mobile game “Persona5: The Phantom X”! -funglr Games

In September 2021 ushered in the 25th anniversary, and grandly celebrated the Atlus of “PERSONA 25th Anniversary YEAR” in that year“Persona” series。At the end of the anniversary, the launch《Persona 3 Portable》《Persona 4 the Golden》《Persona 5 the Royal》的重製version, and inmulti-platformIssued on.In particular, “P3P” cannot be played on the current hardware, so many people who played it … Read more

Perfect World released the officially authorized “Persona: Phantom of the Night” mobile game promotional image | 4Gamers

The visual promotional image of Persona: Phantom of the Night (P5X for short), a licensed mobile game developed by Chinese game developer Perfect World, is released. This game is an extension of ATLUS’ Persona 5. This work was first publicly promoted in 2021. At that time, Perfect World used the code name “CODE NAME: X” … Read more

Due to his categorical attitude, Djokovic has once again become persona non grata 2023 m. kovo 8 d. 12:10 Novak Djokovic Photo: AFP / Scanpix aA Novak Djokovic, who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19, had to miss several prestigious tennis tournaments during the pandemic, and last year, when he arrived at the Australian Open Championship, he was even detained by border guards and deported from the … Read more

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden Translator Reveals Her Name Wasn’t in the End Credits

Already released for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, in addition to being revamped for today’s hardware. It also supports additional languages ​​like French, Italian, German and Spanish. However, you Tamara Morales Gomez and Katrina Leonoudakis, who was responsible for translating the game. It was revealed on a personal twitter. that his name does … Read more

Persona 3 and Persona 4 translators left the game’s subtitles

screenshot: Persona 4 that Persona 3 Portable And Persona 4 Golden It was released on new platforms last weekMuch has been said about the fact that for the first time the finale will have French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles. This was great news for European fans, but the people most responsible for this feat don’t … Read more

Agents of the Prosecutor’s Office repel aggression in Torreón; report one death and one detainee

The agents repelled the aggression and went to the vicinity of the Profesionistas neighborhood, inside a farm, where the lifeless body of a male was left. (THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN) Criminal Investigation Agents attached to the Laguna I Delegation managed to secure two people during operations and intelligence actions south of the city; the balance … Read more

It is revealed that Persona 3 “Complete Remake” is planning to adopt the style and gameplay of Persona 5 #Atlus (187706) – Cool3c

A whistleblower who once revealed that the Atlus team is developing a remastered version of “Goddess of Hero 3” has recently reiterated the existence of this project to players. Since Persona 5: The Royal Edition was officially released in 2019, the future development of this super popular Japanese RPG series has become a topic of … Read more

The authors of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden at the center of controversy for ignoring the translators in the credits – Persona 3

That Persona series reach current devices is news that is highly celebrated by all fans of the JRPG genre and, after the launch of Person 5: Royal last October on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, there are many who have become hooked on this universe. Luckily, these folks can dig even deeper into the saga … Read more

SEGA’s “Judgment of Death: Memories of Annihilation” and “Persona 5 Royal Edition” launched 2023 Chinese New Year Sale on Steam

Sega Co., Ltd. announced that it is currently holding a limited-time “SEGA Spring Festival Sale” on the Steam platform.Judgment Gone: Annihilated Memories》、《Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s +VIP Edition》、《Persona 5 Royal Edition” and other works are added to the sale at preferential prices. [The following content is the original text of the information provided by the … Read more