Peru, Chile, Antarctica? Experts fear bird flu outbreak in the far south

EPA/Serfor PeruPeruvian authorities are investigating a sea lion that is said to have died of bird flu NOS News•yesterday, 12:57 Erika de Jode editor online Erika de Jode editor online Skunks, sea lions, foxes: they are the most recent victims of bird flu, in a global outbreak that has now lasted a year and a … Read more

A member of Group 5 wins the final of ‘La Voz Perú’ and unleashes criticism: “Christian will win in the next edition” | Mauricio Mesones | musician | Cumbia | Group 5 | Monsefu | Luis Manuel Valdiviezo | The Voice Peru 2023 | Universal Music | Instagram | singer | | SHOWS

‘The Voice Peru 2023′ came to an end with the victory of Luis Manuel Valdiviezo, team of Mauricio Mesones, after singing the popular song ‘Te vas’. However, many users did not agree with the winner in this edition, as they pointed out that the musician, who is a member of the Group 5, He had … Read more

Natalie Vértiz celebrates her son’s birthday with a fun theme: “His creativity surprises me” (VIDEO) | farandula-celebs-peru-yaco esskenazi | SHOWS

The host of “Estás En Todas”, Natalie Vertizcelebrated his eldest son’s ninth birthday this week with a fun-themed party. LOOK AT THIS: Yaco Eskenazi mocks Shakira’s crying: “But if women only bill, they no longer cry” (VIDEO) Through her Instagram account, the model received questions about the decoration she had chosen for the minor’s name … Read more

Peru anime Plaza Norte Friki Festival Candy Candy Gohan Dragon Ball in Lima actors dubbing voice concerts comic manga video games K pop cosplay | Cecilia Gispert | Luis Manuel Ávila Junior P. Luche | jade | IMP | PRESENT

In Lima it is being carried out one of the largest comic, manga and anime themed events in the country. Is he Geek Festival, that presents characters that for years accompanied and are still present in the memory of millions of people (Candy, Dibu, Gohan, among others), also live concerts, cosplayer contests, singing, K-pop And … Read more

Zero Hunger via Social Prosperity: Check if you are a beneficiary of the bonus, what is the amount and more | ANSWERS

From the Government of Colombia have announced that the benefit of Solidarity income it will no longer take place in 2023; although, from the national entity of social prosperity They explained that in December 2022 the Shock Plan Against Hunger began the delivery of an extraordinary subsidy for citizens who benefit from social programs. zero … Read more

Strong earthquake leaves at least 14 dead in Ecuador and 1 in Peru

QUITO (AP) — A strong earthquake shook the coastal area of ​​Ecuador on Saturday, where it left at least 14 dead, 381 injured and damaged dozens of homes, schools and health centers, in addition to causing the death of a girl in a town Peruvian border, authorities reported. The United States Geological Survey said the … Read more

Letters from readers: crossing of Fanzolato and Perón

The Camino del Perú has been closed for five months due to a work that could have been completed in 15 days. To this is added the fall of a bridge on Frías Silva street, because that artery has also been closed for two months. It hasn’t been repaired yet. All vehicular traffic from the … Read more

Cuban singer Tania Pantoja stars in another scandal with her partner in Peru

The couple had already triggered another scandal in early March. (Screenshot: Tania Pantoja – YouTube) The Cuban singer Tania Pantoja is once again in the eye of the hurricane after starring in a violent fight with her partner, the musician Elio Torres, also from the West Indies. According to local press reports, this time the … Read more

AFIN: “In Peru there is no culture of prevention” | Disasters | Cyclone Yaku | ECONOMY

In Peru there is no culture of prevention of disastersassured the Association for the Promotion of National Infrastructure (AFIN). “These weather phenomena have been recurring since pre-Columbian times, not six years ago (when the last El Niño Costero phenomenon occurred),” he said. According to AFIN, only 71 entities of the three levels of government have … Read more

The terrible story of a Titanic survivor who, years before the tragedy, arrived in Peru on vacation, fell in love and raised a family that considered him a legend | Peter Dennis Daly | Liverpool | Southampton | Vapor Carpathia| nnsp | ARCHIVE-ELCOMERCIO

READ ALSO | Rolling Stones in Peru: when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were evicted from two Lima hotels for their bad habitstos With her he settled in our country and had 10 children: five men and five women. He also became a representative of the London firm Haes & Sons in Peru. In 1912, … Read more