This cuckoo can bite! Vémol’s lioness is a real cat

Carlos Vémola he is a personality in himself, but he also attracts a lot of attention in his own zoo, in which he has remarkable specimens. One of them is the lioness Elsa, who is no longer a cute kitten, but a pretty predatory sweatshirt! Of course, fans are interested in how Vémola takes care … Read more

“Pet Power Pat” with Loy Krathong for the first time in 17 years

“Pet Power Pat” with Loy Krathong for the first time in 17 years Yesterday (19 Nov. 21) was Loy Krathong Day, many people and entertainers attended the Loy Krathong Festival. Some people go to different places where the event takes place. But some people choose to float their krathongs at home or online. In order … Read more

Constitutional Court slashes pet abuse law | Justice

It is the first ax in the law that turned the mistreatment of pet animals into a crime. As some lawyers defending this cause feared that it would happen, the Constitutional Court decided that this legal diploma has provisions that violate the fundamental law. The content of the judgment has not yet been disclosed, however, … Read more

Olma draws milk in PET bottles, it can be contaminated

“Contamination is not flat and massive, but milk can spoil even when stored in the right storage conditions, so we do not recommend it for consumption,” the company said. Spoiled milk is known to people by its typical characteristics – it has a different taste and smell. For example, Lidl is already withdrawing from stores … Read more

Pet Oral Care Products Market 2021 / By Major Players, Application, Type, Share and Forecast to 2027

The global Pet Oral Care Products market is valued at $ 1,564.1 million in 2020 and is expected to register a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period 2021-2027. Pet oral care refers to one of the most effective measures pet owners take to maintain the overall health of their pet and prevent animal health … Read more

ALPLA takes over German PET recycler BTB

Hard (A) The ALPLA Group, an international specialist in packaging solutions and recycling, is taking over BTB PET-Recycling, based in Bad Salzuflen. The company converts used PET bottles into recycling material, which is mainly used for the production of new beverage bottles. The packaging cycle takes place within a closed system from bottle to bottle.With … Read more

Razer launches animated series starring pet Sneki Snek

Razer adores his new pet, Snack Snack. Although originally a sympathetic sketch by one of Razer’s designers, seven months of almost constant insistence saw Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan approve Sneki Snek as the official mascot. Since then, Sneki has become a worldwide phenomenon and has spearheaded two RazerCon in a row. First, Sneki It was … Read more

Terrible! Sherlyn’s baby was attacked by her pet + PHOTO

Mexican actress and singer Sherlyn was sad in her social networks after her baby suffered a bite on her face for your own pet. Through her Instagram stories, the singer told what happened to the baby and showed her painful wound on her cheek very close to her little eye. “I went through André and … Read more

Christian Nodal’s spider monkey as a pet is a crime: AZCARM

Ernest Zazueta, President of the Association of Zoos, Hatcheries and Aquariums of Mexico (AZCARM) accused the singer Christian Nodal of committing a federal crime by possessing a Spider monkey as a pet, as he boasted through his social networks. Zazueta stressed that all people who own a spider monkey or any other species of flora … Read more

Pet Rabies Vaccination in DKI Jakarta

Paramedics from the animal health center (Puskeswan) of the Sub-department of Food Security, Maritime Affairs and Agriculture, South Jakarta City, inject an anti-rabies vaccine to a cat for free in Petukangan Selatan, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/9/2021). The provision of the free Rabies Vaccine is to avoid and anticipate the spread of rabies to pets and to … Read more