from headache to hives

The periodic update of the reports on the battle against the covid-19 pandemic is already a new Spanish classic, and it occurs every time the Ministry of Health publishes a new pharmacovigilance report on vaccines against this disease. This Thursday, December 1, the eighteenth has been aired; it must be emphasized that since September 29, … Read more

Lymphadenopathy, a side effect of the covid-19 vaccine, say specialists

Mexico City.– One of the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine is lymphadenopathy, especially if the inoculation was with those developed by the Pfizer or Moderna laboratories, say specialists. It is, he says, a disease in the axillary lymph nodes. The development of this disease has been identified in patients who received the third dose … Read more

the truth about heavy menstrual bleeding after getting covid vaccines

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has deemed it appropriate to publish a report that analyzes The impact of mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) against covid on the abundance of menstrual bleeding, a spectacular phenomenon in itself, which when it occurs unexpectedly and close to an unusual episode such as a vaccination … Read more

Pfizer’s vaccine for Omicron, BQ. Antibody large in 1.1 | Reuters

The U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the German biopharmaceutical company Biontech announced on the 18th that the new coronavirus Omicron strain-derived BQ. It was more than twice as high as the first doses of the two companies’ vaccines, the company said. This photo was taken in November 2021. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration) (Reuters) – U.S. pharmaceutical giant … Read more

Troubled months for Pfizer

The last few months of the pharmaceutical company have been marked by fluctuations in its vaccine against Covid-19accusations by the Italian authorities for hiding profits and the start of a strike by its workers in Australia for insufficient wage increases. A few months ago, the vaccine Pfizer y BioNTech It already raised a certain stir … Read more

‘Pharmaceutical companies avoid responsibility for emerging infectious diseases’

EPA NOS News•yesterday, 17:28 Sander Zurhake health care editor Sander Zurhake health care editor Large pharmaceutical companies hardly invest in research into emerging viruses anymore, despite the experiences with the corona pandemic. This has emerged from research by the renowned organization Access to Medicine Foundation. According to the non-profit organization, investments are not forthcoming mainly … Read more

Pfizer announces vaccine against bronchiolitis that seeks to “revolutionize” pediatric medicine

The laboratory reported that it finished the Phase III clinical trial, with a protection of more than 80%. In Argentina, this disease caused by RSV generates about 20,000 hospitalizations and about 600 deaths per year. The first maternal vaccine against bronchiolitis achieved protection of more than 80% in clinical trials, which means a “revolution” in … Read more

The lie was exposed, Pfizer and Moderna shares in danger! Research opens on vaccines for causing respiratory problems By FXMAG Spain

©Reuters. The lie was exposed, Pfizer and Moderna shares in danger! Research opens on vaccines for causing respiratory problems Vaccines of Pfizer (NYSE:) and Moderna are on the red thread, as they have been proven to cause certain long-term respiratory problems and are now investigating after two long years when billions of people already have … Read more

New Twitter alarms elites, Pfizer leads “sanctions” against Musk

After the long and complex negotiations for the acquisition of Twitter, the American tycoon Elon Musk finalized the purchase agreement of the company last October 28 for a value of 44 billion dollars. However, the transfer of ownership of the well-known social network into the hands of the eccentric millionaire – who said he wanted … Read more

Hipra, the Spanish vaccine against covid, could be in “one or two months” and offers greater protection than a Pfizer booster

The Spanish vaccine against covid What is the company developing? Hyper could be approved in “one or two months” by the European Medicines Agency (EMAfor its acronym in English), which has been evaluating its capacity as a reinforcement vacuum since last March. This was stated by Agustín Portela, from the Division of Biological Products, Advanced … Read more