Collaboration is the Key to Eliminating HIV in 2030

WILLY MEDI CHRISTIAN NABABAN Thanksgiving and Dialogue participants in the context of the 5th Anniversary of the Healthy Indonesia Partnership Foundation (YKIS) posing for a group photo in Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1/2023). The event was attended by government, non-governmental organizations, communities and HIV-vulnerable people. JAKARTA, KOMPAS — The HIV prevention program has been going on for … Read more

The Phenomenon of Empty Shop-Office Buildings in Jakarta, What’s the Cause?

Jakarta – Recently, shophouses (shops) to buildings perkantorand in Jakarta there are many empty ones, so they are rented out or even sold. Why did it happen? Responding to this, Observer and Property Expert Steve Sudijanto stated that the trigger for this phenomenon was the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, he explained several reasons for the empty … Read more

The return of the musical phenomenon RBD that revolutionized Latin America

“Rebelde” Mexico was broadcast from 2004 to 2006, but the group continued to perform in different parts of the world for two more years. (Special Infobae: Jovanni Pérez) few Latin American soap operas have managed to leave an indelible mark on the production of audiovisual content worldwide, even fewer have managed to transcend other spaces … Read more

The space phenomenon that produces gold equivalent to 13 times the mass of the Earth | Science

Most of the material that makes up our solar system It comes from a cloud of dust and gas that collapsed 4.5 billion years ago. Meanwhile, the heavier elements, such as metals present on Earth, have a more distant origin. Metals such as iron and copper form within stars much larger than the Sun or … Read more

New disturbing phenomenon in Charleroi: they steal your car, dismantle it and then set it on fire

A phenomenon “very concerning”, according to the admission of the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office, has been observable for several months in the territory of Charleroi. Cars are stolen, dismantled in a garage out of sight, then abandoned… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited

TV maker Cheeru Mampaey is looking for a new internet phenomenon: “My themes are controversial. But I don’t force anyone to look” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

TVA new kind of talent show is born. In the documentary series ‘I’m Going Viral’ for Streamz Cheeru Mampaey (40) will soon not be looking for a singer or TV personality, but for an influencer who can conquer the internet, preferably worldwide. “That does not have to be the most handsome appearance,” says the controversial … Read more

Modification of Bacteria to Overcome Lung Infections

<img alt="Potongan melintang dari paru-paru tikus yang terinfeksi Pseudonomas aeruginosa. The mice were treated with version Mycoplasma pneumoniae modified so as to produce therapeutic molecules, such as pyocins specifically designed to fight P. aeruginosa. therapeutic version M. pneumoniae ini bertindak seperti obat hidup” yang mengurangi efek infeksi dan menjaga udara di alveoli. Sumber: Rocco Mazzolini/CRG … Read more

What is the meteorological phenomenon that could affect the northern hemisphere in the coming days

Sudden stratospheric warming could generate cold waves in the northern hemisphere of the planet (AFP/ Jewel SAMAD/ DDC) It is known that global warming has consequences, and that some of them could be felt within several years. However, there are certain weather events that experts are concerned about immediacy of its effects, which could even … Read more

Lisa creates a beautiful smile phenomenon Confident white teeth with Dentiste premium toothpaste in the event ‘LISA’ Special Greet: DENTISTE’ Presents Confident Smile with LISA : Maya Channel

Opening the beginning of the year happily when Dentiste A world-class premium toothpaste brand for the new generation, organized an event ‘LISA’ Special Greet: “DENTISTE’ Presents Confident Smile with LISA” The biggest exclusive event of the year 2023 at the Royal Paragon Hall. Create the most confident smile phenomenon for Dentiste customers and the new … Read more