Putin’s last phone call was to stop the war. Four days later, Russia attacked.

Secret recordings of Putin’s recent telephone conversation with France’s Macron shed light on the Russian war bluff. President Emmanuel Macron received no warm welcome when he arrived in Moscow in early February. He was kept at arm’s length. But Macron did not give up dialogue with Putin. Photo: AP/NTB Newsletter Get the overview with our … Read more

Motorola Edge 20 Pro phone price and specifications

Motorola International revealed the details of the version of its new Motorola Edge 20 Pro phone, and the phone comes in the Motorola Edge series of phones offered by the company with distinctive specifications, and the phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor with 7 nano technology, and the Android 11 operating system, and … Read more

A hacker hacks the international star’s phone and publishes a picture of him completely naked

A professional hacker hacked the phone of David Frattisi, the star of the Italian national team and midfielder of Sassuolo, 22, and stole a nude picture of him, and then shared it through the Story feature on the player’s account on Instagram. Frattisi appeared in the picture completely naked, and he became aware after hours … Read more

HTC Desire 22 pro metaverse phone specifications, features and price

The Taiwanese company HTC officially announced the new smartphone HTC Desire 22 pro, which it said targets the world of metaverses, as the phone comes with the strongest specifications that make the virtual navigation fast and smooth, with the ability to visit the metaverse communities on its platform. VIVERSE Directly from the browser, or by … Read more

Korean media reports that Samsung plans to launch a 23,000-dollar foldable phone in 2024- Page 1- Samsung Discussion Forum

Folding mobile phones have become a hot new design in recent years, and Samsung, the leader in smart phones, has also made outstanding achievements. After the Z Flip 3 price cut and achieved sales success last year, South Korean media reports that Samsung intends to launch prices with mid-range specifications. About 23,000 Taiwan dollars of … Read more

Benefits of Clearing Cache Data Periodically on Your Desktop and Phone

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – When the desktop device or mobile phone or mobile phone starts to slow down, cache is one of the scapegoated files. But is it true that cache can cause a device to slow down? Then, what are the benefits of cleaning files that are often considered “junk”? Before discussing further the benefits … Read more

Review Nokia C21, budget mobile phone, HD screen, updated for 2 years, worthwhile use, replaceable battery

Nokia unveils Nokia C21 low cost model by upgrading the specification from Nokia C20 At the same low price to meet the needs of every application, whether it is financial applications, social network applications, applications Government and esoteric games, etc., for being able to take sharp pictures with an 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus. Packed … Read more

Where can an accidental phone call or How Lelde Vikmane got to Paris get married

It turns out that both Lelde and Erik used to work in aviation, but at the beginning of their story, accident also played a role. At that time, Lelde worked in the public relations department of AirBaltic, and Eric worked in the quality control of Air France. The charming Latvian once called for work, and … Read more

Asus ROG Phone 6, the Latest Qualcomm Chip and Wet Resistant

Monday, 27 June 2022 12:34 WIB ASUS ROG. Photo : Gsmarena TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Asus ROG Phone 6 will arrive on July 5, 2022. The phone is advertised to be splash resistant and is billed as the world’s first IPX4 gaming phone. The ad design depicts a smartphone facing up with the screen wet by … Read more

Game peripheral brand Brook has launched the Vivid Switch wireless handle, which can be used across computers and mobile phones and comes with a mobile phone stand #rocker(179149)

The Taiwanese game peripheral brand launched the Vivid wireless handle for the Nintendo Switch game console, emphasizing the use of ergonomic design and colorful colors and shapes. It is also equipped with special functions that the official Pro Controller handle does not have, and is also compatible with Android, iOS and PC. The platform also … Read more