The new cell phone that is a “tank” has arrived in the country: it costs only $110,000 and it is a luxury edition

Motorola has already released its new Moto Edge 30 Neo cell phone for sale in Argentina, an exclusive edition that many point to as an ideal option between price and quality. There are more and more cell phones and models that go on the market continuously in Argentina and in recent days a new option … Read more

Alicia (Married at first sight) exasperated, she discovers an intimate photo in Bruno’s phone

Tweeter Share on Facebook Enough is enough ! This Tuesday, December 6, Alicia (Married at first sight 6) addressed the young ladies who allow themselves to make advances to her husband. The continuation under this advertisement A few months ago, Alicia and Bruno have chosen to trust science by participating in Married at first sight … Read more

The Korean giant, Samsung, is preparing to launch a new giant phone with a huge battery and unprecedented imaging capabilities

It seems that the new phone that the Korean company will launch at the beginning of 2023 will be the phone of the year, as Samsung is now preparing to launch the Galaxy S23 series of phones, and this series will consist of three phones, namely the regular version, the Galaxy S23 Plus and the … Read more

Serving a 22,000 mAh battery, Unihertz Tank is the first cell phone with the largest capacity and is waterproof

infosumsel.ID – Unihertz Tank is HP who managed to steal the show with an astonishing difference. Its body is thick and heavy HP Unihertz Tank This is starting to be highlighted by the public. The reason is, Unihertz Tank comes with advantages that will not be matched by HP other. Read Also: What’s Behind the … Read more

“We have a rollable phone! Don’t be afraid of ultra-fast charging anymore!” (Interview/podcast with Răzvan Sturza, Motorola Romania Lead)

One of the most common complaints of Mobilissimo readers, judging by the comments on YouTube, is to resume the podcast series Mobicast. In a way she exists and reinvents herself and the newest episode was a discussion of about an hour with Razvan Sturza, Sales Lead Motorola Romania. We talked about what Moto has prepared … Read more

Are you having trouble retyping Gmail or addresses on your phone? Teach you a trick to enter basic information or play cute kaomoji in seconds! – Electric Otter Girl

After setting the alternative text, you can become a typing champion among friends Today I’m going to share with you a way to make your mobile phone more usable. The “alternative text” trick is applicable to both Android and iOS systems. Just set some words that you often need to enter as alternative text, and … Read more

Why is it bad to charge the cell phone in the car? These are the consequences

Each piece of equipment, when it is manufactured, has certain specifications that the same manufacturer recommends implementing to increase the life of the machine and, likewise, to be able to enjoy more time with it. However, people tend to take certain alternative uses that could affect the battery of the devices; loading them in the … Read more

Has your phone been hacked?

Cellphone Nowadays our phones contain all our information, which makes them devices to protect preciously. In addition to making calls and texting, we use our phones to do more and more things in our daily lives. Which makes them lucrative targets for attacks because they contain a lot of data stored in one place, like … Read more