Boxing Promoter’s Reaction to Oleksandr Usyk’s Physical Change Ahead of Anthony Joshua’s Clash

TWITTER/USYKAA The appearance of the body of Oleksandr Usyk (right) ahead of the boxing duel against Anthony Joshua in the video uploaded on Sunday (7/8/2022). JUARA.NET – Physical changes Oleksandr Usyk ahead of the duel boxing oppose Anthony Joshua also get comments from the promoter Eddie Hearn. Recently, Usyk’s physique has attracted attention. As is … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres sent a heartbreaking message after the physical departure of Anne Heche

The presenter Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche had a love relationship in 1997. Photo: Hector Mata / AFP / Getty Images Last Friday they announced that the actress Anne Heche, after having been for a week in a coma for having crashed while driving his vehicle, he died. Before hearing the unfortunate news, they explained … Read more

Dahyun Kim, shocking physical examination results… Even his father, Kim Bong-gon, was surprised by the weight – Reporter Hyo-jin Kim

Dahyun Kim received a shocking physical examination result. On the 277th episode of KBS2’s ‘Man Who Lives Home’, which aired on the 13th, Kim Bong-gon, Jeon Hye-ran, and Kim Da-hyun, who visited an oriental clinic, were drawn. Captured from KBS2’s ‘The Living Men Season 2’ As a result of the physical examination, Dahyun Kim was … Read more

Ultracold atoms “dressed in light” to simulate a physical theory

In physics today, our understanding of the world is based on the gauge theories: mathematical models of theoretical physics that describe the interactions between elementary particles (such as electrons or quarks) and explain in a quantum way three of the fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetic, weak and strong. The fourth, gravity, is described by Einstein’s … Read more

Ultracold atoms “dressed in light” to simulate physical theory

Researchers from the ICFO institute and the Autonomous University of Barcelona have managed to demonstrate chiral interactions (not superimposable with their mirror image), between atoms cooled to the lowest temperatures in the universe. After applying laser light, the result is a quantum system that behaves differently from its mirror image and is described by a … Read more

The “hidden danger” of the spread of Corona .. How did the feeling of loneliness affect the psychological and physical health of people?

Research published in the journal American Psychologist earlier this month found that feelings of loneliness increased during the pandemic. Experts called this case the “unity epidemic.” This loneliness is associated with increased depression and anxiety, as well as shorter life, premature deaths, dementia, sleep disturbances, and many other conditions.

Full of encouragement for Father “Aff Thaksorn” after being sick, having to sit in a wheelchair like this

By yesterday (8 August 65) Asst. Prof. Dr. Khaisri Phaksukcharoen Stepmother of the hot actress “Aff Thaksorn” posted a picture while “Father Anusorn Phak Sukcharoen” husband sitting in a wheelchair in Siriraj Hospital up to 2 pictures together with a message under the picture as short english that “as long as it takes” with an … Read more

The physical training coach of L. Dončičius who lost weight: he immediately contacted me after the end of the season

Luka Doncic, often criticized for his form in the offseason, made changes this summer – the National Basketball Association (NBA) star did not relax and spent time working with a personal trainer. A photo appeared in which L. Dončičius is seen much slimmer, and the athlete’s personal trainer Anze Macekas said it was no accident. … Read more

The Story of a Sundanese Woman Married to an African Man, Bullied for Physical

Nigeria – Love stories from different countries save various stories because they unite different customs and cultures. Like this couple from different countries who are in the public spotlight. This is Rahayu, a Sundanese woman who is married to an African man named Kiel. She often uploads various activities with her husband through Youtube and … Read more