Fourth generation nuclear power plant, what does it mean?

“As far as safety is concerned, however – adds the teacher – there are two points to consider: one, the fact that as the reaction speed increases, the reaction itself turns off, to avoid uncontrollable phenomena; two, the possibility to safely confine the waste in the reactor in case something goes wrong ”. “At the … Read more

In 2025, the contribution of the second plant will double the overall revenue of 5 billion yuan | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Yongxin (4726-TW) The opening ceremony of the second plant will be held today (14), and a 12,000-liter bioreactor and injection filling line will be built. It is reported that some major customers have already contracted some production lines, and it is estimated that the capacity utilization rate in the first year will reach 30%. %, … Read more

Beyond Tea and Coffee Water, Fertilize Aglonema Plants with This Water Guaranteed Fast Breeding – In this review, presented fertile plant Aglonema with this water is guaranteed to reproduce quickly. The water used on this occasion is not tea water or coffee grounds. Reported from the video uploaded by YouTube Ras Family on January 15, 2021, here’s the review. Also Read: Read these 2 letters after dawn, … Read more

Being a plant that is revered by women, betel leaf seems to be effective in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer cells – All Pages the benefits of Chinese betel leaf boiled water So far we have known betel leaf to solve female problems. Some people feed using boiled water betel leaf to clean the feminine area. In fact, a number of feminine products also take advantage of betel leaf as content therein. Who would have thought betel … Read more

Millions of years ago Planet Earth was ruled by the ‘flower regime’

NewsBulukumba – Planet Earth not completely controlled by dinosaurs in its era but there are alsoregime flower‘ millions of years ago. Reported from Science Alert on Saturday 8 January 2022, according to a 2021 paper, evolution plant flowering has set off an explosion diversity life from Planet Earth. Most of the plant what we … Read more

New Type of Nail Plant Found in Papua’s Forest

– Advertisement – National Research and Innovation Agency research team (BRIN) re-identify the type ferns (pteridophyte), Deparia stellate. This fern Deparia stellate was found from the interior of the forests of the Bintang Mountains, Papua New Guinea. Researcher in Botany Research Center BRIN Wita Wardani and team conducted research based on specimens collected by WR … Read more

The largest floating solar power plant in the world is in China

On December 30, 2021, the 320 MW photovoltaic plant built on a reservoir near the Dezhou thermal power plant went into operation at full capacity Credits: Huaneng International – Wei Xuyan e Su Shixing The largest floating solar power plant in the world is once again Chinese ( – An expanse of photovoltaic panels as … Read more

Four million euros to be invested in Spilva plant The news

Riga, January 2, LETA. The food concert “Orkla Latvija” will invest four million euros in the expansion and modernization of “Spilva” production this year, Toms Didrihsons, Chairman of the Board of “Orkla Latvija”, told LETA. In addition, the construction of a new biscuit and waffle production competence center is planned to be completed this year, … Read more

Nissan stops Barcelona plant and prepares to sell it – Auto Review

Nissan is reducing its presence in Europe and is shutting down its manufacturing facility near Barcelona. The last Nissan Navara pickup truck rolled off the Spanish assembly line on December 16. In addition to the Zona Franca headquarters assembly plant, this complex includes separate factories for the production of stamped parts, frames and suspension elements. … Read more

4 Very Important Vacuole Functions in Plants – Vacuole is a cavity inside cell lined by a membrane and filled with fluid or called cell fluid. Then, what the function of the vacuole in plants? There are two types of vacuoles, namely vacuoles in plant and animals. However, on this occasion will discuss about vacuole function on plants. Excerpted from … Read more