Dazn reimbursements: how to ask for compensation. The platform: “We will compensate each customer”

The apologies and the alternative link to repair the disservice which spoiled the party of the fans just at the resumption of the championship of A league. They are Dazn the government with Undersecretary Vezzali has called a table and the football league reserves actions to protect its image. TheAgcomasking the streaming platform for “urgent … Read more

Tesla’s sharing platform ‘Ox Drive’ plans to increase its fleet to 130 cars

Car’s “Tesla” the sharing platform “OX Drive” plans to expand the number of offered cars from 40 to 130, informed the co-founder of “OX Drive” Egija Gailuma. Content will continue after the ad Advertising She admits that since July, when “OX Drive” was opened, the demand for “Tesla” electric cars exceeds the planned, so the … Read more

How the Samsung Knox Security Platform Works

Samsung Knox Security Platform – SAMSUNG PARIS, July 20 (EDITIONS / Benin News) – Samsung reinforces its commitment to security with its new security management system. Plate-forme Samsung Knoxwhich introduces new features to ensure the protection of private and professional users, after announcing that more than 20,000 companies are already using these services worldwide. Since … Read more

The Slovak startup presents the social platform Joynup

The Slovak startup comes up with an exceptional social search engine that connects people virtually, while also supporting real life and personal meetings. In addition to many benefits, Joynup users can earn quite decently thanks to this platform and support digital marketing. Behind the idea of ​​creating an exceptional Slovak story is businessman Richard Olšovský, … Read more

teens leave the platform

The Internet is gradually gaining momentum in the daily life of adolescents. Despite this, young people’s interest in Facebook is declining rapidly. Before coming to this conclusion, Pew Research Center bring investigation. This concerns the american teens, technology and social networks. Eventually, Pew reported that only 32 % individuals (13 to 17 years old) use … Read more

They spotted him off the coast of Norway. The photo from the drilling platform circulated the network – o2

On Sunday evening, June 7, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) P-8 Poseidon patrol plane spotted a Russian submarine off the coast of Norway. An Akula-class unit, also called a “shark,” has come under close scrutiny. Eventually, the Russian ship headed for the North Sea. Russian submarine off the coast of Norway. The British followed … Read more

I produced a series about him… Mike Tyson accuses a company of stealing his life story

Former American boxing champion Mike Tyson accused the upcoming Hulu series, which deals with his autobiography, of “stealing the story of my life”, and compared the platform to a “slave dealer”. The new drama series entitled “Mike”, which will premiere on the platform of Hulu on the 25th of this month, deals with the life … Read more

Kleat.ma, a new Moroccan food and entertainment platform

The first Moroccan digital food and entertainment media published by Live Studio “Kleat.ma” has just been born. This platform offers a wide range of easy and quick recipes to prepare, articles available in several sections and new concepts distributed on social networks. Video is Kleat.ma’s main distribution channel, which produces four concepts: H-Tayeb, a star … Read more