Bjørn Einar Romøren on cancer: A victory to play with the children

Bjørn Einar Romøren When Bjørn Einar Romøren was ill with cancer, the organization Sarcomas became an important support for both him and his wife. – In many ways, it is worse to be a relative than the one who is ill, the former big jumper believes. TEXT: Joan Kristin Hammeren. PHOTO: Morten Bendiksen, Svein Brimi … Read more

Leipzig beats Manchester City, with De Bruyne, to play Europa League

The Germans will play the Europa League. On City’s side, Kevin De Bruyne played 87 minutes. Manchester City were already assured of the first place in the group, while Leipzig competed with Club Brugge for third place, which allows the European adventure to continue, but in another competition. The Germans started with a slight advantage … Read more

how do herbivores play a major role in saving the earth’s climate?

Imagine that you are in a hot air balloon flying over the African savanna at the end of the rainy season. Down there, a herd of elephants, zebras, gnu (large bison-like antelope), and rhinos. They wandered in a landscape dotted with sparsely grown trees and clusters of trees on a yellow-brown grass canvas. These herbivores … Read more

Gagarina will play in the film adaptation of the fairy tale The Flying Ship

The singer will play a witch whose character was specially written for the film adaptation. Photo source: personal page on Instagram According to Polina Gagarina, quoted by RIA Novosti, her character Lady Jane will have to evoke sympathy in the audience. According to the plot of the film, the witch will go through a series … Read more

The times of the European Championship matches have been set: Lithuanians will have to play during work as well

The Lithuanian national team will start the championship on Thursday, September 1, when 18.15. Slovenia will compete in Lithuania time with Slovenia, which defended the title and won the Olympic selection in Kaunas last summer. The second challenge will await Lithuanians on Saturday, September 3, when from 6:45 p.m. ours will grapple with the French … Read more

They will harass her because of her beauty; An artist who was going to play the role of Fatima Koshary. In a series, I will not live in my father’s robes, and they excluded her completely!

2021/12/06 10:00 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist Abla Kamel is one of the most prominent names in art, and although all of her works are successful, the role of Fatima Koshary, which she presented in front of the late Nour Sharif in the series I will not live in my father’s gown, … Read more

Al-Quds News Agency – Mbappe on his next destination: I will play in a great team!

Paris Saint-Germain star, Kylian Mbappe, has raised the controversy over his future again, especially since his contract with his team will expire at the end of the current season, and he is a strong candidate to move to Real Madrid.. Mbappe said in a television interview with the “Prime Video” network, “Talking about my future … Read more

Premier League丨Lenrick believes Manchester United’s 4-2-2-2 formation will work, Sheilat is eager for Villa to play Liverpool triumphantly (19:30)-20211206-Sports-News

Everton vs. Arsenal now 621 live broadcast at 04:00 tomorrow morning Manchester United continued to defeat Arsenal’s right pick foot yesterday, but the formation was changed from 4-2-3-1 to 4-2-2-2. The main change was to push the “Fu Tsai” Rush Ford forward. Together with C Long, they attacked and put pressure on them. As for … Read more