hybrid plug-in test, autonomy, consumption, performance and prices

The new hybrid engines at the plug of the star exploit an intelligent system capable of modulating the use of the electric motor with the thermal one to optimize consumption and emissions. The test with the GLA 250e Salvatore Amoroso June 17 – Milano The road to total electrification of the car now seems to … Read more

Plug-in hybrid car: what happens when the electricity runs out? – Garage – Car – TVNET

Against this background, the Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid looks even more impressive, with up to 60 km of electricity alone and an average fuel consumption of just 1.1-1.2 liters. Statistics show that the average EU citizen travels around 50 kilometers a day, so manufacturers often strike a balance between battery mass and distance traveled and … Read more

With 11% of distances made in electric, plug-in hybrid company cars do not play the game

A new European study has been released on the electric use of plug-in hybrids. The result ? Can do better for individuals, very insufficient for professionals. The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems Research and Innovation and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT, an independent, not-for-profit NGO which defines its mission as “providing unbiased research and … Read more

New N64 emulator plug-in adds ray tracing, widescreen, 60 frames per second (and more) to classics like Zelda and Paper Mario

New N64 emulator plug-in adds ray tracing, widescreen, 60 frames per second (and more) to classics like Zelda and Paper Mario Photo: dariosamo (via Twitter) to remember Absolutely amazing show From Super Mario 64 With x-rays? Well, this guy is currently working on a new project that might develop N64 emulation. Modder-turned-developer Dario has revealed … Read more

Photoshop portrait microdermabrasion plug-in – Portraiture, a fast and easy-to-use portrait retouching plug-in – Computer King Ada

Since the advent of smart phones, some apps that can make selfies look more beautiful and softer are also very popular among girls. Pick up the phone → open the app and take a photo → Meitu was born. In the eyes of people who play with cameras, all of this is really fast and … Read more

Plug-in hybrids are probably facing difficult times, and the EU wants to significantly increase the calculation of emissions

According to the British magazine, the Union is planning a significant change in the usage factor so that the equation better reflects the operation of PHEV class cars. A 2020 study says real CO emissions2 they are two to four times higher than the paper values ​​for plug-in hybrids. Many drivers of these vehicles charge … Read more

The biggest disadvantage of plug-in hybrids is the charging. The owners then regret not having an electric car – Autozine

Image source: Freepik Having an electric motor in your car does not necessarily mean that we drive in an electric car. Electric motors of various outputs have mild hybrids, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The last variant has a relatively powerful engine, as well as a relatively large battery. Consequently, with such a car, it is … Read more

Plug-in hybrids, the 10 cheapest to buy with incentives

More and more manufacturers are focusing on rechargeable hybrid technology for your own models. Especially those which, due to size and weight, would otherwise have the handicap of high fuel consumption and performance that is not always brilliant. The plug-in, in fact, in addition to significantly reducing the “thirst” for petrol in the cars, it … Read more

New figures: Electric cars are running on plug-in hybrids in Europe

In Swedish the market is over half, 54 percent, of all new cars registered either electric cars or plug-in hybrids. The fully electric cars account for one of four new cars that roll out on the roads. At EU level, the figures are not quite as high, but electric cars are still making strong progress. … Read more