Investigation opened in Germany after suspected poisoning of Russian dissidents | Abroad

An investigation has been opened in Germany after a Russian journalist and activist attending a conference in Berlin reported health problems suggesting they had been poisoned. This is reported by the judicial police in the German newspaper world on Sunday. “An investigation has been opened on the basis of the available information,” said the spokesman … Read more

Lisa Hörnblad’s fight after blood poisoning: “Terrible”

full screen Alpine skier Lisa Hörnblad, 27, got blood poisoning after an operation. Since then, there hasn’t been much skiing. But if she feels ready when the winter ski season starts, the goal is clear. check The way back: “Busy six months” check “When the head can’t take it, it’s over” check Will never be … Read more

Thai woman suspected of poisoning twelve friends | Abroad

A woman from Thailand is suspected of murdering 12 of her friends. According to the police, she poisoned them with a chemical substance. Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn was arrested on Tuesday, reports BBC News Thursday. That happened after the recent death of a friend. When the two women were traveling together, Rangsiwuthaporn’s girlfriend passed away suddenly. The … Read more

A 14-year-old girl in danger of death after CO poisoning in Saint-Gilles: how to avoid accidents?

A 14-year-old girl is in mortal danger after CO poisoning in Saint-Gilles. She was hospitalized after being discovered unconscious by her mum in the bathroom. His mother called the emergency services. Guided by telephone by the emergency centre, she carried out first aid. A non-compliant gas water heater would be the cause of the poisoning. … Read more

‘Hibernation medicine may protect against organ failure in blood poisoning’ |

With a new drug, researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen have succeeded in protecting the organs of mice against the consequences of blood poisoning. This drug is based on molecules that ‘hibernators’ use for their own protection.

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Mr. Nawarinui’s physical condition deteriorates, “Possibility of poisoning” and spokesperson | Reuters

[モスクワ 13日 ロイター] – A spokesman for imprisoned Russian dissident leader Alexei Navalny said on Thursday he was complaining of severe stomach pains, suggesting he may be slowly being poisoned. showed that. An ambulance was called between Wednesday night and Saturday night, according to spokeswoman Kira Yarmish. He was unable to eat the food served … Read more

Beware of pregnancy poisoning! It can cause developmental delay in the baby!

Preeclampsia, which is a systemic disease that develops during pregnancy and includes many organs, is a disease originating from the placenta (baby’s spouse). So much so that with the birth of the placenta, the mother’s problems go away. Having preeclampsia in previous pregnancies, multiple (twin) pregnancies, diabetes, chronic hypertension, kidney diseases and autoimmune diseases are … Read more

Mysterious cases of poisoning go back to Iran. Dozens of injuries were monitored in girls’ schools

On Saturday, dozens of girls were poisoned in several schools across Iran, which has been witnessing mysterious poisonings of schoolgirls for more than four months, according to Iranian media. Since the end of November, a number of schools attended mostly by girls have been exposed to sudden poisoning with types of gases or toxic substances, … Read more

Poisoning game “Vampire Survivor” brand new Magic School DLC is coming soon- Hong Kong mobile game network

The new DLC “Tides of the Foscari” of “Vampire Survivor” will be launched on April 14th. With the background of the noble magic school and the magic forest, it revolves around the story of 3 students bravely embarking on a journey to the forest full of mythical creatures. The new DLC content includes 8 new … Read more