Alexey Navalny. The oppositionist shared the first photo after poisoning

In the photo, Alexei Navalny is accompanied by his family. We see the wife and son. In a short communiqué, the opposition activist wrote that “yesterday all day he managed to breathe on his own”. Let us remind you. On August 20, Alexei Navalny felt bad on board the flying plane from Tomsk to Moscow. … Read more

“Hello, here is Navalny”: the first statement of the Russian opposition since the poisoning – Abroad – News

“Hello, this is Navalny. I miss you. I still don’t know anything, but yesterday I was able to breathe on my own all day. Totally the same. I do not use any external help, even the simplest valve in the neck. I really liked it. An amazing, underestimated process by many. I recommend it, ”writes … Read more

French and Swedish laboratories confirm poisoning of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny

Alexeï Navalny in Moscow, December 26, 2019. ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO / AP Three weeks after his poisoning, French and Swedish laboratories confirm that the Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny was indeed the victim of a Novichok-type nerve agent, announced the German government, Monday, September 14. “Three laboratories have now independently provided evidence that a Novichok group nerve … Read more

Poisoning: Navalny: “senior Russian officials” singled out

The poisoning of the opponent Navalny was probably orchestrated by “senior Russian officials”, according to the head of the American diplomacy Mike Pompeo. AFP The poisoning of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny was probably orchestrated by “senior officials” of the Russian government, said Wednesday the head of American diplomacy Mike Pompeo, further increasing international pressure on … Read more

“Corruption is all around here.” The second material that Navalni was working on before the poisoning was published – Abroad – News

On August 20, while returning from Tomsk to Moscow, Navalny became ill on the plane. After an emergency landing in Omsk, he was unconsciously taken to hospital. Russian medics did not allow Navalny to be transported for several days, but in the end he was transported to the “Charite” clinic in Germany. The first story … Read more

Berlin threatens Russia after Navalny poisoning –

Germany, which currently chairs the European Union, on Sunday increased the pressure on Moscow by threatening sanctions for lack of response “in the next” days on the poisoning, confirmed according to Berlin, of the bête noire of the Kremlin Alexeï Navalny. In response, Russia accused Germany of delaying the investigation. “Setting ultimatums does not help … Read more

Caregiver accused of poisoning her colleagues’ meals says it is with holy water

What happened in the corridors of the Trévenans hospital? On September 1st, Eastern Republican reported that a nursing assistant from the intensive care unit was suspected of having drugged her colleagues without their knowing it. Caregivers at the facility, who sensed that something was wrong, caught him in the act. “My legs were wobbly. I … Read more

Trump: No reason to question Germany’s findings on Navalny poisoning – Abroad – News

A spokesman for the German government said on Wednesday that there was conclusive evidence that Navalny had been poisoned by a chemical nerve warfare agent belonging to the Novichok group. This was found in a toxicological analysis carried out by the Bundeswehr Special Laboratory, according to a statement by government spokesman Stefen Zeibert. “Based on … Read more

Donald Trump on the poisoning of Navalny: we have no reason not to believe Germany

Trump stressed that Washington currently has no evidence that Navalny was poisoned, but there is no reason to doubt the findings of the German governmentthat it just happened and that a substance that paralyzes the nervous system was used to poison it. – I don’t know exactly what happened. I think this is a terrible … Read more