Liquidity of La Polar and sale of Komax put retail at the heart of the agenda; economy: the recession begins to feel

Presented by: Good morning and happy Thursday! We start December and the countdown to the arrival of Old Easter, although everything indicates that this Christmas the Old Man will come light when handing out gifts: this week’s economic figures confirm that we are already experiencing a recession. This morning the Central Bank published the Imacec … Read more

The defense of La Polar: The documents that would demonstrate the originality of the garments | bbcl_research

The sale of brand clothing accessible to all is the basis of the business of North American department stores such as T-Maxx, Marshalls and Ross. They buy the products that the big brands ask different factories to make but that ultimately do not sell them, either in their stores or in the warehouses of the … Read more

A factory in Pakistan and the upcoming class action: the new storm in La Polar

Leonidas Vial himself and other directors of La Polar began calling union representatives such as Juan Sutil, from CPC or Ricardo Mewes from the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC), since Tuesday. stressing that please do not make hasty judgments about the raid on eight warehouses to seize garments from the American brand Under Armor. That … Read more

It is believed that hybrids of grizzly bears and polar bears will spread south of the Arctic – NRK Trøndelag

The polar bear, which is the world’s largest predator on land, is threatened by climate change. And with warmer temperatures, brown bears also migrate closer to their territory. In 2006, a bear was shot in it The Canadian Polar Archipelagois a large group of islands located north of the mainland in northern Canada. The island … Read more

Climate Change Brings Brolar Species, Results of Brown and Polar Bears Mating

loading… The brolar bear is the result of crossing brown bears with polar bears in Russia. Photo/Daily Mail MOSCOW – Brolar bear is the result cross marriage between the brown bear and polar bears in Russia. This hybrid animal is considered more resistant to climate change that occurs in its habitat. The brolar bear is … Read more

Polar’s new tracker tries to measure your alertness – News

Polar has a new smartwatch, the Ignite 3, that should adapt to your circadian rhythm and could predict when you’re at your best to handle certain tasks. The Finnish brand Polar is best known for its fitness equipment, but with its latest wearable the company is trying to broaden that target group. The Ignite 3 … Read more

The Polar Ignite 3 watch switches to Amoled and strengthens on sport and well-being

Launched in 2018, Polar’s Ignite series is positioned in the fitness and well-being segment, without however neglecting the purely sporting aspect. A year and a half after the release of the Ignite 2, which was content with slight improvements, Polar introduces a noticeably modernized Ignite 3. Amoled screen and new processor The 1.2″ LCD touch … Read more

The aurora borealis damages the ozone layer, creating a hole with a width of 400 km!

The aurora borealis unleashed amazing light shows in the night sky, but this beautiful phenomenon can actually affect the ozone layer. Although humans are responsible for much of the depletion of the ozone layer, the observation of a type of aurora known as “isolated aurora” revealed the cause of the depletion of ozone that comes … Read more

Optical illusion of the day: Where is the polar bear. Can you spot the polar bear in 10 seconds?

What is an optical illusion? Optical illusion, also known as visual illusion, is a kind of illusion caused by the visual system as part of visual perception. They are characterized by a visual perception that differs from reality. In simple words, optical illusion is a kind of illusion in which we are not able to … Read more