Blizzard’s Diablo 4 Poll: €40, Battle Pass, and In-Game Currency

Blizzard has launched a survey of players in Germany about the content and cost of various publications Diablo IV. Players were offered a choice of different prices and content of the game sets. They had to choose the most preferred ones. In the variants of the edition of the game, their content is listed. According … Read more

Poll: Lebanon is the most angry and tense in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–A Gallup poll found that 49% of Lebanese people suffer from anger and tension, the highest rate recorded anywhere in the world. Lebanon is the most angry country in the world. After years of economic turmoil and ever-rising prices, a massive explosion in Beirut’s port destroyed a vital area and large … Read more

Elections 25 September: last Tecnè poll 12 August

The new Tecné survey for Mediaset tells of a very marked advantage between the center-right and the center-left in view of the vote on 25 September. In the past few hours, the Tecné research institute has released the second report on the possible electoral result, analyzing the voting intentions of Italians, both as regards the … Read more

The center-right wins but the Italians dream of Draghi premier: the scenarios in the latest poll on the political elections

If in the voting intentions everything remains more or less unchanged, it is from the forecasts and preferences of the Italians on the next Prime Minister that the news of the poll SWG for the La7 Tg. The latest poll on political elections scheduled for the next September 25th. In short, Draghi remains on the … Read more

Beware of underestimating it.. Security flaws in Apple Watch

The company “Apple” has introduced updates to fill the security gaps discovered by the Indian “CERT-IN” team for rapid technical intervention in the Apple Watch smart watches operating with old operating systems that facilitate hackers’ penetration of the privacy of their owners. The vulnerabilities affect watches running the “watchOS 8.6” system, and everything that is … Read more

Germany. Poll: According to those asked, sanctions harm Germany more than Russians

Many Germans doubt the effectiveness Western sanctions against Russiaentered in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine. This is the result of a survey conducted by Insa Center commissioned by a German newspaper “Picture on Sunday”. 47 percent of respondents said that the sanctions harm Germany more than Russia. 36 percent thought both sides were suffering … Read more

POLL: Choose your favorite game scenes that you can remember

<!—-> Warning: the article contains several spoilers. If you plan to play one of the games, do not read the text around the bolded game name. Petr Zeleny – Of the older games, I must definitely mention the first one Knights of the Old Republic. Since I don’t want to give spoilers, I’ll just write … Read more

THE BALL – Is FC Porto a fair national roller hockey champion? Know the results of the poll (Poll)

FC Porto beat Benfica 3-2 in the fifth and decisive game of the play-off final, at Dragão Arena, and is the new national roller hockey champion (for the 24th time), succeeding Sporting. Do you think this is a fair champion? When voting is closed, see the final result below. Thank you to everyone who participated … Read more