As Alonso was third, he wasn’t and then he was again. Poor performance from the FIA, he was angry before they erased his penalty

And he’s right. What actually happened in the night race in Jeddah? Everything was to blame for the start and Alonso’s bad position on the grid. He drove a few centimeters outside the marked box on the left lap, and even though he overtook the winning Sergio Pérez in the first lap, he received a … Read more

having a stroke increases the risk of poor sleep

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the leading cause of disability acquired in adulthood and the second leading cause of death. Understanding its mechanisms and consequences is therefore important. Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa wanted to better understand the dynamics between stroke and sleep disorders. Stroke changes sleep patterns Numerous studies … Read more

VIDEO. What happened to Kadyrov? For trembling hands, poor eyesight and leaves. Putin grins

“Sick tyrants. Putin’s hands are shaking. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s hands are also shaking when meeting with his boss in the Kremlin.” A video clip from a recent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chechen leader Kadyrov is circulating on social media with such comments. Most read PHOTO. Celebrities gather at the premiere of … Read more

“Such a poor thing.” They converted an old substation in Vysočina into experience accommodation

Even things that have lost their function long ago can serve future generations with a little care. This is what Jiří Rokoský thinks, who noticed a dilapidated substation in Lipnice nad Sázavou and together with his friends turned it into attractive accommodation. On ten square meters, they were able to fit sleeping for two, a … Read more

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT(X) driver bug can cause poor performance in 3DMark Time Spy

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Intel is preparing to improve the ATX 12VHPWR connector to avoid melting problems caused by poor contact

Intel seems to be preparing to modify the design of the 12+4 pin ATX 12VHPWR power connection connector, mainly for the male header, increasing the firmness of the male header pins to ensure the complete contact of the connector. The new version of the male head design is mainly changed from the original 3 grooves … Read more

Francis, Pope of Migrants and the Poor

– The Holy Father applies this to both migrants and refugees, as well as to people on the periphery – says the chairman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, in an interview with Vatican Radio on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the election of the current bishop of Rome. As he … Read more

“Suicide Commando: Victory over the Justice League” game release postponed again due to poor Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“Suicide Commando: Victory over the Justice League” released a demonstration video of multiplayer cooperative gameplay at the “State of Play” event in February, but players are not satisfied with the service forms such as battle passes full of decorations in the game, as well as single-player games. Having to connect was frustrating, and the game … Read more

Creating motivation for strong sponsors to join hands to build houses for the poor | Social | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

General To Lam spoke at the conference. (Photo: Mai Ngoan/VNA) Continue to spread, inspire and motivate sponsors to join hands to build houses for the poor and Agent Orange victims to settle down and settle down. General To Lam, Politburo member, Minister of Public Security emphasized so at the launching conference to support the program … Read more

Tesla veterans tried to solve the problem of the poor range of electric cars when towing a trailer, but they only made it more visible

Tesla veterans tried to solve the problem of the poor range of electric cars when towing a trailer, but they only made it more visible 9.3.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Foto: Lightship What at first glance looks like a solution is actually just a perfect demonstration of the limits of the electric drive and the … Read more