El Universal Online – Before G20 leaders, AMLO proposes to remove amounts of debt from poor countries

Your Majesty and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, esteemed leaders of the G20, ladies and gentlemen, facing the economic crisis has been less painful and complex than fighting the Cobit 19 pandemic. It was useful for us to abandon the economic recipes applied during the neoliberal period. For discarding the strategy of indebting the people … Read more

The director of My Poor Little Angel thinks the reboot for Disney Plus is a waste of time

In recent years, Disney has dedicated itself to reviving its classics in new formats. Thus, while the studio continues to plan live-action versions of its animated tapes, the company also has plans to carry out reboots of franchises that it acquired through the purchase of 20th Century Fox, such as My poor angel. But, considering … Read more

Poor sleep increases risk of breast cancer

Notimex MEXICO CITY. Work, taking care of the house, responsibility for children and new lifestyles mean that most women currently sleep less than eight hours, which reduces the time it takes for the body to repair its various functions. A poorly restorative sleep affects the immune system and promotes the appearance of diseases, including breast … Read more

Callum Wilson, the ‘poor’ Premier reveal destined to be a kickboxing star

Related news Callum Wilson has become one of the revelation players of the Premier League thanks to his enormous role with the Newcastle. He is not at all a stranger to English football, since before he had already aroused the interest of big clubs in the British Isles, however, he ended up landing in the … Read more

The impact Donald Trump’s mother, a poor immigrant from Scotland, had on his life

Most of the leaders of the North American country give credit to their mothers for what they are or were in life. The current one is little what has named it during his mandate. Mary Anne MacLeod left her home in a small Scottish town while still a teenager. Years later, she married Fred Trump … Read more

Goals Against Hunger: Marcus Rashford and His Mother’s Crusade Against Boris Johnson to Feed Poor Students

The spirit of Oliver Twist (the starving and battered orphan in Victorian England) sprouts in the account of Twitter of the soccer player Marcus Rashford, with four million followers, and seizes public support against the actions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Manchester United striker does not stop scoring goals against the Government. But the … Read more

Neto ‘sets his foot’ on Barcelona, ​​which achieves a poor draw against Alavés

EFE Antoine Griezmann corrected the error of goalkeeper Neto Murara, who gave the 1-0 goal to Alavés in the first half, while Fernando Pacheco saved a point for the Albiazul team, who celebrated the 1-1 draw against Barcelona as a victory, unable to win against ten players, although they did try. Luis Rioja put Alavés … Read more

“Not only poor people suffer from the storm, water also entered my house”

The deputy governor highlighted the importance of the agreement for public works signed with the Minister of Social Development of the Nation, in which investment in popular neighborhoods is contemplated and which consists of the construction of a gutter cordon. “Not having a gutter cord means that the house is going to flood, it is … Read more

Armando Reverón, pioneer of poor art in Latin America

Armando Julio Reverón Naughty was born in the city of Caracas Venezuela, in 1889. He is considered a pioneer artist of the poor art in Latin America. Arte povera is characterized by creating works with simple, poor or unconventional materials to make art. Arte povera became notorious in the 60s in Italy. He had an … Read more

‘DR. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet ‘Exclusive: Poor elk owners are nearly bankrupted by unscrupulous vets.

Do me a favor: please SHARE this post. At the next Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet on Animal Planet, the caring vet consults a dog named Moose. He is his last hope after Moose jumped off a moving car on the highway and his owners faced financial ruin. Unfortunately, this is a common issue these … Read more