Just Got 43,393 Sufferers in Central Java, Taj Yasin: HIV Aids Key Population Reluctant to Check Health

TRIBUNMURIA.COM, SEMARANG – Countermeasures Commission AIDS (KPA) Central Java it is still difficult to convince key populations to check their condition. As a result, the target estimation of case findings HIV and AIDS which is estimated to reach 52,677 sufferers, only about 83.4 percent or 43,393 sufferers were found. “Yes, the achievement in Central Java … Read more

Neuroscientist explains how Covid-19 affected the mental health of the population

Almost three years after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the marks left by it are still very evident. In addition to causing thousands of deaths, the disease also left sequels in some infected and caused a collective trauma, from which no one could escape. The combination of all these factors, in some cases, caused … Read more

other viruses locked in the ice could spread throughout the population and threaten humanity

It was a team of researchers from the University of Aix-Marseille who discovered the virus under a frozen lake in Yakutia, Siberia. Disappeared for 48,500 years, the virus is known to infect single-celled organisms. Professor Jean-Michel Claverie, director of the study, issued a stern warning to the medical authorities. Indeed, he and his team estimate … Read more

Putin is trying to freeze an entire population to death, but that’s not a big deal for us

In Ukraine Vladimir Putin, unable to win the war on the ground, resorts to terrorism, bombing power plants in order to freeze the population to death. And in the European Parliament, the entire Five Star Movement delegation abstains on the resolution condemning Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, because the text does not contain the … Read more

Record of Covid infections in China: lockdown nightmare for a third of the population

China is grappling with the worst wave of Covid-19 since the beginning of the Wuhan crisis in January 2020, and with increasingly recurring protests from a population exhausted by almost three years of ‘zero tolerance’ policy. While cities had to violate the anti-pandemic rules just relaxed by the government due to the leap in infections … Read more

There are eight billion of us. Four megatrends of the world population • RESPECT

When the English economist Thomas Robert Malthus warned in his famous “Essay on the Principle of Population” that the planet could not support a growing population and therefore terrible famines would come, not even a billion people lived on Earth. The text from the late 18th century was extremely influential, standing at the birth of … Read more

Government Petro recognized that a sector of the population of La Mojana affected by the rains has not received humanitarian aid

One of the regions that has been deeply affected by the winter wave that Colombia is going through has been La Mojana (Sucre), whose The population has been demanding that humanitarian aid be allocated in the face of the tragedy they are experiencing due to the heavy rains. Some residents have announced that they are … Read more

Wild rabbits must restore the population in the North Holland dunes

NH News In cooperation with NH News NOS News•Tuesday, 11:37•Amended Tuesday, 3:08 PM Wild rabbits will soon be released in the dunes of Castricum. Foresters of nature manager PWN hope to restore the population with this. A series of viruses has led to major rabbit deaths in recent decades. As a result, the animals have … Read more

COWS CAN ONLY BE SELECTIVELY DRIED WITH ANTIBIOTICS — Department of Internal Medicine, Reproduction and Population Medicine — Ghent University

Dear cattle farmers, Antibiotics are medicines that are used in both humans and animals to kill disease-causing bacteria. That is why they are of great importance in the treatment of, for example, udder and uterine infections. They are also used en masse in the treatment of flu, although flu is initially usually caused by a … Read more

Moraes will hear street population movements in MTST action

the minister Alexandre de Moraesdo Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), scheduled for this Monday (21) and Tuesday (22) a public hearing to hear over 60 institutions, entities and specialists linked to homeless people. The objective is to support the judgment of a lawsuit by the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), Psol and the Sustainability Network. The MTST … Read more