Parents of Walking Dead actress Alicia Witt found dead

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 23.12.2021 15:44:26 Alicia Witt, actress of the famous series The Walking Dead, suffered the sudden loss of both parents, after they were found dead at their home in Massachusetts, United States last Monday, December 20. The bodies of 87-year-old Robert Witt and 75-year-old Diane Witt They were found by the … Read more

It’s useless for people with diabetes to take medicine if they still like to eat these cheap, festive vegetables, it can make blood sugar rise instantly, STOP if you don’t want to regret – All Pages Foods that cause diabetes Diabetes is a health condition characterized by elevated blood sugar levels. This disease can not be cured, but can be controlled properly so as not to cause various complications that endanger the lives of sufferers. In more severe conditions, diabetics experience problems with injuries to the body, usually in … Read more

Myung Se-bin’s sexy looking sweet potato… what did it look like?

[마이데일리 = 박윤진 기자] Actress Myung Se-bin revealed a uniquely shaped sweet potato. Myung Se-bin posted a picture on his Instagram story on the 14th, saying, “A sweet potato that looks naughty.” The sweet potato in the photo has a unique shape that is round and the middle part is divided into two. I don’t … Read more

Scotland, 86, finds lost wedding ring in a potato field 50 years ago

04 December 2021 15:27 After learning the story, a man went in search of the ring and after three days he found it “I dug 90 holes. Searching, I found many other rings, but also pieces of metal and cans – explained MacPhee, who runs the Nunton House hostel in Benbecula – After three days, … Read more

They have grown the largest potato in the world, they want to make it vodka

According to the diary, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were weaving their garden when their hoe hit something large just below the soil surface. At first, they thought it was a giant puffball or other large mushroom. But when they finally got the object out and tasted it a bit, they found out that it was … Read more

The world’s largest potato found in Australia. Weighs almost 8 kg

What is believed to be the world’s largest potato to date has been found by a couple in Australia. The potato weighs 7.9 kg and has been named “Doug”. It was the couple Donna and Colin Craig-Brown who dug up the huge potatoes on their property at the end of August this year. They state … Read more

Probably the world’s largest potato has been found in New Zealand

Doug has become a celebrity in the area around Hamilton in New Zealand, where the couple Donna and Colin Craig-Brown found the huge potato on August 30 when they weeded in the garden of their farm. The couple has contacted Guinness World Records to get Doug recognized as the world’s largest potato. The potato weighs … Read more