Political Lecturer Calls PDIP’s Political Machine Slow If There Is No Coalition in the 2024 Presidential Election

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Political observer from Andalas University Asrinaldi said the political machine PDIP will run more easily if you form a coalition with other parties in the face of the Presidential Election or 2024 presidential election. “If he (PDIP) runs alone, it will not be optimal, the work of the political machine is quite … Read more

Democrats Reply, PPP Pity AHY Being Proffered to Be Vice Presidential Candidate

Jakarta – Democratic party I’m sorry for the other coalitions because they don’t have a presidential or presidential candidate in 2024. PPPone of the parties in the United Indonesia Coalition, does not feel the need to be pitied by the Democrats. “Each party has a specific strategy, including the coalition, including KIB which was the … Read more

Don’t be like other Ijo parties with only 19 seats

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023 17:40 WIB Jazilul Fawaid doesn’t want his party to end up like PPP, which now only gets 19 seats in parliament. CNN Indonesia/Martahan Sohuturon Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Vice Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Jazilul Fawaid satirized the United Development Party (PPP) regarding the acquisition of seats … Read more

When Will KIB Announce the Candidates for President and Vice President in 2024?

Jakarta – Plt Ketum PPP Mardiono revealed the party in United Indonesia Coalition (KIB) will hold a meeting this week to finalize the presidential and vice presidential candidates they will carry in 2024. So when will KIB announce the presidential and vice presidential candidates? Deputy Head of the Golkar Party, Melchias Marcus Mekeng, said that … Read more

Children of Haji Lulung Cs leave PPP, support Anies as a presidential candidate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Child Hajj LulungGuruh Tirta Lunggana and five members of the United Development Party DPC (PPP) in the DKI Jakarta area withdrew from the party bearing the Kaaba symbol. Tirta stated that his resignation letter had been received by the PPP DPP management, but had not yet been approved. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO … Read more

PPP Touches Sentilan Mega, PSI Explains Reasons for Supporting the Presidential Candidate Ganjar

Jakarta – Waketum PPP Arsul Sani ridiculed the party that was bullied by the Ketum PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri for promoting a figure as a presidential candidate. PSI responded and said that the promotion of Ganjar as a presidential candidate was the wish of the supporters PSInot on the PSI elite. “Support for Mr. Ganjar was … Read more

Prabowo Gathers Gerindra Officials to Discuss Sandiaga’s Fate, Here’s the Result

Tuesday, 17 January 2023 – 00:00 WIB VIVA Politics – Deputy Chairman of the Party’s Board of Trustees Gerindra Sandiaga Uno already met Gerindra Chairman Pranowo Subianto in the middle of the issue of moving to PPP. Apart from the chairman, Prabowo is chairman of the Gerindra Board of Trustees. “It’s true that Sandi has … Read more

Sandiaga Claims to Talk to ‘Leadership’ About Support for the 2024 Presidential Candidate

Jakarta – Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno admitted that he would convey all the aspirations that developed to the leadership. This was in response to the large amount of support for him to advance in 2024 presidential election. “I will convey it to the leadership,” Sandiaga was quoted as saying detikJatimSunday (15/1/2023). However, Sandiaga did not clearly … Read more

Sandiaga Uno Responds to Prabowo’s Sentence ‘Find Another Party’, Here’s What He Says

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Gerindra Party politician Sandiaga Uno responded to the insinuation made by General Chair of Gerindra Prabowo Subianto about cadres wanting to leave the party. At the inauguration ceremony for the office of the Gerindra Presidential Winning Body on Jalan Letjen S. Parman, Jakarta, Saturday (7/1/2023), Prabowo invited cadres who felt they did … Read more

Sandiaga Action Attends PPP Gathering After Absence of Gerindra Event

Jakarta – Sandiaga Uno again seen attending the PPP event. This time, Sandiaga attended the PPP DIY Grand Gathering at the Kridosono Stadium, Jogja. Reported by detikJateng, the event was held on Sunday (8/1/2023). On this occasion the Gerindra Party politician was seen wearing a green sarong, a white koko shirt and a black cap. … Read more