The Opening of the Ministry of Religion PPPK Selection Waiting for the Official Announcement

Jakarta (Kemenag) — Head of Personnel Bureau of Secretariat General of the Ministry of Religion Nurudin ensured that there has been no official announcement regarding the registration for the selection of Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK) of the Ministry of Religion. “All Ministries/Institutions, including the Ministry of Religion are still in the stage of … Read more

Registration for PPPK Technical Personnel via Not for the Public, Check the Latest Requirements

TRIBUNMATARAMAN.COM – Registration Technical Personnel PPP 2022 via not for public. It should be noted for applicants who wish to take part in the 2022 Technical Personnel PPPK Selection. It turns out that the 2022 Technical Personnel PPPK Selection is not for the public. It is known that the Government officially opened the Selection … Read more

How to Check the 2022 PPPK Teacher Administration Selection Announcement at, Look Now!

How to check the announcement of the 2022 PPPK Teacher administration selection. (Source: Writer : Dian Nita | Editor : Desy Afrianti JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Based on the official schedule, the announcement of the PPPK Teacher 2022 administration selection will begin today, Wednesday (16/11/2022). Those who have already registered for the 2022 Teacher Employment … Read more

Kemenag 2022 PPPK Registration Link, Click Here

AYOBOGOR.COM — We will review about registration link Ministry of Religion’s PPPK 2022. Well watch it too requirement and salary if you pass the registration Ministry of Religion’s PPPK 2022. In accordance with the constitutional mandate of Law Number 5 of 2014 concerning State Civil Apparatus, it is stated that ASN only consists of Civil … Read more

LATEST NEWS, Menpan RB: Non ASN or Honorary Employees Can Be Appointed as PPPK, if

iNSulteng – Powers no DSC or honorary can be raised to PPPK. But not all non-power PNS or officers honorary can be raised to PPPK. Read Also: LATEST NEWS, There is a Change in Data Collection for Non ASN or Honorary Personnel 2022, Listen carefully Read Also: EMERGENCY, Non ASN Data Collection or Honorary Personnel … Read more

The Ministry of Transportation’s 2022 PPPK Registration Schedule, Following are the Stages

Author: Mariana SERAMBINEWS.COM – Registration of Government Employees with a Work Agreement (PPPK) of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) 2022. The Ministry of Transportation has officially opened the registration for PPPK this year. The Ministry of Transportation has opened 67 formations at various levels and placements. The 67 formations were opened by the Ministry of … Read more

Officially Opened link for the 2022 PPPK Technical Personnel List at, Check Terms and Formation

TRIBUNMATARAMAN.COM – Link PPPK 2022 Registration Technical Personnel through which officially opened today. It is known that since Monday 7 November 2022, the Government has opened the 2022 Technical Personnel PPPK Registration. Previously, registration was opened first PPPK Teacher 2022 on October 31, 2022. Therefore, don’t be left behind, for honorary workers, immediately fulfill … Read more

Procurement of PPPK in the Ministry of Transportation for Fiscal Year 2022 – The Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia (abbreviated as Kemenhub RI) is a ministry within the Government of Indonesia in charge of transportation affairs. The Ministry of Transportation has the task of carrying out affairs in the field of transportation within the government to assist the President in administering state government. … Read more